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This Is How You’ll Lose The Best Girl You Ever Dated

This Is How You’ll Lose The Best Girl You Ever Dated

A lot of men make the same mistakes, which causes them to lose the best girl they ever dated. If you are in a relationship with a strong, confident woman, then you should read this…

I’m going to tell you how you will lose her if you’re not careful, so make sure you read all the reasons why she might walk away.

She is not going to let a man ignore her or take her for granted, and she deserves to have romance in her relationship. Actually, she knows very well what she deserves, and she won’t settle for anything less than that.

You will have to be willing to put effort into the relationship and be there for her. She isn’t going to waste her time with someone who is too busy to be with her.

Don’t keep her waiting around for you because she isn’t willing to do that. This woman knows when enough is enough, and when she has had enough, she will leave.

So, read these reasons why you’re going to lose the best girl you ever dated unless you start being the boyfriend she deserves to have. Here they are:

1. You will lose her when you ignore her

Do you have better things to do than be with your girlfriend? She also has a career of her own and a busy lifestyle outside of your relationship but she always has time for what’s important to her.

She always has time for you while you seem like you don’t really care.

You should never ignore a woman who loves you. If there are days when you don’t even talk to her at all, it’s exactly how you’re going to lose her.

2. You will lose her when you keep her waiting

Never keep a girl waiting around for you. Everyone hates it when someone wastes their time. After all, everyone’s time is precious, and it’s really disrespectful to keep someone waiting around for you. 

Consider canceled plans to be a big turn-off for the ladies, since they truly are, as well as the flakiness. Be honest with her instead of giving her fake excuses as to why you don’t want to see her.

3. You will lose her when you’re not there for her

You can’t shut your girlfriend out when she is upset. The most important part of being in a relationship is being there for the person who loves you.

Every woman will walk away from a man who is never there for her. Don’t ignore your girlfriend when she’s upset. It’s only natural that you can’t solve all the problems she’s facing, but she doesn’t even expect you to.

All she really needs is for you to be there for her and listen to what she has to say. That’s the only way to have a happy relationship.

No girl will tolerate a man who isn’t able to stay by her side when she’s having problems. Always ask her what’s bothering her when you see that she’s upset.

Maybe you won’t be able to fix her problem, but at least you’ll listen to her… and sometimes that’s all that she really needs from you.

4. You will lose her when you take her for granted

You will be surprised at how many things a woman in love will tolerate in a relationship.

You probably already know that she isn’t capable of staying mad at you for a long time and it’s not because she is a pushover, as you might think; it is actually because she believes in true love and is an optimist and that is why she forgives your bad behavior.

However, be aware that once you take her for granted, it will all be over. Once she realizes that her kindness and love are taken for granted, she will walk right out of that door.

5. You will lose her when you don’t make time for her

Of course, your girlfriend has her own interests and her own life outside of the relationship so she completely understands and respects your need for alone time and freedom.

Nevertheless, if she isn’t a priority in your life and you put everything ahead of her, she will leave. She won’t take it when you don’t make time to be with her.

When she doesn’t feel emotionally fulfilled, she will leave the relationship, and she won’t look back. After all, she deserves someone who will always put her first instead of treating her like a second option.

6. You will lose her if you compare her to your ex

Your past is something she doesn’t need to know all about. They say that the past should stay in the past for a reason.

If you start comparing her to your ex, she will feel degraded. Strong, quality women consider this to be degrading, even though some insecure girls might be jealous.

Those girls might start trying harder to win your affection, but not this one. This is a confident woman who knows when she has had enough. She will not let you put her down like that so don’t ever dare to compare her to your ex.

7. You will lose her if you let the romance die

A lot of men let the romance die even in the honeymoon phase, without being aware of it. As soon as they start feeling comfortable in their relationship, they forget about the romance.

Letting the spark die is a huge mistake, and it might cost you your relationship.

When you first start dating, that is the most fun time when you’re just getting to know each other and there should only be passion and happiness in that period.

So, if you stop courting your girlfriend, you will lose her. Don’t stop pursuing her just because you already have her. A lot of guys make that mistake.

You have to be aware that a strong, confident woman won’t settle for mediocrity or boredom.

A relationship where her boyfriend won’t put in the effort isn’t a relationship she is willing to be in. So, when you end the romance, she’ll end the relationship.

This Is How You’ll Lose The Best Girl You Ever Dated