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This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can’t Compare To

This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can’t Compare To

Every woman has fallen victim to a bad boy at one point or another. Even if we had the choice between a good guy and a bad boy in that particular moment, we still went for the bad one.

We know that he’s toxic, we know that he’s never going to love us the way we deserve to be loved, but we still fall head over heels.

A man like him will break your heart, you’ll be shattered, but that doesn’t stop the butterflies from going crazy. So why do women pick these men? Why do we fall for them without even looking at the good guys?

Why do we do everything in our power to be attractive to that piece of trash instead of trying to win over the heart of someone who’ll treat us kindly?

Well, there are multiple reasons that you may not have even thought about. These reasons may shock you or you may deny them at first, but if you think about it, you know it’s true.

And if you’re a good guy who’s curious about this topic as well… Good luck.

1. He takes the pressure off her to be the “good girl”

DONE! This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can't Compare To

There’s so much pressure to be the perfect girl. Society teaches us what we can and can’t do from such a young age.

We have to sit a certain way, talk less, be more humble. We can’t be confident and we must be shy and innocent. If you know any woman, you definitely know that we’re not like that by nature.

But, at the end of the day, everyone expects us to behave like that. People want us to take up less space every single day and to humble ourselves just so we’re digestible enough for our depressing society.

So when we try to impress a nice guy, we fall into that trap right away. He wants exactly that from a woman (or at least, that’s what we think), so we just keep falling deeper into that “nice girl” act.

However, exactly the opposite happens to women when they’re with a bad boy. We don’t have to pretend anymore. Especially us who’ve been hiding our true selves for so long. We don’t have to pretend like we like to fall into those societal standards – we can be ourselves.

A bad boy permits you to show him all of your demons and he still chooses you.

2. He’s very protective

DONE! This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can't Compare To

There’s something primal that gets activated when a guy is extremely protective over his girlfriend. A nice guy will try to avoid situations in which he has to resort to physical fights, but a bad boy will just go for it.

He doesn’t care that everyone’s looking or that he may get hit in the face. He just knows that someone insulted his girl and he’s instantly on the offense.

A nice guy is amazing, but he could never protect you this way because he’s all too aware of how dramatic it could end. He just wants to get out of there without any damage done.

The truth is that a woman is always going to feel safe next to a guy who’d take a punch for her.

I know, it sounds psycho, I’m not trying to justify this behavior, I’m just saying how it is.

3. He’s extremely confident

DONE! This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can't Compare To

This doesn’t mean that a good guy can’t exhibit confidence. It’s just that a confident guy isn’t afraid to show it 24/7.

A goody-two-shoes will try everything to convince you how humble he is and that he understands he’s not the best catch in this world. For some reason, that only makes you feel like he’s victimizing himself.

That bad boy in his leather jacket and his tattoos walks the streets as if he owns them. He presents himself in such a way that lets you know he’s not there to mess around. It seems like knows what he wants and that you’re extremely attracted to him.

Good guys try to take up less space, but these men on the polar opposite side of the spectrum would rather let everyone know just how amazing they are.

If that isn’t attractive, I don’t know what is.

4. He’s much more adventurous

DONE! This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can't Compare To

When have you seen a good guy take a risk? Their adventures don’t usually go further than a hike on a dangerous trail. Yeah, I’m being awful, that’s probably not true.

But hey, they’ll never take you on their motorbike and forget about the speed limit just to feel the adrenaline rush. Is that a smart risk? Definitely not.

Still, it’s one that gets a girls’ heart pounding and we feel alive.

He takes risks in everything he does simply because he knows that life is short and without those risks, it would be extremely dull. With a bad guy, it’s never boring. He always finds a way to make things exciting.

5. He’s addictive

DONE! This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can't Compare To

The adrenaline. The obsession.

He creates all those feelings within you that you just can’t seem to shake, no matter how hard to try.

Yes, it’s true that this kind of relationship mostly ends up being very toxic and manipulative, but somehow we still choose it. He’s like a drug you can’t kick.

We understand just how bad they are for us once we see their true face, but it’s nothing compared to the excitement and drama they bring into our lives.

That’s an issue, and there are psychological explanations to this, but for now, at least you know the reasons bad boys are so much more appealing to women all around the world.

This Is What A Bad Boy Has That A Good Guy Can't Compare To

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