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This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Few things are worse than being in a relationship with a toxic partner. You’re constantly being bombarded with insults, bad behavior, and poor treatment. And once you get out of a relationship like that, you need a long time before you fully recover.

So, if you meet a good girl who’s got a toxic ex, you’ll quickly see how unique she is. You’ll understand why she can’t trust you so easily and why you can’t treat her like everyone else.

At first, it might seem to you as if she’s lost faith in love and as if she’s doing everything in her power to keep you away from her.

But, as you spend more time together, you’ll realize that her behavior is nothing more than a defense mechanism because she’s so scared to be hurt again.

That girl is special and unique, and even though her personality has many layers, she hasn’t completely closed her doors to guys. She’s just waiting for the right one to come along and rescue her.

This girl is vulnerable and scared, so you have to treat her with special care and tenderness. So, that’s why I listed here 5 things you need to know before loving a girl with a toxic ex.

1. She’ll never chase after you

DONE! This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

You may think that she’s got her head in the clouds and that she enjoys torturing guys, but that’s not true at all. She doesn’t take pleasure in playing hard to get.

Her wish isn’t that you chase after her so that she can feel better about herself. She’s not like that.

But she won’t chase after you either because she doesn’t want to let in those people who don’t plan to stay by her side. She won’t beg for your undivided attention or love because she’s done all of that in her past, only to get hurt.

She would never settle for a guy who won’t put any effort into making her happy, no matter how hard she falls for you.

After all, she learned that her happiness doesn’t depend on you, but rather on herself and she’s perfectly fine with that. She won’t choose you just because she’s afraid to be alone.

Don’t worry too much about her because she can make it without you, no matter how much she cares about you.

She’s become a superwoman.

2. She’ll build walls around her heart

DONE! This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when falling in love with a girl who has a toxic ex is that she’ll be guarded.

It’s not that she can’t feel anything and that she’s emotionless. But she has to protect herself from another heartbreak, and her way of doing that is by building walls around her heart.

To be honest, this amazing woman is scared to love again because her brain associates love with pain.

Even when she manages to love you, she won’t admit it to you just like that. She won’t show all her cards.

Instead, she’ll act as if she’s tougher than she really is and do everything she can to keep her soft heart from breaking again.

She’ll be careful when it comes to her emotions and she won’t show them until she realizes that you deserve to see them.

3. He’s part of her past now

DONE! This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Despite being in love with him once, and despite him leaving such a mark on her, she would never give him another chance and get back together with such a toxic man.

The thing about this girl is that she’ll always be loyal to you. You won’t have to worry about her exes, because she knows they’re part of her past now and nothing else.

She realized that he mistreated her and took her for granted, so that’s why she moved on from him. That’s the reason she walked away and saved herself from losing faith in love completely.

He’s an ex for a reason and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

4. She’s been through hell and back

DONE! This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Before loving a girl who’s come out of a toxic relationship, you need to understand that she’s been through some serious and terrible things. She’s experienced more pain than you could ever imagine.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s stopped living her life. She’s picked up pieces of her broken heart and managed to build herself up again.

She’s risen from the ashes of her failed relationship and become stronger than ever. And she’s learned that she would never stoop so low as to give a man like that another shot.

The guy she loved more than anything succeeded in breaking her apart, but everything he did changed her for the better. She uncovered her hidden strength and that she doesn’t need a man in her life at all.

Keep this in mind if you think about playing mind games with her and leaving her just like her ex did.

Believe me, this time she’ll trust her gut and she’ll see right through your intentions. If you don’t plan on treating her like she deserves to be treated, don’t even make an effort to enter her life.

5. She’s got trust issues for a reason

DONE! This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

Remember that a girl with a toxic ex will have serious trust issues – and for good reason.

When you first meet her, you’ll see that she won’t believe your every word so easily. You’ll have to back up your words with actions, and if you don’t, she’ll question your intentions.

Sometimes, it may feel like you’re being interrogated by her as she’ll bombard you with a thousand questions, but that’s only her way of making sure you won’t hurt her as her ex did.

Her experience has taught her that all men are the same unless they prove otherwise. That’s why she assumes you’re just there to inflict pain on her delicate heart. So, she needs to be careful about trusting you.

But, the beauty of loving a girl like this is that she will still wait for you to show your true colors and won’t expect too much of you so she doesn’t get disappointed again.

This Is What You Need To Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

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