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This Is How You Love A Woman Who’s Been Cheated On

This Is How You Love A Woman Who’s Been Cheated On

So, you love a woman who’s been cheated on? You love her because of how absolutely beautiful she is but do you know that her wounds are deeper than you may believe?

Do you know how to love her properly? You love her because when you met her, you saw her pure heart but she needs so much more than that.

She seems calm but your presence in her life makes her extremely anxious.

Her ex cheated on her. He promised his love to her, made her believe that she was the only person he’d ever want, and then he betrayed her.

This man showed her that she put her trust in the wrong human being. Even though she loved him more than anything, he still didn’t think that she was enough.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who's Been Cheated On

You can guess how much that hurt her. You don’t have to understand – and hopefully you never will – but being cheated on is an extremely traumatic experience.

She may believe that there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore but her heart aches whenever she sees you in the presence of another girl. You’ll think that she’s overreacting but you don’t know what she’s going through.

She probably won’t even show you how anxious she actually is. She shows you a watered-down version of her fears because she doesn’t want to scare you away.

At times, when the anxiety and fear aren’t that strong, she won’t even say anything.

She wants to trust you and believe that you love her but she can’t do that. She has to keep her heart safe!

For at least a moment, try to walk in her shoes.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who's Been Cheated On

You have to show her that she has nothing to worry about. You may get annoyed that she needs so much validation but if you want to love her properly, you’ll give her what she needs.

Her relationship with you hangs on by a thread because of her anxieties. If you want to keep her, then you better put in the work.

That’s not some kind of job that you have to torture yourself doing, though. You just have to make sure that she feels safe with you.

Block that girl who’s been sending you messages the entire time. It doesn’t matter if you’re not responding or motivating her to continue sending you those but block her for the sake of the woman you love.

She’ll be thankful that you love her enough to even consider this. And the fact that you did this to make her trust you more is a blessing to her.

She’ll understand that you probably didn’t want to do it but you swallowed your pride for her. You need to know that she’ll always remember that and she’ll always be grateful.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who's Been Cheated On

That’s why you’ll never have to doubt her either. She’s someone who understands what it’s like to be cheated on.

She knows how harmful it is and how much it can break a person so she’ll never do anything like that to you.

The men who want to talk to her online will be blocked immediately. When someone comes up to her in a bar, she tells them straight away that she’s taken.

You’re her first thought in the morning and the last thought before she falls asleep. She even dreams of you.

A woman like her is someone who puts effort into her relationship! You’re important to her.

She’ll always tell you where she’s going and with whom, so make sure to do the same thing for her. Tell her your whereabouts and never forget to tell her you miss her.

This may seem like too much but nothing should be too much for the woman you love.

Of course, however, you should still have boundaries! She shouldn’t be looking through your phone every time you’re texting someone but don’t just stay silent when she asks you who you’re talking to.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who's Been Cheated On

She’ll ask you because her anxieties are eating her up. You may not see it but she’s falling apart right there in front of you.

When you love a woman who’s been cheated on, you have to understand that you can’t just act the way you used to around other women. You have to create a distance between yourself and them.

If her instincts are telling her that some girl has a crush on you, you better believe it. Even though it may seem like it, I can promise you that she’s not that hard to love or understand.

She needs you to show her your loyalty. She has to see that not all men are alike.

You have the chance to show her that love isn’t just for fairy tales but rather something that’s happening right there in front of her.

She’ll give you more than you can ever imagine but you have to be ready to give her the same effort in return. You can’t just expect her to trust you without any proof.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who's Been Cheated On

She did that once already and look where it got her. This woman has been through hell and back and she’s seen the ugly side of love.

But can’t you see how special you are? You made her fall in love with you after everything she’s been through!

So don’t mess this up. Don’t give up on her just because you don’t know how to treat her right.

When you love a woman who’s been cheated on, you have to do things a little bit differently. But once you show her your pure intentions, you’ll be able to see the magic unfold.

You’ll be happy and content in the arms of a woman who loves you dearly and you both deserve a love that’s real.

This Is How You Love A Woman Who's Been Cheated On

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