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This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

Every one of us has dealt with heartbreak at least once in our lives. But what makes us different from each other is how we managed to survive it.

While some people fall into depression and cry themselves to sleep every night, others try to occupy their minds with various things, hoping it helps them get over the breakup much faster.

There’s always one to blame who’s mostly to blame for the breakup, but no matter if you’re the guilty one or not, the truth is both sides suffer.

Perhaps your ex-boyfriend will heal much faster because he loved less, while it might take you longer to heal because your feelings were more intense.

No one can forget the first time they experienced heartbreak. The memory stays forever in your head and the pain slowly fades away as time passes.

Many people think that it’s the end of the world when their partners leave them and that they will never be able to love again. But that feeling is only temporary – it lasts only until they meet the love of their lives.

I remember how I felt when I had my first heartbreak. But when I think about it now, I can look back on it with a smile.

I learned valuable lessons after being heartbroken and I want to share them with you so they can help you move on with your life.

1. I need to always trust my gut

DONE! This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

While in a relationship with my ex, I always felt that something was a bit off. I had a bad feeling about him, but I decided to listen to my heart and not my gut.

I believed that my mind was playing tricks on me and that I was just overthinking things. I wondered if I was imagining things that simply weren’t there.

I couldn’t see the real truth because I was blinded by love. Even though he misled me all that time, I refused to accept the bitter truth. He mistreated me and did many bad things just to hurt my soul.

Finally, I realized that my inner voice was right when I sensed something was off with the guy. He treated me poorly, but I thought he would change.

From that day, I learned to always trust my gut and to think twice before giving my heart to just any man again.

2. I should rely on my friends

DONE! This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

Many people choose to see less of their friends once they start a new relationship. It’s only natural to spend more time with your significant other than with them, but you should always try to balance it.

But that’s exactly what happened to me. Once I engaged in a romantic relationship, I neglected my friends and devoted all of my time to my ex-boyfriend. And every day I was with him, my friendship bonds became weaker.

On top of that, my ex was a manipulator who convinced me that I didn’t need anyone except him in my life. And silly me, I fell into his trap. My love for him was strong, I foolishly believed everything that he said to me.

As a consequence, I lost my friends, but I learned to never do that again.

The right man will never ask you to abandon your friends or see less of them. Instead, he would try to be a part of your life and theirs.

3. Sometimes it’s better to be single

DONE! This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

Many people are afraid to be alone and to feel lonely. But sometimes, all you need is yourself, your friends, and your family.

Of course, you should still be open to finding the love of your life, but your happiness shouldn’t depend on someone else. If you can find it within yourself, you’ll be happy forever even if you stay single.

And that’s what I failed to realize.

I was always scared that I’d be single all my life. That’s why I settled for less than I deserve. I know now that I made a mistake.

You shouldn’t be with someone who makes you feel miserable and sad all the time. Surround yourself with the right people and you’ll never feel lonely ever again.

4. It wasn’t my fault

DONE! This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

Since my ex-boyfriend was a toxic manipulator, he always made me believe that I was the one responsible for everything bad that happened in our relationship.

The worst part, I blamed myself for the breakup. I thought that I was the one who blew it all up.

I gave everything I had into that relationship, but I failed to see that it was destined to fail from the start.

After having my heart broken, I learned that the breakup wasn’t my fault at all. You’ll never be enough for the wrong guy.

That’s why I accepted my past and I learned to live with it.

5. I’m not perfect

DONE! This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

It’s foolish to believe that someone is perfect, but that’s exactly what happens when you love someone with every fiber of your being.

That said, we all have some flaws that we want to change. That’s why it’s important to accept yourself just the way you are and just do what you can to be your own best version.

After being heartbroken, I believed that my ex left me because he was searching for someone prettier than me. The truth is we weren’t made for each other and he knew that first.

He realized that we weren’t soulmates so that’s why he left. I’m not mad at him for leaving me, but I am angry about the way he broke up with me.

6. Time heals everything

DONE! This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

With heartbreak, you feel like your whole life is falling apart. You reject everything good that comes your way and you focus only on the negative emotions.

But as time passes, you’ll feel better. You know why? Because no one can save you except yourself if you decide to give up on your life.

There will be days when you feel good and days where you’re down. When those days come (and they certainly will), give it your best to go through it all.

You’re strong and beautiful the way you are. And the right man will see that. He’ll love you the way you deserve to be loved.

This Is What I Learned After Being Heartbroken

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