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This Is What True Love Really Means

This Is What True Love Really Means

We are constantly surrounded by different concepts of love. Some say that true love doesn’t exist, some say that there is only one person meant to be for everyone, and others claim that you can have more than one true love in your lifetime.

Wherever you look, there are romantic movies and songs that try to tell you what true love really is.

Since you were a little girl, you were exposed to fairy tales in which Prince Charming comes to save the princess. You’ve spent most of your life waiting for a romance to come.

You keep liking some guys, you are falling in love, but you are not sure what true love should actually look and feel like.

That is only the sign that you haven’t experienced it yet, because when you experience true love, you’ll have no doubt whether it’s real. So what does true love really means?

– No more games

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In the beginning of every relationship, most people play different kinds of mind games in order to be more interesting to their new partner or because they are scared their pride or feelings will be hurt.

But, when you experience true love, you are done playing mind games. You are finally ready to put your ego aside.

You are not afraid you will be ridiculed or emotionally used if you talk about your true feelings, because you know this is the real deal.

When there is true love, you both are ready to give yourself completely and emotionally invest everything you have in this relationship.

You don’t play the victim to get what you want—you can be sincere about your desires and needs.

And you also don’t play hard to get because you want this person to be aware of the intensity of your love towards him.

-You care about each other’s well-being

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When you love someone, you don’t want to be with him just so he could fulfil your needs. His well-being is of utter importance to you.

You want him to improve in all possible ways. And most of all, you want him always to be happy, even if that happiness sometimes doesn’t include you. When you love someone truly, you will never put your needs first.

It’s impossible for you to be happy and joyful while your partner is experiencing grief. You can only be happy if your second half is happy. And you don’t leave the person you love when times get tough.

When you have true love, you two face all the life difficulties together. You don’t feel envious when they succeed in something nor do you feel the need to compete with them. On the contrary, you feel proud. True love is never selfish!

– Mutual respect

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Of course, love is crucial for a successful relationship. But, sometimes, mutual respect is maybe even more important than love. When you two love each other truly, you will also show respect towards each other.

By showing respect, you show that you appreciate your relationship and everything it stands for. When you love and respect a person, you don’t try to change them.

When you find true love, you love that man for who he is and he loves you for who you are. You are both aware of each other’s flaws and imperfections, but you never try changing each other.

You don’t just love each other, you respect each other, each other’s personality and emotions. If you tried to change your partner, you would only prove that you don’t love him and that you want him to fit to your standards.

– You are equals

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There is a quote from an iconic movie Pretty Woman that says, “So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her? She rescues him right back.” And this is what true love is all about.

When you truly love someone, you are always there for that person. And he is there for you, no matter what.

Although fairy tales may have taught you that your boyfriend should be your Prince Charming, and you should be a helpless princess waiting to be saved, true love is something different.

When it comes to true love, you and your boyfriend are equal partners in the relationship and you rescue each other.

When you are in a mature, adult relationship, you two support each other and watch one another’s back, no matter what.

This Is What True Love Really Means

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