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This Is How You’ll Know He’s A Serial Cheater

This Is How You’ll Know He’s A Serial Cheater

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ but you may be wondering whether that’s true or not. Either way, cheating in a committed romantic relationship is and always should be unacceptable.

Most couples want to stay exclusive with each other unless you’ve talked about and agreed on being in an open relationship. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is or if one of you wanted to take a break, cheating should never be an option, whether to end things or to have a bit of fun.

However, serial cheaters are different. They’re even worse because they jump from one relationship to another and cheat endlessly.

No woman should ever waste her time on someone who’s definitely going to cheat on her. Maybe you’re in a relationship with a serial cheater right now and you may not even know it.

So why do serial cheaters cheat? Well, the reason could be because they enjoy the thrill of the chase or maybe it’s because they have low self-esteem and they seek reassurance from others.

It could also be their way of boosting their ego since they believe they’re perfect and others aren’t.

How do you spot a serial cheater? Are there any signs that can help you recognize one?

Well, actually, there are, so pay attention to these telltale signs:

1. He tries to hide things from you

DONE! I Won't Let You Play Blame Games With Me Anymore

If he has something that he doesn’t want you to find out about, like cheating on you, he’ll go out of his way to make sure that he keeps it a secret.

So, ask yourself this: Have you been wondering where your boyfriend is and with whom? Does he tell you that he’s going out with his friends and then never returns home?

If your answers are yes, then your boyfriend may be a serial cheater. Even if you ask him about his day, you’ll only get unspecific or vague answers such as, “Everything’s fine. I had a lot of work to do.”

The thing is, you’re not asking for specific details about his work but it wouldn’t harm him if he talked a bit more about it.

You’re interested in hearing how his day has been so far because you care about him and when the only thing he tells you is that everything is okay, it’s dubious.

2. He suddenly changes his habits

If your boyfriend suddenly changes his daily routines and habits, that should be suspicious to you. I understand if you don’t think that he would cheat on you but trust me when I say that people’s actions always expose the real truth.

He may just be hiding something from you now but eventually, his actions will reveal what’s really going on. That’s why if you see that he changes what he usually does, it could be a sign that he’s a serial cheater.

3. He hides his phone from you

DONE! I Won't Let You Play Blame Games With Me Anymore

With the rise of today’s technology, it’s fairly easy to cheat on your partner. On top of that, lying about it has never been easier.

Actually, being a good liar is one of the strongest characteristics of a serial cheater, which is why everything that he has to hide from you will be on his phone.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you’re dating a serial cheater, then pay close attention to what he does with it.

Does he hide it while you’re on a date with him or does he say that he left it in his car? Maybe you wanted to check his phone but it seems as if he changed his passcode.

All that secrecy and lying about his phone are obvious signs that you’re dealing with a serial cheater.

4. He cheated in the past

Being unfaithful to their partner isn’t something new for a serial cheater. He may admit to you that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend but only because he wanted to get revenge and now he keeps promising you that he’s a changed man.

However, you should be careful, as a serial cheater will always try to prove that he’s a different person now and that he isn’t going to cheat on you.

Another way to know that you’re dealing with a serial cheater is when there’s a complete absence of guilt. And even if he says that he feels guilty about cheating, that feeling will be brief at best and could really be a lie.

5. He blames everything on his exes

DONE! I Won't Let You Play Blame Games With Me Anymore

A serial cheater will always say that he’s never wrong and blame everything that happened on his exes. He’ll say that they’re all the ones responsible for their break-ups.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he would rather accuse them and talk about his exes in a bad light. He may even say that you’re the best he’s ever had and that the others were simply not good enough for him.

A serial cheater always wants to portray himself as being innocent. He can’t accept being wrong and he won’t say that it’s his fault that his previous relationships ended so badly.

6. He’s afraid of commitment

Does your boyfriend still keep some dating apps on his phone? Does he have a tough time defining your relationship?

If that’s the case, then he’s not ready to commit to you at all and you may be dealing with a serial cheater.

He’s not necessarily a commitment-phobe but rather he knows that he doesn’t want to commit as he wants to be with other women too.

I can understand him being cautious about it if you just started dating but a serial cheater is aware of the fact that he’ll never commit to you and only you.

7. He flirts a lot

DONE! I Won't Let You Play Blame Games With Me Anymore

Serial cheaters often believe that their flirting is harmless. They think that giving a good-looking girl a couple of compliments in front of you means nothing and that it won’t affect you.

But they don’t just stop there. Next, they’ll casually make physical contact with her and buy her a drink, even though they’re on a date with you.

And even if you disapprove of such behavior (which you should), a serial cheater could never stop himself from flirting with others. He’ll continue to cheat, even though he knows he’s hurting you.

This Is How You'll Know He's A Serial Cheater

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