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This Is Why Leaving A Girl With A Soft Heart Will Prove To Be Your Worst Mistake

Having a girl with a soft heart by your side means that you’ll never have to feel alone ever again. She’ll always be there for you and encourage you to keep going, even if you’d rather stay home and watch movies all night.

But not every man realizes that and many of them tend to take those girls for granted and mistake their kindness for weakness.

When you lose a woman with a soft heart, you actually lose a precious gem. Not knowing how valuable she is will prove to be your worst mistake.

And I know that you used her love against her. You thought that she’d never leave you and you never appreciated her.

Instead, you gave her nothing in return and decided to leave her because you got bored. But trust me, you’ll regret that you acted the way you did.

A girl with a soft heart doesn’t give any second chances. Yes, she’ll give a piece of her heart to the person she loves but only that one time.

The moment she realizes that you don’t acknowledge how much she loves you, it’s all over and you won’t see her again.

1. You’ll lose a woman who always believed in you

DONE! This Is Why Leaving A Girl With A Soft Heart Will Prove To Be Your Worst Mistake

Even though you repeated the same mistakes over and over again, she always believed that you could do better. She had faith in you and never gave up on you.

While everybody else turned their backs on you, she was there cheering you on and telling you that you could do it.

She was your biggest supporter, someone who would always see the best in you. Someone who never left your side and you could count on her that she’d be there whenever you needed her.

But when the time came to return the favor, you disappeared and made excuses as to why you had to leave her. That’s why she’s gone now and you’re all alone waiting for her to contact you again.

2. You’ll lose the chance to experience genuine happiness

Most people are searching for a person who’ll bring them nothing but happiness and I’m sure that you’re familiar with the phrase ‘happily ever after’. Unfortunately, you gambled away your chance of experiencing that.

You failed to see that she was ready to give you her all, as she thought that you’d marry her someday.

You know, a girl with a soft heart is innocent and kind. She’s prepared to do anything she can to make the other person happy because that’s what makes her feel fulfilled.

You blew it and for what? You had your chance with her but you don’t deserve her anyway.

3. You’ll lose a woman who made you a better person

DONE! This Is Why Leaving A Girl With A Soft Heart Will Prove To Be Your Worst Mistake

You’ve lost a girl who made you better in many ways. This woman pushed you to grow as a person and as a couple together.

She knew that you had great potential but like many guys out there, you needed a woman to give you a slight push when times got rough. And she knew that but you’ve now lost her forever.

A girl with a soft heart possesses the ability to lead you to success. She knows how many sacrifices you need to make if you want to achieve your dreams and she was ready to be that girl.

However, you never showed appreciation for all the things she did for you and that’s why she left you.

4. You’ll lose respect

Truthfully, no one will ever respect you like a girl with a soft heart. No other girl will look at you the way she did, with her eyes filled with love and affection.

No one will be as kind to you as she was and you threw it all away. She gave you her respect and love and you gave her nothing in return.

You were selfish when it came to your love because you were afraid you might get hurt. You thought that she’d take your freedom away and that you needed to devote all of your time to her.

But she isn’t like that. She respects other people’s personal space and she knows that each of us needs to have a life besides our relationship.

5. You’ll lose unconditional love

DONE! This Is Why Leaving A Girl With A Soft Heart Will Prove To Be Your Worst Mistake

When a girl with a soft heart leaves you, you lose someone who loves you with all her being. You lost a woman who would have gone to the moon and back just to see you smile.

She’s courageous enough to give you her heart completely but she asks that you’ll do the same for her. She knows that in order to have a healthy relationship, you need to love the other person unconditionally but you never did.

6. You’ll lose a woman who would have sacrificed herself for you

When she’s gone from your life, know that you’ve lost a woman who would have taken a bullet for you. A woman who would have prioritized you above everyone else and made you her number one.

You simply didn’t know how to cherish her. A girl with a soft heart will always help you whenever you’re feeling down but that doesn’t mean she’ll let you take her for granted.

7. You’ll lose your best friend

DONE! This Is Why Leaving A Girl With A Soft Heart Will Prove To Be Your Worst Mistake

Know that you lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having the best friend you could ever imagine. You lost a girl who would have stayed by your side through thick and thin.

She’s someone who only sees the good in people and would never have asked you to change. You lost someone who would have comforted you when you needed it.

You lost everything and she won’t give you another chance.

This Is Why Leaving A Girl With A Soft Heart Will Prove To Be Your Worst Mistake

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