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This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

Narcissists are the last people you want to come across, trust me. You may not fear the encounter because you’re smart and confident, but unfortunately, that may not play an important part.

Smart women also fall for narcissists because of their manipulative ways. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing that lure you in by deceiving you that they’re someone else.

You’ll be in deep before you even grasp the fact that you’ve fallen captive to a narcissist. Unfortunately, intelligent women are more likely to be their target.

A narcissist looks for his narcissistic supply. What does that mean? If he targets a woman that is likely to get trapped easily, he won’t be too thrilled about that.

He doesn’t like easy prey. Instead, he loves playing different mind games, and the smarter the opponent – the longer, and more interesting the game is.

With a smart woman that’s going to try and find reasons for his behavior, he’ll enjoy himself more. The harder you fight back, the more he destroys you, and the more you become his narcissistic supply.

It all makes perfect sense once you get to the core of a narcissist – their inflated sense of self. It would be insulting to them for a random woman to be in their company.

Instead, they surround themselves with highly intelligent, successful, and emphatic women. This way, they’re buying themselves time to carry out their plan accordingly.

Although they’re troublemakers, they like to play things safe. Perhaps you think of yourself as not so smart because you got manipulated by a narcissist.

This isn’t true. Intelligent, fierce women are their main prize. The more you resist, the bigger the thrill is for him. He feels more accomplished when he manages to deceive someone who’s more confident.

Why do smart women fall for narcissists?

DONE! This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

This may not make a lot of sense as you’d connect intelligence with being able to notice the red flags of a narcissist.

However, nothing can get in the way of a narcissist’s desire to abuse someone, not even their intelligence. Even more so, if you’re clever, they’ll be attracted to you like a moth to the flame.

The reason why narcissists usually target bright women is because of their ability to understand people. Bind your empathy with his manipulative ways and as a result, you’ll get a narcissist’s perfect case scenario.

Instead of appreciating you for who you are, they’ll use your kindness to their advantage. A narcissist will make you sympathize with them, perhaps telling you about their previous toxic relationships.

They don’t actually need you to feel sorry for them, it’s their way of gaining your trust. Once they have you fully wrapped around their finger, you’ll be oblivious to the warning signs.

Also, you can be fresh out of a relationship and they’ll sense you’re at your most vulnerable. If that guy you’ve recently met is offering you a shoulder to cry on, he just might be one of them!

Past experiences, compassion, forgiving nature, you name it! All of your traits that are considered good can be used by a narcissist to make your stomach churn.

He will show insecurities and vulnerability, but only when he sees fit. If you ask him questions, you won’t get a response unless it’s under his terms.

Everything a narcissist does, he does it for a reason. And that reason is usually to make you feel bad.

1. You’re a resource!

DONE! This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

No matter how disturbing and awful this sounds, it’s true. Your qualities and achievements are one of the reasons why a narcissist chooses you as his target.

The more you have, the more he reaches out for you. Besides materialistic things, a narcissist yearns for a person who can fuel his behavior and personality even more.

You do this unconsciously by letting him control you. It will all happen in the blink of an eye and you won’t even be able to notice it happening.

2. You know what you want

DONE! This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

Intelligent, confident, and overall powerful women know their goals, especially when it comes to men. You want someone who’s not afraid to voice his thoughts and show his emotions.

Also, you want someone who’s ready to commit and love you for who you are. But the problem arises when a man comes into your life only pretending to be all of those.

A narcissist picks out determined women because it’s easier to just portray a false front to them. Once the faking and lying start, there’s no end to it.

This is the first stage of dating a narcissist, also known as idealization. To cover up all of his counterfeit images of reality, he’ll contort your view of him even more.

He usually does this with various tactics, such as love bombing and even gaslighting. He has many tricks up his sleeve, you won’t even be able to count them all.

This is usually how smart women fall for narcissists, by believing them to be someone they’re not. Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t mean you’re not smart, it’s just that your emotional intelligence is being used.

3. You’re insecure

DONE! This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

It’s not easy always being in the spotlight. You’re lying if you say you’re not because how can a bright and successful woman stay behind the stage?

Being in the center of attention can sometimes take a toll on you, and could possibly awaken all of the insecurities you’ve buried deep down.

This, however, creates a perfect opportunity for a narcissist to dive into your vulnerable past and use it in a twisted way.

A narcissist will charm you into loving him by telling you he needs you. He’ll make you share all of your bad experiences in order to help him overcome his troubles.

He’ll fake a friend in those times you need him the most. Later on, he will be the one to produce the tough times so you have to rely on him as your support.

Can’t you see what’s happening? You’re in a play, and he’s the director. He’s pulling all the strings, and unfortunately, you’re playing the role of a puppet.

This Is Why Smart Women Fall For Narcissists

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