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This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

Distance. A word that no one wants to hear, and especially not experience.

There are definitely signs which you can pick up on when dating a guy, to know whether or not he likes you, but distance is one of those silent killers that is sometimes hard to distinguish.

It’s never pleasant to experience, when anyone in your life distances themselves from you, and what’s worse than that is if that particular person is someone you like or are dating.

It can all happen in the blink of an eye. First, you meet a guy who is sweet, handsome, caring, and loving; the perfect man.

All of a sudden, something changes in his behavior, something that you didn’t notice at first glance.

He has changed and become everything that you do not want to have in a man. He has become colder, he doesn’t call or text you like he used to.

Out of the blue, he is gone.

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

No one likes to be left alone or ignored for a long time. You may feel undesired and question if it was you who drove him away. Many questions arise in your head.

There is no evident reason why he has become like this and that everything you worked for has fallen apart.

Is it you to blame?

The thing that you need to realize is that sometimes it isn’t that you drove him away. It has nothing to do with you personally.

Sometimes men like to distance themselves, so they can feel their freedom again, which can happen when your relationship moves too quickly.

Men are prone to needing their freedom more often than women. He may ask for some space and you should be okay with that.

If you have a man who is also emotionally unavailable, it could pull you further apart.

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

Maybe there is something that is bothering him at work or maybe his family is putting a lot of pressure on him about certain things.

You never always know what’s going on with his life, and if he is emotionally unavailable, he will not tell you the reason why he has distanced himself from you.

There are men who don’t want to share their feelings with the woman they’re dating.

Occasionally, they choose to be alone and face those problems by themselves. They create their own cave and lock themselves in there.

Facing stress and problems is never easy but facing them alone is doubly hard.

You should try not to take the blame yourself and just give him some space to figure it out by himself.

You should live your life and enjoy every moment of it.

Maybe you tried too hard?

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

One of the main reasons that men walk away and distance themselves is that you tried too hard.

Your time and the effort that was put into the relationship were too much for him.

He started to take you for granted, because of all the bits of pieces that were building up in his head. And those bits and pieces were coming from you.

Don’t get me wrong.

Making an effort to succeed in a relationship is a great thing to do but if you are the only person doing so, you don’t leave him any space to prove himself.

He will start to feel depressed and unexcited about your relationship and relationships in general.

His ability to prove himself has been taken away from him, so he starts to take everything for granted.

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

You have been there for him no matter what situation occurred. You tolerate his bad behavior so he started to take you for granted.

He started canceling your appointments, gets home late at night, and so on.

When men feel that they can get away with those things, your relationship will prove no challenge to him and then he will distance himself from you.

He becomes inaccessible because he has become your whole world, you are still mesmerized by him.

Fights are also a major factor when a person distances themselves. Maybe he has grown tired of the constant fights that seem to never end or work out.

Maybe you are controlling his life.

It’s never a good thing to tell a man what to do.

The problem is when you bicker about everything and instead of showing gratitude, you show a lack of love.

Do you play a cat and mouse game?

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

This question is a great one. If you find yourself constantly chasing a guy, believe me when I say the guy will stay distant until you leave him alone.

That’s the classic cat and a mouse game. The moment he notices that you are being distant with him, he’ll come right back to you.

Another thing to keep in mind is when a guy is being straightforward with you. If he says that he wants to distance himself from you, appreciate that.

Appreciate his honesty and courage to say that. It’s better to be honest than to deceive someone.

Nothing feels more devastating than when you realize that a man is playing games with your heart.

What should you do?

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

Things are actually very simple. If he becomes distant, give him the space that he needs and stop communicating with him.

More often times than not, women give everything they have for a relationship to work, and because of that, they find themselves in this particular situation.

They dig their own grave.

Sometimes distance will be a great opportunity for the two of you to grow together as a couple, especially if your relationship status has not been defined at all.

It will give him the opportunity to miss you, which will motivate him to officially ask you to be in a relationship with him.

This Is Why He Became Distant And What To Do About It

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