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This Is How You’ll Know That You’ve Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

So, you have been on the dating scene for a long time, and you have met several guys, but every single one of them proved to be the same, and not one has been a real man.

You simply dated boys and not real men.

Men fear commitment. They try to be honest, but sometimes they just fail in their attempts to be real men.

Immaturity plays a huge part in dating. You have probably come across a dozen immature guys, and now you think that every one of them is the same.

I know that dating and finding the right partner, a real man, is tough nowadays.

New technology and dating apps should make dating easier, but they don’t. That’s why most women hold on tight when they think they have found the one.

Sometimes, women make too many compromises in order to fix something that is already broken.

Luckily, there are traits or qualities that a real man possesses and if you notice them in the next man you date, then you can be sure that he is the real deal.

One of the traits of a real man is when he listens to you.

DONE! This Is How You'll Know That You've Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

A real man always listens to what his girlfriend has to say, and I mean really listens, not just blankly looks at her.

However, it’s not just that, as a real man will also respond to you in the correct way.

Most men have a short attention span, and it is easy for them to drift off. It is a pleasant change to have someone who listens to you and responds to what you have to say.

It might be a surprise to you to finally have someone who hears your latest work story and takes your side, to have someone who finally laughs when you tell them a hilarious story about your best friend, and someone who generally hangs onto every word of yours.

Your happiness will be through the roof and your self-confidence will increase because of that. I know it seems impossible, but the little things matter in a relationship.

You are pretty amazing, and you deserve a guy who thinks the same as you.

You will be able to tell him different stories and he will focus solely on you. He will give you his utmost attention and that is a clear sign that he is a real man.

He will pursue interests outside of the relationship.

DONE! This Is How You'll Know That You've Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

A real man won’t be clingy or needy, and he won’t devote every single minute of his life to you.

He will have a passion for other things outside of your relationship. And that is okay.

Life doesn’t stop when you meet the right one. His schedule might not always revolve around you, but then again, does yours? No.

No one wants to have a needy or clingy boyfriend, as his happiness will depend on you if you accept such a man (if I can even call such a guy a man).

A real man will pursue other things. Maybe that is going for a morning run or playing video games at night, or going for a morning hike to catch the perfect sunrise.

Also, he will back up his words with actions.

DONE! This Is How You'll Know That You've Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

A real man will do what he says and he won’t lie to you.

If he says he is going to meet you at a certain time, he will do that, which is when you know you have a real man in a sea of boys.

Maybe you have been stood up in the past, and you know the feeling of someone not showing up.

You know how it feels when a guy says he will show and he doesn’t, but once you have a real man, you will see that his actions are backed up by his words.

He cherishes your time, and he knows what’s important to you.

You are worth it, and he knows that, and when he knows that, he will do whatever it takes to make it work.

There are guys out there who lie and don’t back up their words, but a real man won’t play any games with you.

A real man won’t have a problem showing his soft side.

DONE! This Is How You'll Know That You've Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

We all know that men have a hard time showing their soft side or even showing any of their emotions and that’s because society has imposed certain norms that we think we need to follow.

Maintaining a ‘macho’ image is important to men but when you are in a relationship with a real man, he won’t have a problem showing you either his feelings or his sensitive side.

He knows how to control his emotions and he is ready to express sadness, joy, or whatever it is that he is feeling at the time.

He knows that by doing so, he is showing his emotional intelligence.

A real man recognizes that this is important if you want to have a healthy relationship.

He knows how to show appreciation, and he respects you.

DONE! This Is How You'll Know That You've Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

There are some general rules to follow if you want to have a healthy and successful relationship.

Showing appreciation and respecting each other are two of them. A real man will appreciate you every day and he will show that.

He won’t pick a fight with you if things don’t go his way. He knows that you are worth it and he will see you as the grand prize.

Now you might think that this will eventually fade away. However, a real man knows that appreciation and respect go a long way and he will show you both even if you have been dating for ten years.

He won’t do anything to hurt you because he respects you. You know that nobody is perfect, but he will try to be.

That doesn’t mean he won’t make mistakes, but at least he will say sorry, as it’s important to him that he tries to make things right afterward.

This Is How You'll Know That You've Found A Real Man In A Sea Of Boys

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