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This Is Why Strong Women Still Believe In Marriage

This Is Why Strong Women Still Believe In Marriage

Strong, independent women will never find the perfect man. Being busy and making your career flourish will take you a step away from having a normal life. You can’t have both family and a career. Do you think your husband will do the chores? You have to take care of your kids, that’s your job.

Hello, earth is calling, which planet are you living on? Your expectations are way too high! You should let him make the important decisions, he’s the man of the house. Men are afraid to approach you, chill with your egalitarianism thing.

Are you tired of listening to these same excuses all over again like I am? I know the list goes on, but these are some of the most common responses once a strong woman starts talking about her marriage expectations.

Do you think these people are right? Have they ever made you think like you’re actually overreacting and idealizing your future husband? Why the hell do they care? You’re allowed to live your life the way you want.

It’s true that people are happier in healthy relationships – there’s a lot of scientific evidence that can confirm that. But, strong women won’t take their vows just because someone told them it’s the right time.

That said, they do believe in the institution of marriage. They’re thinking about wearing the perfect white dress while walking down the aisle toward the man of their dreams. It’s normal, isn’t it?

Here are the top reasons strong women still believe in marriage.

1. They believe in true love

DONE! This Is Why Strong Women Still Believe In Marriage

Even if they were cheated on or lied to, or if someone played with their feelings, strong women still believe in true love. They still believe in their happily ever after, even though it may be a bit different from what most people expect.

Their past experiences haven’t destroyed their image of a healthy relationship, they only grow stronger from each mishap. These women learned who they don’t want in their lives and how they don’t want to be treated. And, I promise you, none of them are ready to give up on true love just yet.

2. They know their expectations aren’t too high

A strong woman is ready to go above and beyond for the person who shows her respect, care, and love. She wants understanding and a helping hand when needed. A partner who is independent and can take the lead from time to time – that’s the person she wants by her side.

Sometimes, being aware of your expectations can be both a good and bad thing, but these women know who they want in their lives and they aren’t settling for less. What they require is what they’re sure they can offer, so it’s rational to ask for the same in return.

3. They still need someone in their corner when fighting the battles in life

DONE! This Is Why Strong Women Still Believe In Marriage

Even though they’ve been fighting some of the toughest battles on their own, strong women still need someone guarding their back. Going through life with their head up high and just brushing off arrows coming in their direction is no easy task.

They’ll eventually get tired, even exhausted. But worry not, they’re not ready to give up just yet. That being said, having someone in their corner while they’re fighting is a great encouragement.

4. They know compromise is inevitable

Strong women aren’t afraid of anything life throws at them, so they are not scared of conflict either. They will fight for what they firmly believe in, but they are no strangers to compromising.

When it’s time to make some big life decisions that will greatly influence their family lives, strong women won’t compromise on participating in them. They want their opinion to be heard and they’re not afraid to share the responsibilities with their spouse.

If they think their man is the one worth the struggle, they’ll gladly accept any challenge that arises. They’re going to speak their mind and they’ll always say what bothers them. But they’ll always be ready to compromise – as long as it doesn’t mean neglecting their self-respect.

5. They know what they bring to the table

DONE! This Is Why Strong Women Still Believe In Marriage

Being a strong and independent woman means that they’re well aware of their worth and everything they’re bringing to the table in the relationship.

A strong woman will pursue passionately whatever brings joy in her life and she won’t give up on that easily. She will follow her career path and work on improving herself constantly. Her partner will be respected and cared for.

Unconditional love, honesty, and trust are what a man signs up for if he wants to spend the rest of his days with this kind of woman. Knowing how to treat her right will only bring bliss to his life.

So, don’t think strong women gave up on love. They still believe in marriage, but they are ready to hustle and bustle while patiently waiting for a guy who’ll sweep them off of their feet.

For every man out there reading this, here’s a friendly reminder. If you’re not ready to let her shine and be the best version of herself, don’t even try approaching a strong woman. You have to keep up with her, show her you value her, and stand up for your woman, never against her.

This Is Why Strong Women Still Believe In Marriage

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