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This Is Why A Woman With A Soft, Empathetic Heart Struggles To Find True Love

Consider yourself to be lucky if you’ve ever met a woman with a soft and empathetic heart. Those types of women are rare, inspiring, and amazing on the whole.

And even though their souls are pure and untainted, they somehow struggle to find true love. In order to understand why that happens, you need to keep in mind that such a woman has a big and sensitive heart and she’s not afraid to love unconditionally.

Reciprocating that kind of love can be hard and many men are afraid to even start a relationship with a woman like that. Only a real man who’s mature and emotionally intelligent could ever love a woman with a soft and empathetic heart.

A man like that knows how much she’s worth and doesn’t try to diminish her value in any way. So, if you still don’t believe me, here are a few reasons why most men have difficulty dealing with these unique and special women.

1. They can recognize who you really are

DONE! This Is Why A Woman With A Soft, Empathetic Heart Struggles To Find True Love

A woman with such an amazing soul possesses the ability to sense both the bad and the good in a person. This is the reason why many men tend to keep their distance and would rather leave before they’re caught lying.

Also, some men are quite scared to reveal their dark past and they hide like a coward from these women. They’re not strong enough to see things as they really are and mask the ugly truth so that no one can see their mistakes.

However, a woman with a soft, empathetic heart sees when a man’s pretending to be someone he’s not from a mile away. She can’t be manipulated or misled.

2. They commit fully

In today’s dating scene, it’s quite difficult to find someone who will commit fully and love unconditionally. But these women believe in the beauty of true love and won’t hesitate to give everything they have to the other person.

For that to happen, you need to prove to them that you’re worthy of receiving their love not just with your words but rather through actions.

A woman with a soft and empathetic heart is careful to whom she gives her soul because the most sacred thing for her is to love and be loved. This woman can sense when a man is still immature and isn’t capable of expressing his emotions.

In this case, she won’t waste her time on him because she knows what she brings to the table. She isn’t afraid to be single and she won’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

3. They yearn for long-lasting and loving relationships

DONE! This Is Why A Woman With A Soft, Empathetic Heart Struggles To Find True Love

This woman isn’t someone you can use whenever it suits you and she isn’t looking for a casual relationship that will end with a bad break-up. Instead, she’s searching for a long-lasting and loving relationship, where her efforts and emotions are reciprocated.

The reason why a woman with an empathetic heart struggles to find love is that most men can’t handle the idea of giving their heart and body to just one woman. Instead, they like to play the field and care more about quantity and not about the quality of a relationship.

These women won’t accept a man who can’t fight for their love. They’re tired of listening to half-promises and lies and instead, appreciation and respect are what they’re looking for.

4. They know what they want in life

These women work hard on achieving their dreams and goals and they can’t stand it when someone holds them back or tries to change them in any way. They know what they want in life and how to get it.

Some men are afraid of independent females because they know they can’t control them. You can’t play those silly mind games with a woman like that.

She’s too mature and strong to let anyone tell her what’s good for her.

5. They value honesty above everything

DONE! This Is Why A Woman With A Soft, Empathetic Heart Struggles To Find True Love

If you ever have the chance to meet a woman with an empathetic heart, you’ll learn what honesty really is.

You see, an empathetic woman is like an open book. She’ll tell you everything there is about her if she deems you worthy of her honesty.

She values truthfulness more than anything in the world. She doesn’t tolerate any kind of bad behavior by men and that’s why she struggles to find genuine love.

She’ll always choose to tell you the truth no matter how painful it is. But she expects you to do the same thing because she knows it’s better to hear the ugly truth than a beautiful lie.

6. They desire real intimacy

Their wish is to find someone who’ll appreciate them for who they are. They desire to have both an emotional and physical bond with their partner.

They’re aware that outer beauty fades over time, which is why they’re not that interested in a man’s appearance or physical aspects. They want a guy who will cherish their soul and satisfy their emotional needs.

7. They radiate a special kind of energy

DONE! This Is Why A Woman With A Soft, Empathetic Heart Struggles To Find True Love

The energy an empathetic woman radiates can be too intense for some men. Everything they do, including loving another person, they do with a hundred percent of their energy.

They don’t have any difficulty making friends quickly or adapting to a new environment. Everyone feels drawn to them effortlessly, except men who can’t handle that kind of energy.

This Is Why A Woman With A Soft, Empathetic Heart Struggles To Find True Love

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