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This Is How You’re Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

This Is How You’re Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

When a woman falls for you, she gives you her whole heart and soul because she truly thinks it’s the only right thing to do. When a woman cares about you, she makes sure she’s always there for you, even if she’s busy with a ton of other things.

She fights for you and shows you that you can count on her, every second of the day. But being a man who doesn’t know how to appreciate anyone until they’re gone, you won’t do a thing to cherish her.

Instead of being there for her, you’ll steadily start losing her. Step by step. Until she’s finally out of your life for good.

You’re losing her every time she calls you but you decide to ignore your phone ringing. While she has something special planned for you and you end up pretending you were busy with other duties.

DONE! This Is How You're Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

Then, when it’s convenient for you, you might decide to call her back, but it will already be too late. You already broke her heart a little and that’s not something you can easily fix.

You’re losing her every time you end up not seeing her for a month because you have other plans with your pals. When you show her that you’re not willing to make her your priority, she’ll start suffering in silence.

But even then, she’ll try to understand because she doesn’t want to pressure you into doing something you’re not up for. Still, as this keeps repeating over and over again, her patience will dwindle and she’ll stop looking for explanations.

You’re losing her every time she gets dressed because you promised to take her out, only to call five minutes before to break the news that you’re not coming.

DONE! This Is How You're Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

While her makeup is smudged with tears, she’ll start to realize that this isn’t the kind of life she wants to live. She doesn’t want to be there for a man who can’t seem to put her first, not even once in his life.

But even then, she’ll decide to stay a bit longer because she truly believes that there’s good in everyone. She’ll be there until that last drop overflows the glass and she decides she can’t take it anymore.

You’re letting her slip through your fingers each time you take her for granted. When you think that she’ll always be there for you, even if you don’t treat her the way she deserves.

When she sees you’re dead sure she won’t leave you no matter what, she’ll realize that maybe you’re not the best choice for her. Whenever you assume that she’ll stick through everything, even though you’re giving her no reason to do so, she’ll start thinking about changing her plans.

You’re losing her every time you sneak out of her bed and go missing for days. And no matter how many times she texts or calls, you don’t reply until you finally get bored of whatever other stuff you’ve got going on.

DONE! This Is How You're Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

And even though you think she doesn’t have the courage to walk away, she’ll show you just how wrong you are and how she won’t let you disrespect her anymore.

As all these things snowball, she’ll finally realize she must go. She must walk away and let go of you since you’re only making her life harder.

She knows that true love isn’t supposed to feel this way and she doesn’t want to keep giving you chances just for you to treat her badly again. Once she’s had enough, she’ll be out and you’ll realize that you’ve lost a great woman.

She could still be smiling right now, but one day, that will change. One day, she’ll stop looking for excuses. She’ll stop trying to explain your behavior because she’ll have had enough.

Instead of being the one who calls, she’ll become the one who doesn’t pick up the phone whenever you dial her number. And trust me, you’ll be doing that a lot since you’ll have no idea what’s going on with her.

From a girl who used to be there for you, she’ll turn into the girl who won’t bother to make you stay.

DONE! This Is How You're Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

She’ll realize that your presence in her life was only a lesson. It was an experience she had to go through in order to realize her worth. It was a chapter of her life she had to learn how to close by herself.

You’re losing her without even realizing that, but I bet you’ll figure out that something’s missing once she decides to walk out from your life.

You’ll miss her presence then, but it will be too late to change your behavior as the damage will already have been done.

Once you figure out that you had a girl who loved you more than she loved anyone, she’ll already be on a journey of transforming her life.

And the only thing you’ll be able to do is to stand and watch her grow into the best version of herself.

You could’ve gotten your happily ever after with her but you chose not to fight for her.

Was she too in love with you? Too caring? Too loving? Or maybe all those things combined?

To me, it seems that you lost her because of everything great she was and will continue to be.

But this time, she won’t bother to think about you because she’ll learn how to live on her own. Without a man who didn’t know how to appreciate her.

You’re already losing her and if you don’t do something about it, I guarantee you that you’ll end up without her. Like it or not, she’ll decide to pack her bags and leave – and you won’t get an opportunity to make her stay.

This Is How You're Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

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