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This Is What Happens To Your Body When Someone Breaks Your Heart

Heartbreaks are terrible. They can be emotionally exhausting and traumatizing, and I wouldn’t even wish my worst enemies to struggle the trials of the heart. It can be very difficult to recover from heartbreak, and it can scar people for prolonged periods of time. But, what many of us didn’t know is how our body responds to heartbreaks. I’m going to tell you what happens to your body when someone breaks your heart.

Betrayals of trust and even physical abuses can lead to heartbreaks. Many times someone’s hurtful words broke my heart, and I spent so much time mending it. It was really difficult because those words stayed in my mind for long and I couldn’t cut them off. They were like an echo in my mind and were there whenever I even think about that person.

It is important to be sensitive to people who are mending their hearts. It is important to understand that even our bodies respond to heartbreaks.

This is what happens to your body when someone breaks your heart.

Physical pain

When someone breaks your heart it manifests itself in various forms and degrees of pain. Physical pain presents in various parts of the body. You can have headaches or even stomachaches. When you go through an extremely heartbreaking experience, you feel symptoms in your body. You feel the heartbreak in your body. You feel actual pain.

Increased stress

Heartbreaks leave the body feeling very vulnerable to pain and your stress levels are increased. It is very complicated because it leads to even more complex body dysfunctions. You need to rest in those times and should find some kind of relaxation.

Irregular Appetites

In extreme cases, heartbreaks result in weight loss, but it can also result in weight gain. Some of us refuse to eat because we lose our appetites and others choose to eat a lot of food. It depends on the kind of person we are. We are trying to mend our broken hearts differently.


This shouldn’t be taken lightly. A lot of us are left psychologically unstable when someone breaks our hearts.

Inability to focus

It’s like the feeling of walking into a room to do something and then immediately forgetting why you even went there. You find yourself doing things that your normal self wouldn’t do. You’re making mistakes, and you don’t even know how that could happen.

Slowed heart

Researchers have found that heartbreaks cause a heart to slow down. Our heart rate may be slowing because our circulatory system may be compromised. And you should visit a doctor if that happens to you.


One of the results of heartbreak is loss of sleep. When you go to sleep, you are probably just thinking about that person who disappointed you and that’s why you can’t sleep. There’s nothing you can do. You are in bed just with your thoughts blaming yourself and feeling the pain.

Heightened sensitivity

When someone breaks your heart you are more susceptible to pain and anguish. Even a little word can hurt you so much. You’re not typically vulnerable that much, but now you are more than ever before. Your heart can’t deal with extra stress, so you should try to stay away from negative things.


You are probably locked in your room and don’t want to see anybody. You are vulnerable and very fragile and don’t want to get hurt even more. It’s okay to have some time alone. Maybe you don’t want to burden your friends with your problems, but you should go out and feel alive again.

Withdrawal syndrome

You’re feeling like an addict who needs to quit your addiction. It’s completely normal to have those weird withdrawal symptoms because it’s not easy to cut someone out of your life.

Delayed menstrual periods

Stress leads to delayed menstrual periods. Your heartbreak alters your menstrual cycle in ways that no other stressful experience can’t.

Weakened immune system

The stress you’re having when you’re going through heartbreak can weaken your immune system. And you are more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Hair loss

Once you’re going through heartbreak you can experience irregular hair loss. This is another dreadful result of heartbreak and the stressful experience.


After heartbreak, the worst possible experience is self-doubt. You’re questioning everything, your worth, and whether you will be able to find love.

Well, darling, don’t do that to yourself. Each heartbreak for me was really difficult. At first, I didn’t even know who I was, where I was, or what I should do. Each heartbreak left me at the bottom. My heart and my whole body were crumbling into pieces. The pain was unbearable. I spent days and days without realizing reality. My mind was stuck and I couldn’t even think of anything except a person who breaks my heart. But, I realized a long time ago that I can’t let myself to go through all of that. No one should. Like I said before, I wouldn’t wish even my worst enemies to feel heartbreak.

You are strong and brave and you can make it. Make it, forgive, and forget. Don’t stay stuck at the same place with the same person in your mind. You deserve a lot better. You are beautiful and you can do everything you want. Your heart is brave, and one day you’re going to find love. Love that you deserve.

Love yourself. Care about yourself. Be proud of yourself. And let them assume. 

This Is What Happens To Your Body When Someone Breaks Your Heart

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