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This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

I’ve tried to gather the strength for so long, but I think that day has finally come… The day I look in the mirror and see that this is me picking up my pieces and letting go.

I was all over the place for a while now, and most of my broken pieces were left at your doorstep. I’m finally strong enough to gather them and move on without you.

This fragile, small version of me you’ve been toying with has finally grown a thicker skin. You thought that I was weak, but now you get to see me rise from the ashes of our relationship.

I’m finally packing my things and leaving for good. You can watch me the way I watched you ruin all that was left of our love.

I don’t need that toxic love anymore, and I finally feel the sweet freedom you were keeping me from. It was like you kept me in a cage for years, and I now can finally escape the ruins of our unhealthy relationship.

Maybe you thought that you were protecting a weak, shy, little girl, but I’m not that girl anymore. Sorry to make you feel intimidated, but I can make myself happy without you.

I don’t need you to smile and enjoy life. It took me a while to truly become aware of that, but now that I am, I’m not going to look back on us.

This is me picking up the pieces and letting go of everything you used to pin on me.

I’m not the girl you used to know, and you’re not worth the trouble to the woman I’ve become.

DONE! This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

I used to do all in my power just to please you and meet your needs, and it turned me into someone I’m not.

Now, I can finally say that this is me letting go of every bit of me you used to take advantage of.

That is how I learn from the past we shared – by leaving in the past everything that belongs there.

The old me might still live there in your memories, but did you ever really know me?

Did you know that I can make myself happy and love myself enough not to let you hurt me anymore?

I don’t blame you because I myself wasn’t aware of how strong I really am.

You turned me into something I’m not, and I wanted to make you happy so desperately that I accepted my role in your life.

Now, I’m not playing anymore and the real me has arisen to take what belongs to her and get as far away from you as possible.

Honestly, my life has never been better. I just needed to stop you from being a part of it.

Yes, this amount of strength and self-respect can’t last too long. I will break eventually, but I will not get back together with you.

Eventually, I will want to scream out of the desire to see you again and feel your arms around me. I know that, but I’ll quietly suffer alone and keep away from you.

DONE! This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

You won’t ever see me cry again, regardless of how many tears I cry.

This is me picking up my pieces and letting go of everything that’s not a part of me. I’m finding myself because I lost everything while we were together.

You destroyed the spark I had in my eye and the glow I had when I’d smile.

My loud laugh turned into a silent scream, and the few moments of joy turned into scars.

Now, I’m taking back everything that belongs to me, including that spark, that glow, and that laughter.

I’ll let you have the few memories of joy we used to share and I’ll never look back on them again.

I’ve picked myself up and dusted myself off from everything you put me through.

At first, I couldn’t even recognize myself when looking in the mirror.

Now, I can see myself as the strong woman I am. I see in the mirror what you never managed to see in me.

I’m not scared to look at myself anymore because there are so many great things about me and you were just blocking the view.

This is me walking away from you and taking everything that belongs to me with me. When you see me leaving, have one last look at the woman you could have been with.

DONE! This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

You’ll never see that woman again, even if we happen to run into each other. I’ll be just a stranger who looks a little familiar.

I’ve learned how to leave a toxic relationship, and what we had was nothing other than toxic love.

You’ll regret not having me by your side when you see me without all that toxicity.

I fell for you so hard, but you weren’t there to catch me. Instead, you let me break into shards of who I used to be.

This is me picking up my pieces and letting go of someone I love. I finally see the truth and know that you never truly loved me.

You just wanted to use all that’s good in me to make your life less miserable. How could making me miserable have made you happier?

Did it make it seem like you’re not the only one who’s suffering? Well, I’m sorry but I’m done with suffering by your side.

DONE! This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

I had to go through all the stages of letting you go and realizing you weren’t the one.

How could you be the one when you never bothered to bring out the best in me?

Instead, you destroyed me and watched silently as I broke into little pieces.

I’m not going to willingly be the victim of your manipulation and fall for your lies anymore.

This is the real me, the free me, the me that you never bothered to nurture and keep around.

The day arrived. I gathered my strength and it was the best day of my life because I decided to let go.

I’ve picked up my pieces. I’ve let go. I really am strong enough.

This Is Me Picking Up My Pieces And Letting Go

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