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This Is Why He Wants You But Won’t Make You His

This Is Why He Wants You But Won’t Make You His

As you got to know him better, you realized he was the kind of man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. You started to plan your future with him but then reality slapped you hard in the face.

How could you even consider sharing your life with someone when that same person didn’t even want to make your relationship official? Whenever you’ve had to introduce him to someone new, you struggled to find the right words to describe him.

Is he your friend or boyfriend? You would love to introduce him as the latter but every time you do that, he seems to get upset.

Then again, when you decide to end things for the sake of your well-being and leave him, he immediately starts chasing after you. It looks like he doesn’t want to let go of you but at the same time, he won’t make you his.

You’re torn between wishing to spend your whole life with him and running away and saving yourself from the worst heartbreak ever. That’s exactly how he makes you feel.

DONE! This Is Why He Wants You But Won't Make You His

He’s everything you’ve ever wanted but at the same time, he’s also everything you fear. You keep asking yourself why he treats you this way.

Why does he keep you by his side but doesn’t want to make things official? You’re together but apart and you don’t think that you can take it anymore.

You need some answers before you go crazy as his treatment of you is about to get you there. Well, this is why he wants you but won’t make you his.

He’s afraid of commitment

Fear of commitment has become something many people suffer from. They simply can’t imagine themselves being fully committed to one person only.

Your guy could be dealing with the same problem. Even though he likes everything about you, the idea of committing to you seems too much to grasp.

So, he keeps you by his side because he couldn’t imagine his life without you. But at the same time, the moment you ask him to make your relationship official, he finds an excuse not to do so.

He sees you as an option

DONE! This Is Why He Wants You But Won't Make You His

You’re an amazing woman and he knows that. He’s aware of your strengths and capabilities and he doesn’t want to lose you.

But since he knows how much you care about him, he doesn’t feel the need to make your relationship official. Why would he make you his when he knows very well that he’s the only one you care about?

He knows he’s your priority so he doesn’t need to fight for your attention. He already has it even though he’s never done much to earn it.

This realization is what makes him treat you the way he does. He knows that he can find shelter in your arms whenever he wants and that’s what stops him from making things between you official.

He can always count on you and he knows that you won’t leave him. That’s all he needs to know.

As long as things stay this way, you’ll remain just an option in his life. Your heart already belongs to him and he’s aware of that. That’s why he doesn’t think he needs to do anything to fight for your attention.

His feelings aren’t real

DONE! This Is Why He Wants You But Won't Make You His

A man can tell you that he wants you in his life but without doing anything to prove that to you. Every time you beg him to define your relationship, he simply ignores you or finds a way to avoid the topic.

You, on the other hand, love him too much to leave him. You can’t imagine your life without him so you choose to stay by his side no matter what.

The reason why he plays these games with you is that he doesn’t have honest intentions with you. Even though he says he wants you, his feelings for you aren’t real and he doesn’t care about you the same way you care about him.

He’s aware of this but doesn’t want to admit it to you, otherwise he knows he would lose the attention you give him and he can’t accept that.

He loves the way you take care of him. He knows he can count on you regardless and that’s what makes him keep you by his side.

The best way for him to prolong your departure is to act like he truly wants you. He knows this will work best and will make you stay with him for as long as he wants.

But no matter how much you beg him to make you his, he won’t ever be able to fulfill your wish. It’s way more than he’s capable of and you should know that.

He’s just a player

DONE! This Is Why He Wants You But Won't Make You His

Your guy could be a serious player and nothing more than that. That’s why he won’t ever make you his, at any cost.

He knows that committing to you and making your relationship official would make him lose all of the other girls. And since the world is filled with women he hasn’t even flirted with, he can’t accept this sacrifice.

That’s why he keeps telling you that he wants you but needs a bit more time for things to fall into place. While in reality, he doesn’t want to lose the chance to date many girls at a time just for the sake of making you his.

He’ll keep playing this game for as long as he can as he doesn’t want to let go of his life as a player. He can’t imagine himself with just one woman so he’ll keep giving you excuses until you can’t listen to them anymore.

The truth is that it’s unlikely you’re going to change him as he’s used to living his life this way. He’s probably never had a serious relationship and can’t even imagine committing himself to someone.

Serial players are a special breed and you can’t make them stop playing their games. They’re too good at them to give up just like that.

This Is Why He Wants You But Won't Make You His

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