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This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

There are few things that are more nerve-wracking than when your man says to you that he needs some space.

Your emotions start to swirl and you become insecure about yourself.

The thing is, he might not even say it to you directly.

Maybe he starts behaving differently as a way to show you that he is not interested anymore or maybe he needs some time figuring out his feelings and emotions.

You may think that giving your man some space will bring him back to you, or that he will be the same guy he used to be at the beginning of your relationship.

I know you have had sleepless nights thinking about what is wrong with your relationship and why he is pulling away from you.

DONE! This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

He might not return your calls or messages, or maybe he starts avoiding you in general.

Trust me, as soon as you hear the words, “I need some space,” take a step back and take care of your mindset.

You might feel that all of the power is in his hands but that is not true.

You might be angry or disappointed because he wants to spend time without you.

I get it, it is tough. You even might think that because he was the one who said that he needed space, he is a prize that you need to win back.

Remember, you are a prize too and you are of more value than he ever will be.

DONE! This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

Don’t let him gain the upper hand in your mind.

Don’t let your emotions take over your actions and don’t let your paranoia ruin your life. You must keep calm.

Remember that there is the other side of the coin. You should keep in mind that by asking for space, he is also risking losing you.

Don’t worry. Here are some tips and tricks on what you can do if he wants space.

Just give him space

DONE! This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

When a guy is stressed, he will definitely ask for space.

It doesn’t mean that you are the sole creator of his problems, but despite that, he will ask for some space so he can gather his thoughts.

The best thing that you can do in such a situation is just give him the space that he wants.

Don’t pressure him to talk about it. Don’t push him to his breaking point and never try to solve the problem for him.

I know that your intentions are pure and that you may do that because you care about and love him, but it will surely backfire.

He will feel emasculated and he will pull away from you.

Men pride themselves on solving problems on their own, and if you try to solve his problems for him, then he will feel like you don’t have enough trust in him.

Try not to take it personally. If you get angry and frustrated, the only thing that will happen is that you will rub salt into his wound.

A man will retreat to his ‘man cave’ and women often have a really hard time accepting this.

Why? Because they respond differently to stressful situations. A woman will talk to someone who is close to her and as you know, talking is therapeutic.

You may feel rejected and shut out from his life, but don’t resent him.

Don’t try to solve the problem for him, just listen to what he has to say and give him some advice if he asks for it.

You should take a step back and revaluate

DONE! This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

The first emotion that you will probably feel after your partner has said to you that he wants space is anxiety.

Having anxiety attacks can leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain about your future.

Your emotions toward your partner will become pretty confusing.

It is in human nature to behave in a way that will make the situation even worse. Yes, I know it seems odd but it is true.

When a man asks for some space, most women actually do the opposite and become clingy.

They call him every day, stalk him, or constantly ask his friends where he is or what he is doing.

You are basically trying to remind him that you exist so that you can try to salvage your relationship.

The thing is, darling, by doing so, you are actually pushing him further away from you.

Don’t ignore his request as that is the wrong thing to do. Give him space and be patient.

Another thing that I have seen a woman do is go to the extreme and actually break up with her boyfriend instead of giving him time.

I don’t think that I need to tell you that this is also the wrong thing to do.

This happens because your anxiety kicks in, which tells you to run away in order to save yourself.

Be aware that needing space is about self-respect and not about self-preservation.

If you try doing things like this, your current relationship will end as well as those in the future.

You should ignore him for a while

DONE! This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

Give him the no contact rule. Plain and simple.

If the situation becomes messy, the best way to deal with it is to use this rule, which includes no calling, texting, liking, or commenting on anything that has to do with him.

The goal of such a dramatic intervention is to first find balance, analyze the situation, and improve yourself.

And as an extra bonus, he will most definitely miss you.

Attention is a really interesting tool. You can use it as a way to make him miss you. Just stop giving him attention and he will be aware of it, believe me.

Men don’t like it when things are taken from them instantaneously and without warning.

You will make him think about you and he will wonder why you unexpectedly lost interest in him.

He will doubt himself and he will eventually contact you first.

Focus on improving yourself

DONE! This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

Do you want a man who doesn’t invest in you as much as you invest in him? No, you don’t.

And that is why in relationships and dating, you only want to invest in a man who is ready to invest in you.

However, if he asks for space, then you are not at the same level, are you?

While he is busy doing the stuff that he wants to do, you should use your energy to invest in yourself.

Take care of yourself first and of your own mindset before jumping right into another relationship or before getting back together with your partner.

The real prize is you – remember that.

Your needs should be fulfilled and the only person who can do that now is you.

Work on yourself and start building a strong, attractive, and confident woman.

While you invest in yourself, that is when you will start investing less time in him, reducing the sense of power that will quickly evaporate.

Hey, look on the bright side.

Even if he doesn’t come back, you will feel tremendously proud of yourself, your confidence will be peaking and you will feel great again.

This Is What You Should Do If He Wants Space

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