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This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone’s Priority

This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone’s Priority

A woman who’s never been someone’s priority doesn’t know what real love feels like. She’s always been there for others, giving them every atom of her love, but she never got anything in return.

Broken and sad, she got used to living a life where you’re aware that you’ll never be first choice. And even when someone eventually chooses her, she already knows that they’ll be gone sooner rather than later.

She’s aware of that painful feeling of waking up and realizing that those who promised her the world are no longer anywhere to be seen. Once again, she’s all alone and she needs to start building herself up from scratch.

The moment she started to get her hopes up, the one she thought was special broke her like every guy before him. Finally, she had thought that he could maybe be the one who’d stay but he proved her wrong.

She remembers the pain that overtook her the moment she thought that no one would decide to stay, no matter how hard she fought for them. She could give them all of her love and they would still think that there was someone better out there.

And now, as she’s sitting all alone in her bed, trying to figure out what’s wrong with her, she’s imagining the way she wants to be loved. The way all those women like her who were never someone’s priority want to feel.

When you walk into her life and show interest in her, she’ll immediately make you a priority. She’ll treat you the way she wants to be treated.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone's Priority

Honestly and truly, she’ll love every detail about you, since she’s been craving that kind of love for herself.

But while she’s giving you every piece of her body and soul, you shouldn’t choose to betray her trust. She knows that feeling very well and going through it once again would ruin her.

Too many times, she’s been left alone. Too many times, men have promised her the world they could never give her.

Her pure heart believed them, which made the pain of breaking up even worse. And each time they all left, she would lose a piece of herself.

So, if your intentions aren’t honest and you’re not there to stay, please don’t make her any false promises. Don’t make her believe that you’re the one when you know that you don’t plan on making her your only one.

Don’t falsely convince her that you won’t break her heart when you know very well what’s coming. She’s weak and fragile and has been hurt more than you can imagine.

All her life, she’s never been anyone’s priority and that’s why she’s craving the moment when someone will finally decide to stay in her life. Forever.

She’s patiently waiting for a guy who’ll change her reality and show her why it was a good thing that she never chose to stop believing in love.

When you walk into her life, please don’t play with her trust. She’ll be loyal to the bone but it won’t ever be enough if you don’t treat her the same way.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone's Priority

She’s been betrayed too many times, which makes it hard for her to think that you’ll be any different from the rest. So, at some point, she’ll probably try to push you away.

Since she expects you to leave, she’ll sometimes self-sabotage a relationship. A part of her believes that it’s best for you to walk away before she falls for you completely.

She believes it’s best to cut off contact before you tear her heart into pieces, which is why you’ll have to be patient with someone who’s never been someone’s priority. She’s been through a lot and only she knows how she managed to pick herself up again.

She experienced the bitter taste of betrayal and she knows how much damage it brings. So, if you can’t promise her loyalty, then it’s best for you to stay out of her life.

If your words are false, don’t even bother showing up, as she’ll end up being the one who’s broken.

And please, if you’re not playing with her and your feelings are real, show her that through your actions. Let her see that you’re there to stay.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone's Priority

Anyone can seduce her with sweet words but she’s already heard enough from them. She’s witnessed men who would promise her the stars but always failed to deliver.

One by one, they broke her into pieces and she just stood there, waiting for someone who would finally love her and make her a priority.

I know that she’s tired of words. She’s tired of false promises and excuses that still linger in her memories.

All of the men who came before you had their own excuses for why they had to go. She bravely accepted it all and kept standing, still wearing her heart on her sleeve, as she never wanted to give up on love.

Deep down, she still believes that one day, someone will walk into her life and make a huge change to it. He’ll finally give her everything she’s been waiting for this whole time.

And the surprising part will be that he won’t leave her. No, he’ll decide to stay, because he’ll realize she’s a person worthy of love.

She’ll change his life and he’ll change hers by finally putting her first.

So, if by any chance you’re that man, I beg you not to hurt her. I have a feeling that she won’t be able to go through another heartbreak.

DONE! This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone's Priority

It would crush her dreams and hopes and she wouldn’t be able to fall in love ever again.

To the man who’ll fall in love with a woman who’s never been someone’s priority – don’t break her heart one more time. She doesn’t deserve this, as she’s already been through it a lot.

She’s been a prisoner of her own solitude for some time due to her past heartbreaks, so it’s quite a miracle that she still strongly believes in the power of love, even though that same quest for hers ruined her heart forever.

This Is How You Love A Woman Who Was Never Someone's Priority

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