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This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

Sometimes, we become overwhelmed by our emotions and we choose to ignore them.

We hope that they’ll go away so we don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Guess what? They won’t go away.

We’re pretty good at hiding our feelings, and whether you believe it or not, most of us do that very often.

We silence those negative emotions such as pain and anxiety, but we never think about how those actions will alter our well-being.

However, if those emotions aren’t dealt with, over time, they can cause certain mental blocks and this can affect your personal growth.

You might think that by hiding those feelings inside you, you’re proving to others how strong you actually are, but it can actually cause inner turmoil and lead to unexpected problems.

So why would you do that? Why do people suppress or rather hide their feelings?

Well, firstly to avoid showing any kind of weakness. This is especially true for men, who believe they need to prove to others how tough they really are.

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

People who believe this think it puts them in a vulnerable place so they avoid exposing their weaknesses to others.

You might be afraid of showing your emotions because you fear that others might judge you, and as a result of that, you hide and pile up your fear, frustration, and other negative emotions.

Another reason might be to avoid getting hurt.

This happens quite a lot in romantic relationships and often why people choose to avoid conflict entirely.

Let’s say your partner does something that upsets you. You choose to hide your feelings because you don’t want them to get hurt by your words.

Maybe you do that because you don’t know how to handle disagreements productively or positively.

Whatever the reason might be, there’s no helpful outcome when you hide your feelings.

Another reason might be because you lack the confidence to show others your true emotions.

This often happens as a consequence of not being able to express your opinions or feelings when you were a child.

By now, you get that hiding your feelings takes a toll on you, so what happens when you do this?


1. You suppress your real emotions by keeping busy

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

Let’s say you are a busy woman who’s constantly looking for something to do, and when you find some free time, you seem to lose control of your emotions.

Why does that happen?

Well, you’re constantly finding something to do because you can’t cope with your own feelings when you do have time for yourself.

You repeatedly make new plans to go out with your friends and family just so you can keep yourself occupied.

Without having some time to yourself, you’re actually suppressing those negative emotions.

You shouldn’t do that because those feelings will only bottle up inside of you, and you’ll be like a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

Unleash your negative energy and bad emotions and you’ll feel free at last.

2. Your positive emotions suffer

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

When you hide your negative emotions, you may start to lock away even the good ones as well.

You have to let yourself feel sadness and grief because otherwise, you won’t be able to express happiness or joy either.

You may not think so at first, but unpleasant things can happen when you hide those negative feelings and really suppress them.

Your positive emotions will suffer, trust me. Your behavior will change and you won’t feel happy about yourself.

3. You stop socializing

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

As I mentioned, when you don’t face your negative emotions, those positive ones will suffer and your behavior will change.

As a consequence of that, you’ll start to retreat and you’ll stop socializing with others.

Eventually, those negative feelings can cause you to slip into a depression.

The only thought you might have is to be alone with yourself, so you stop answering your family’s phone calls and start disappearing from your loved ones’ lives.

4. You only have bad relationships

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

If you don’t face your feelings, eventually they’ll affect other areas of your life, such as your romantic relationships.

The pressure and anxiety you feel can cause you to make some bad decisions in your life, and you might get stuck in an unhappy relationship.

Eventually, that negativity causes you to become emotionally unavailable, and you’ll choose someone who’s completely wrong for you.

5. You tell yourself and others that you’re fine

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

The longer you hide your true feelings, the more dangerous it gets for you.

After some time, you’ll start saying that you’re fine and nothing is wrong with you.

When someone asks you how you’re feeling, you might tell them, “I’m fine,” even though you aren’t.

This is a way to push people away so that you don’t have to face your own feelings.

After all, you don’t have to admit that you’re hiding your negative emotions because no one knows that you’re not doing well, right?

So, what should you do to stop hiding your feelings?

DONE! This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings

You can always talk to someone you trust. That’s the best medicine, believe me.

If you don’t have an opportunity to express your emotions freely, then maybe talking to someone whom you can trust can help you overcome your struggles.

Maybe you have a co-worker who annoys you and constantly argues with you.

You talked to them about it a couple of times but still, their behavior has continued.

Maybe you can share your thoughts about that particular co-worker with your partner at home, and by doing that, you’ll ease up some of those negative emotions inside yourself.

You can also practice mindfulness, which means that you accept those feelings as they come up, but you don’t have to express them immediately.

You can just sit and relax for a couple of hours until you think you’re able to express them clearly and without causing any tension.

This Is Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Feelings