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This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you tried asking your boyfriend what annoys him when it comes to your behavior in the relationship, and he didn’t say anything? Or maybe, he said something like “I don’t really know,” “There’s nothing that I can think of right now,” or “I’d need some time to think about it”?

When you checked the compatibility of your zodiac signs – maybe even before you two started dating – it said you’re a good match if you work on *insert something here*. You may be well aware of certain things that your boyfriend doesn’t like, I mean, after all, reading his body language is a piece of cake for you.

However, you haven’t been successful so far to figure out which spice of yours he doesn’t prefer. I’m not saying that you need to change these things that we’ll mention, but rather to pay more attention to them if you notice you’re overdoing them.

So, this is what annoys your boyfriend based on your zodiac sign and it may be exactly what you suspected.


DONE! This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your biggest problem is your jealousy.

If your boyfriend glances at another girl, or if he goes out of a café to answer a call, you automatically assume he’s cheating on you. Not being able to trust your partner and wanting to control every aspect of his life – that’s something you have to change.

They chose you for a reason, and most times, picking fights out of nowhere and creating more drama in your lives can push a person away. So, try not to add spices when they’re not needed.


Yes, stubbornness is one of Taurus’ signature negative traits, but in this case, it’s something else.

You tend to talk a lot about your past and your exes. It’s normal that you had a love life before your boyfriend came into the picture, but there is no reason to constantly bring it up. It’s important not to have surprises up your sleeves and to be completely transparent with your feelings.

You wouldn’t like him to compare you to one of his exes, so don’t do that to him either. It’s okay to occasionally mention your past experiences, but you’re working on creating a future together, so help him out a bit.


DONE! This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’re the drama lover.

You love to talk about everything and anything, which sometimes drives your boyfriend crazy. He can’t understand why is it important for you to know what’s happening in someone else’s life. Sometimes you go a bit too far and bring up some toxic topics, and that annoys him.

You’re likable and that’s one of his favorite traits about you. But when you start gossiping, he can’t stop himself from thinking about what you actually say behind his back.

Try to reduce the amount of gossip and drama you share with him, and rather wait until you meet up with your gal-pals.


Okay, we all know you’re one of the most sensitive and caring zodiac signs out there, but you tend to walk the thin line between protectiveness and possessiveness.

Your boyfriend is a grown-up – he can make his own decisions. He really needs you not to make assumptions about what he’d like without even the courtesy of asking him.

Your moodiness and natural mother instinct can make your partner withdraw because he doesn’t need a mom in a relationship, right? So, pay attention to these inclinations and try to keep them under control.


DONE! This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s no secret that Leos are balancing on the edge of narcissism. And your selfishness can lead you away from compromises on most occasions.

It’s completely fine that you want to plan ahead all the activities for your weekend trip, but consult with him first. Maybe he’d rather go bungee-jumping than paragliding.

Oh, and please don’t assume your boyfriend doesn’t care about you if he doesn’t text you right away. Whatever you do, attention-seeker, don’t try to find validation from someone else. He’s probably just busy and will spoil you as soon as he can.


Your constant complaints and the need to be right really annoy your boyfriend. Why do you have to look for problems when there are none, and why do you criticize everything and everybody?

He chose you, regardless of your flaws, so don’t bring them up and don’t use them as an explanation for why are you pushing him away. Also, pay attention to his needs and let him help you with something from time to time.

He’s well aware that you’re independent, but your way isn’t the right one all the time. No matter how hard it may be for you, ask for his help from time to time and make him feel needed.


DONE! This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Can you, for once, decide what you’d like to do? Are you in the mood for a weekend trip, or would you rather stay with your boyfriend in the coziness of your home and watch a movie?

Most of the time, you get really indecisive and that can drive him nuts! You’ll try to use your charm to get out of the situation because this can sometimes turn into an argument.

Of course, you’re fun to be with, but please start making your own decisions ASAP.


We explained how Aries girlfriends have a habit of being jealous for no reason, but double the trouble here!

A Scorpio girl will go above and beyond to prove to her guy that he doesn’t need any other woman in his life. She’s going to be suspicious of anything he does and will veer far away from rational thinking.

Her obsessive nature is present in every part of her daily life. She’s going to listen to that one song on repeat just because, or binge-watch four seasons of her new fave TV series in just four days.

Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend like you never opened the door of hell just because he politely smiled at a waitress.


DONE! This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Should we start talking about how over-confident you are or how easily you get bored?

You’re not able to sit still in a pub if your fave song is playing and you’ll probably leave the place in a blink of an eye. You cannot keep the focus on things for too long and you’re in need of constant change.

Don’t you think that’s terrifying for someone who wants to be committed to you? What if you wake up one day and decide that he’s not the one?

This kind of behavior puts a lot of pressure on your boyfriend and makes him wonder what you’ll do next. It may be attractive that you’re bold and unpredictable, but that’s not how you’re going to keep him by your side in the long run.


Did you come here thinking how the longest and the worst part is going to be about you? There you go, you’re showing what can be annoying when it comes to your personality without even being asked.

You’re always pessimistic, yet you think of yourself highly. The latter is not necessarily a bad thing, you just have to control it and prove to him he’s valued in a relationship. You shouldn’t think that the world spins around you. The last time I checked, the Earth moved around the Sun.

Your pessimistic nature can sometimes make him feel bad because no matter how hard he tries, you don’t see that silver lining he’s talking about. Both people in the relationship should be happy and valued, right?


DONE! This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’re the perfect one, we get it.

You’re the smartest person in the room, you’re always right, and everybody seems to like you a lot! Even if this is true, your boyfriend may be annoyed by these aspects of you. Your stubbornness can make him go crazy while you’re arguing and he’s going to let you win. Not because you were right though.

There’s no reason to lie about this one, you’re one of the sweetest people and everybody likes you. Oh, and you like everybody. This can be a problem for him because he’ll always have to fight for your attention and can sometimes feel like he’s not special to you. Prove him wrong, smarty-pants.


Why on earth are you upset now? Did he compliment you and you took it the wrong way, again?

Your worst problem is that you’re being too sensitive. It is important to be careful when it comes to people, but there’s no reason for you to think your boyfriend said or did something just to purposely insult you. Why would he ever do that if he loves you?

Also, put some effort into the relationship. Not everything is going to fall in front of you from the sky, no matter how convenient that sounds. Relationships require a lot of hard work and two people choosing to stay together, day after day.

So, stop acting like you’ve got no power over things and get rid of the thinking that every single person approaches with ill intentions.

This Is What Annoys Your Boyfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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