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This Is How You’ll Move On From A Heartbreaker

Wouldn’t it be great if your heart never broke into a million pieces? Your chest wouldn’t be this tight and you could breathe without feeling the pain.

Life isn’t kind to us. Never was and never will be.

When you fall in love with someone, you see the world through rose-colored glasses.

They even make the flags seem less red and we choose to ignore them.

You wore your heart on your sleeve because love makes us trust people without a second thought.

What happens when you’ve been misguided by your heart? The person you love and trust the most shatters you.

This is where I find you right now – holding on to the last straw that is helping you keep going, because it hurts so much.

The hurt and the pain is all you feel.

Even though you’re going through this, you need to have faith that you will heal. You will move on and this is exactly how it’ll happen.

You will move on slowly.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

Your heart won’t heal overnight. I would love to tell you that healing doesn’t last long, that’s it’s quick, like falling in love.

Healing and moving on is a long process. You will heal slowly. You will feel all your pieces get back into their original places.

There will come a day when you won’t cry. Imagine! An entire day without a tear shed for this person.

Then you will feel yourself think less and less of them. Time will go by and you won’t remember them.

You will go back to them.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

Not in the literal sense, no. You won’t go back to them physically, but rather in your memories.

You will revisit all those times you were happy and content to have someone that precious next to you.

Your memories will come one by one, but they will be less and less frequent.

Why? Well, I know this will hurt, but the good memories will always be thrown into the shadows by the time he broke you.

You will remember each instance when he made you feel worthless or undeserving of love.

These are the memories that will remind you why he will never again be more than that. A memory.

It will hurt.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

Not just the memories, but the empty space next to you. That empty space on your bed that doesn’t let you sleep at all.

All of these things will hurt – the fact that there aren’t any texts waiting for you from him or the fact that you’re coming back to an empty home every single night.

Believe me when I tell you that I can feel you. I feel the way your chest burns with the intensity of unrequited love.

You wish that he would have taken all the love you felt with him when he left, but he left it so it continues to burn.

You will take ownership of your body, mind and soul.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

All of it belongs to him right now. You can feel it in the way you move to accommodate a body that’s not there anymore.

You move to your own side of the bed and you sit on your designated chair because you want him to sit across from you.

Your mind floods with daydreams and questions. “Will he come back?” “Are we going to have that wedding we talked about?”

“Will he come back to tell me how sorry he is?”

Those are all valid questions. We can’t help ourself but create a universe where all of our wishes come true.

Your universe is still him.

As time goes on slowly, you will feel pieces of yourself fall back into place and mold themselves into the empty space he left behind.

You will take ownership of yourself once again and slowly but surely you will belong to yourself once more.

You will realize that you are stronger without him.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

When you realize how much of yourself he’s taken away from you, there is no moment more magical than the realization that you don’t need him.

You don’t need him to be happy. You will never need him in order to be happy.

This is the moment you reclaim your power.

God doesn’t give you more pain than you can handle.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

You have crumbled to the ground, lost all your faith, but you know that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.

You have gotten back up on your feet stronger than ever before and even if the thought of him hurts, even if the sight of him makes you cry, you know that this is all a lesson.

This is a lesson you will carry through life and you will know that you have been through hell.

What is meant to be yours will be.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

You will move on when you realize that love isn’t the enemy. When you pick up all your pieces and gain the strength to put yourself out there again.

This is when you’ll remember how wonderful falling in love truly is.

You can’t keep someone who wasn’t meant to be yours to begin with.

That’s why moving on will be beautiful, for your heart will find peace again and you will be able to love unconditionally.

There is a part of you that will always love him.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

There is a part of you that will never let go of him and believe me when I tell you that it’s fine.

You will heal like this. With the realization that there is a part of you that will always belong to him.

That’s OK!

Not everyone we meet is supposed to stay in our life and not everyone we meet will be ‘the one’. That’s why we live life.

We meet new people every day and we give them a chance to love us right. It’s up to the person on how they’re going to treat our heart.

You will find someone who is meant to stay.

DONE! This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

There is someone out there who will know how lovable and worthy of the effort you are.

He will treat you like there is no one as perfect as you are. He will hear your story.

This person will love all your broken pieces and all your shed tears. He will be there for you and will never break your heart.

This is when you’ll know you’ve moved on.

This Is How You'll Move On From A Heartbreaker

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