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This Is Why You Always End Up With The Men Who Aren’t Right For You

This Is Why You Always End Up With The Men Who Aren’t Right For You

You meet a guy, he seems perfect so the two of you get together. Everything is amazing for the first few weeks but then it starts changing. And you realize he’s not the right guy for you.

Then some time passes and you meet someone else, but the same thing happens. You end up feeling disappointed and confused.

Why do you always end up with the guys who aren’t right for you? There are many possible reasons for that. So I’ve chosen the 6 most common ones to help you finally find the right guy.

Are you ready for that? I bet you are! Let’s start.

1) You’re afraid of being single

DONE! This Is Why You Always End Up With The Men Who Aren't Right For You

Have you ever thought that maybe you rush into relationships? It’s a common mistake that people do. When we meet someone who’s interesting for some reason we tend to think about that person a lot. And if they give us a sign that they like us too, we often enter the relationship too fast.

Why does that happen? Many people are afraid of being single, and if you’ve recognized yourself in the paragraph above, you might be too. It’s nothing weird, but it’s just a thing that will prevent you from choosing the right partner.

I know it’s nice to have someone who will always be there for you. A person who will cherish you and make you happy. But the wrong guy won’t do it, so there’s no need to date the first guy who shows interest.

2) You believe you can change him

Another common mistake we make is believing that we can change someone. First of all, even if we could, why would we do that? Why not wait and find the guy who won’t need any upgrades?

When we enter a relationship and see that there are many things we don’t like, we fool ourselves into thinking that it’s not going to stay like that for long. Why? Because we have the power to change their behavior, looks, or whatever it is that bothers us.

It’s one thing to tell him what’s on your mind and then hope he’ll want to change it on his own. And another to force it and try to ‘fix’ him every day. The real change comes from the person who needs to be changed, not from those who suggested it.

3) You aren’t sure what are the things you won’t stand

DONE! This Is Why You Always End Up With The Men Who Aren't Right For You

Before you even start looking for a guy, you should have a clear list of the things you won’t tolerate in a relationship. If you have it then you will know how you want the person to behave and it will be easier for you to notice if he’s the wrong guy.

Sometimes we make a mistake at the beginning. We meet him, we like him, and start dating. Then we notice some things that we really don’t like but we stay silent. We believe that we’re overthinking it, that it’s not a big deal and it’s nothing we can’t live with.

But the thing is, if he’s the right guy for you, you wouldn’t have to deal with internal discussions about his behavior.

4) You always choose similar guys

Do you know how they say “There’s plenty of fish in the sea”? It’s definitely true, but I would like to add the second part to it: “If you’re constantly fishing in the same lake, you’ll always end up catching similar fish.”

What I want to say is that you’re so focused on having a type, and you’re constantly searching for people like that, it could be the reason you always end up with the wrong men. It’s not that difficult to understand, but sometimes someone needs to point it out so we can finally acknowledge it.

Look at it this way. You have different types of guys. And you’ve dealt with a few of one type, you realized they aren’t the right choice. The next step is to try looking for a different type of guy. You might be surprised at how much more you’ll like him.

5) You’re easily impressed

DONE! This Is Why You Always End Up With The Men Who Aren't Right For You

In a world where people are mostly self-centered, it’s common that we easily get impressed. Let’s say someone holds the door for you or texts you every morning before work. Those are some really cute little gestures that can make us interested.

The problem is not in them. The problem arises when the only things that person does for you are those little things. They make a huge problem and think gestures like that or a simple “sorry” are going to solve everything.

But the thing is we mostly let them get away with bad behavior when they do something sweet for us. Wrong guys will always take you for granted, especially when they figure out you’re easily impressed. If you want to find the right guy, you’ll need to have higher expectations.

6) You don’t appreciate yourself enough

The last thing is closely connected to the one I just mentioned. If you don’t appreciate yourself enough you won’t be able to find the guy who will. You need to show him that you are your own number one fan, and he’ll learn how to treat you the right way.

When you appreciate yourself you know what are the things you want to experience in your relationship. And you also know what are those that will make you leave. That way it will be easier for you to differentiate between right and wrong guys.

If you appreciate yourself and you know your worth, you will never let a guy take you for granted or treat you the way you don’t want to be treated. You’re amazing the way you are and you should always be aware of that, and show everyone that you love who you are.

Wow, we reached the end already! These 6 mistakes I used to make always led me to the wrong choice in men. But when I finally realized what I’m doing wrong, I soon found the right partner. No matter how many times you fall, it’s important that you get up and continue living.

So if you’ve been in a few toxic relationships, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never be in the right one. Keep in mind these mistakes we’ve all made, and you’ll definitely meet Mr. Perfect.

This Is Why You Always End Up With The Men Who Aren't Right For You