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This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

What’s the first thought that hits you when you hear the term strong woman?

Does it make you think of an outspoken and loud woman? Someone who stands up for herself and isn’t afraid to take up space?

Or do you think of a woman so immersed in her own work that she doesn’t care about what other people think of her?

Do you think of a mother? A wife? A single woman absolutely content with being on her own?

The truth is that all those women are strong as long as they’re the ones responsible for their own happiness.

A strong woman knows that she can’t hide behind her husband in order to get the things she wants in her life. She knows that boundaries are necessary and that she isn’t anyone’s property.

In this patriarchy, we have been taught to always fear these women. When we see a man with a strong woman by his side, we pity him.

DONE! This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

Men think how his life must be awful being stuck with a woman he can’t control.

But the thing is, he shouldn’t even want to control her. He should find himself a partner who’s equal to him.

I remember someone telling me that we should always refer to our boyfriends and girlfriends as partners.

That way we’re not putting any gender roles on the relationship and that’s what makes them so unique.

Every man should look for a strong woman because there’s no one who’ll understand him better.

A strong woman – someone who knows what it means to thrive in this society and be independent – will bring a man the most joy.

Why? Because she’s been through so much in her life that her skin’s toughened and she’s learned how to love the hard way.

DONE! This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

Her heart was broken one too many times from waiting for a man to make her happy.

That’s how she learned that it doesn’t matter how much she loves someone, she has to make herself happy.

So when you’re with someone who doesn’t expect you to carry the entire burden of a relationship, you’ll have time to make yourself happy as well.

A man should look for a strong woman because she’ll make sure he has enough time for himself.

She understands how important it is to have alone time even when you’re in a relationship or married.

You can’t expect your partner to dedicate every second of every day to you.

Everyone deserves to spend time in a way that lets them recharge their batteries and helps them become better people.

She’ll help you understand that spending time playing video games or with your friends is necessary.

DONE! This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

She’ll never make you feel bad about it as long as you always know that she’s your priority.

This also means that she’ll need time for herself. So don’t bother her when she curls up under a cozy blanket with a good book.

That’s the time she spends recharging her own batteries. Because of that, you’ll learn boundaries and how to respect someone.

A man should look for a strong woman because she doesn’t get jealous.

Why should she? She knows her own worth. She knows that she deserves loyalty.

If you’re not able to give that to her, then she’s leaving.

Why should she spend her days feeling jealous over another woman?

She knows that if you cheat on her or give her a reason to doubt your loyalty, it’s all on you.

She’s extremely loyal herself and she knows what it means to be cheated on. So why would she want to inflict that pain on you if she loves you?

DONE! This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

And yes, she does love you, but she loves herself more. That’s why she’ll walk away the very moment your loyalty is called into question.

On the other hand, if she trusts you and knows that you’re being loyal, she won’t make a scene out of little things.

She trusts you, she understands you, and she’s there for you. No one can change that but you.

A man should look for a strong woman because she’s the best shoulder to cry on.

She’s gone through so much in her past. Many ups and downs and even more broken hearts.

So every time something bad happens to you, she’ll be right there to lend you a shoulder.

She will listen to you intently and won’t stop you until you feel lighter.

Then, when you’re ready to hear her advice, she’ll speak. Everything you need her to do will be done in a heartbeat and she won’t leave your side.

DONE! This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

A strong woman isn’t someone who believes that men shouldn’t cry. A strong woman will welcome your tears and she’ll understand you.

Someone who believes that men should be stronger than women and never show their tears isn’t a woman anyone wants.

That’s just toxic and we need to support men when they open up and let themselves be vulnerable.

A man should look for a strong woman because she’s focused on the positive aspects of the relationship.

She understands that there will be many ups and downs in your relationship, but as long as the good outweighs the bad, she’s staying.

That’s exactly why she’s so focused on the good.

She doesn’t spend more time than needed being frustrated or sad over a problem that is or will be resolved.

If you had a fight last night and you both realized what you did wrong, she doesn’t spend days mulling over it.

DONE! This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

That’s why it’s always a healthy relationship when you’re in love with a strong woman.

She forgives your bad behavior if you show you want to change it. That’s why you’ll become a better person as well.

Her influence is always present.

A man should look for a strong woman because she’ll never stop fighting for you.

Just because your relationship needs some work, doesn’t mean she’ll stop fighting for you.

She won’t run away from you when you meet an obstacle. She won’t leave you just because you had a misunderstanding.

A strong woman will never stop fighting for your relationship.

If you love and respect her, if you’re willing to work and fight together with her, then she’s staying put.

She will fight the battles alongside you and you’ll have a partner by your side who’ll help you become the best version of yourself.

With a strong woman, you two aren’t fighting each other. You’re fighting together against the issues.

And I think that’s magical.

This Is Why Every Man Should Look For A Strong Woman

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