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This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

Unconditional love. A love without conditions or limits.

It’s a term that we hear so often, but we never truly dissect it for what it truly means to love someone unconditionally, or to be loved unconditionally.

We are taught that unconditional love is painful, always one-sided, and never fulfilling in the long run because our partner will take advantage of that.

You and I have both experienced such relationships.

We drowned in our own tears and stood back up, promising the world to never give unconditional love a try again.

But do you truly understand what unconditional love is supposed to feel like?

What your heart is supposed to feel when you are giving and receiving unconditional love?

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

Most of us don’t and we don’t even understand some of the reasons why.

Unconditional love is what every meaningful, lasting relationship is made of, whether it be with a partner, a friend or yourself.

In the whirlwind of emotions and experiences we go through, we forget the feeling of unconditional love, so let me give you a few examples to remind you:

Unconditional love feels vulnerable.

You remember the last time you loved someone like this. You felt like your entire being was on display and there was nowhere to hide.

When you’re the one loved unconditionally, you can see it in every one of your partner’s moves.

He will not make you question his love because all of his emotions will be out on display and he will trust you to shield them with the utmost precaution.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

Being vulnerable is hard. You are putting yourself out there for someone to decide whether they’re going to break you or not.

Unconditional love feels heart-touching. Exposed. Vulnerable.

There is so much power in vulnerability!

Unconditional love feels forgiving.

How many times have you been in a relationship where none of your mistakes, no matter how big or small, simply weren’t forgiven?

You were afraid to make mistakes because your partner made you feel unworthy of his forgiveness.

Unconditional love feels forgiving, because minor mistakes in relationships are to be forgiven.

You move on after a while and you continue being happy with your partner because you love him too much to hold grudges about minuscule things.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

You both deserve forgiveness. Unconditional love is what shines through every single time you apologize and/or forgive your partner.

Unconditional love feels freeing.

Love should never be a cage. Love should never make you feel like you have to cut your wings off in order to accommodate someone.

With the right person, love will feel freeing.

When he looks at you and sees a strong woman, willing to work on every aspect of her life, and he continues to support you, you know that it’s unconditional.

You also feel more than comfortable with the person your partner is and you don’t need him to change his personality for you.

Of course, minor details and behavior that will make us feel more loved in the relationship can be changed through conversations but you never expect them to change their own belief systems just for you.

Unconditional love feels authentic.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

Unconditional love is genuine, never faked. Authentic love is a love you’ve never felt before and you know that you will probably never feel it like this ever again.

The unconditional love you feel for your partner is a feeling that is strictly dedicated to them.

Your love is truthful. No need for faking emotions or thoughts, it’s just yours to feel and share with someone who is worthy of everything you have to offer.

Unconditional love feels selfless.

Being selfless has become something to be frowned upon, because we need to tend to our own needs and desires first.

But unconditional love is not like that, as you put your partner’s desires, needs, and wants before your own.

You make decisions that do not just include your point of view, as you are more than happy to include your partner in the decision-making process.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

It might sound like a lot for some people. Thinking about putting someone else’s needs in front of your own is scary.

Unconditional love knows that it’s fine to include your partner with all your decisions and to think of him and his needs before your own because you know that he would do the same thing in return.

Because he loves you unconditionally too.

Unconditional love feels empowering.

Unconditional love does not take away from an individual’s goals and dreams.

You will never feel looked down upon because of something you want to achieve. Your partner supports you and you support him just as much.

There is no reason to think of you two as anything less than a power couple, because you always challenge each other to make the most out of yourselves.

You should be thankful for this part of your relationship.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

You two are working on your own goals and dreams and having that support system is very rare and a true sign of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is healthy.

In a world full of people who are only looking for an emotional support blanket, for a temporary solution to their problems, and so on, having a healthy relationship is like a pot of gold.

You have the full capacity to love your own life as well as the life you share with your partner.

Unconditional love is not always a way to bring your partner into everything you do, but rather them understanding that you need time for yourself.

You need time for yourself. He needs time for himself. There should be no issue here.

Your communication process might also seem to go too smoothly compared with any of your previous relationships and that is because a healthy relationship consists of good communication skills and the need to listen to what your partner has to share with you.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

You two do not have unhealthy expectations for your relationship, but rather, you are aware of the difficulties and are there for each other every step of the way.

Unconditional love feels safe.

Being comfortable and being safe in a relationship are not the same thing at all.

You feel safe in your relationship because you know that you can physically and emotionally dedicate yourself to your partner without them exploiting that privilege.

He will never do anything to harm you. No matter how many minor mistakes you might make in your relationship, he will never raise a hand to you and he knows that he does not have the right to harm you in any way, shape, or form.

You also are aware of that because he shows it through basic everyday ways and you know that he won’t hurt you just for the fun of it.

Is there actually any bigger sign of unconditional love than this?

Unconditional love is long-lasting.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

You know the kind of relationship when you simply know that it will last a long time?

If you don’t feel that with your current partner, you might not be unconditionally in love with him.

It won’t take someone who loves you unconditionally long to know that he wants to marry you.

He will know very soon that he wants to spend his life with you, if the love is pure.

Your relationship will last a long time and you can feel it in every particle of your body.

So if you have to question if your love is truly unconditional, you know that there is something that is keeping you from embracing it fully.

He won’t make you guess whether he loves you unconditionally or not. If you love him unconditionally too, it will be shown very easily. Don’t doubt it.

This Is What Unconditional Love Really Feels Like

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