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This Is How You’ll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

This Is How You’ll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

We’ve all heard of love languages. We use them to describe the ways we want to be loved, the way we receive love, and how we love others.

The lack of love in this sense can lead to resentment and, inevitably, a breakup. You may want to show her that you love her, but if you don’t fulfill her needs, you’re going to lose her.

Acts of service

DONE! This Is How You'll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

She pays more attention to your actions than your words. You can tell her you love and adore her until you’re blue in the face, but it won’t matter unless it’s evident in your deeds.

A girl whose love language is acts of service needs a man who’s able to stick to his promises.

If she has to constantly remind you to do anything for her, she will eventually leave you. She’s not going to stick around and wait for you to magically get with the program and spring into action.

You’ll push her away if you want her to do everything for you. Don’t expect her to cook dinner for you every night or to pick up your dirty socks around the house. She’s not obligated to do that.

But she will. She will cook for you, clean up, help you out with things that you need, just to show you that she loves you. That’s her way of making sure that you know she cares for you.

But everything comes to an end sooner or later. She’ll eventually get fed up being the only one putting effort into the relationship and walk away from you.

To her knowledge, anyone can tell you that they love you, but not everyone means it. So keep your excuses and empty promises to yourself and show her if your love is true.

Receiving gifts

DONE! This Is How You'll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

If you think that gifts have to be expensive to be meaningful, then we have a problem on our hands. You’ll lose her if you believe that you should only think of bringing her gifts on special occasions.

She’s not looking for things that’ll leave your pockets empty.

If you walk past some wildflowers and you don’t think to pick one for her, you’ll feel a shift in her mood. Instead of waiting for a special day to gift her something, stop by the nearest shop and get her favorite chocolate. When you’re taking a walk and you see a stand with hand-made bracelets, get her one.

I can promise you that she’ll be extremely thankful for your efforts. She’ll feel the love you have for her.

You’ll push her away if you don’t appreciate the little gifts she brings you, or if you forget about gifts in general. She can understand your love through those the most. Your words won’t mean much to her.

Quality time

DONE! This Is How You'll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

If your girlfriends’ love language is quality time, you’re the only thing in this world that she needs to be happy. She doesn’t need much, just your undivided attention.

She doesn’t need fancy date nights or to hear compliments over and over again. All she does need is your time and attention. She wants to sit next to you and watch the way your lips form words when you’re talking.

Your girlfriend wants you to talk to her! Tell her everything that’s been going on in your head and don’t scroll through your phone while you’re at it. You shouldn’t even feel the need to check your phone when you’re right there next to her.

You’ll push her away completely by not paying attention to one thing that she’s said to you. When you don’t listen to her, she feels like you never loved her to begin with.

Don’t lose the girl who needs nothing more than your presence to be happy.

Words of affirmation

DONE! This Is How You'll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

So many people in this world don’t listen to the things you have to say. They don’t believe in the power of words and they definitely don’t think that a simple “I love you” is enough.

To her, it’s more than enough. She wants to hear you say it. And no, not just once is enough – you need to regularly give her affirming words.

You’ll push her away whenever you make her feel like she’s a burden to you simply for needing your reassurance. She needs to know that you value her, you see her efforts, and you’re ready to tell her just how much you appreciate her.

This also means that she needs compliments. She wants to know that she’s the most attractive girl in your eyes and that she’s beautiful, inside and out.

If her love language is words of affirmation, you’ll push her away by ignoring her need for this sort of attention. If you don’t let her know how perfect she is for you, then she’ll feel guilty for even taking up your space.

So next time you see her, sit her down and sincerely tell her how much you love her. List all the things that have made you love her even more.

I can guarantee you that she’ll appreciate it and her heart will melt.

Physical touch

DONE! This Is How You'll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

You must be thinking that physical touch is only inappropriate and that it should be reserved for the bedroom, but that’s not true.

If your girlfriend loves physical touch, it means that she loves to hold your hand. When you’re walking around town, never forget to hold her close. Hug her. Kiss her. Put your hand on her back when you’re passing a crowd of people. Make her feel safe with your touch.

You’ll push her away if you dismiss her love language. You may think that she’s just too needy, but she’s not. She just needs to feel loved, just like the rest of us.

If you’re too concerned what other people may think when you hold her hand the entire time, then you should leave. You’re making her question your love simply because you’re too worried about trivial things.

You’ll lose her before you even realize she’s slipping out of your life. She deserves someone who can’t keep himself from hugging her. If you’re not that person, then you should let her find someone who is.

This Is How You'll Push Her Away, Based On Her Love Language

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