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This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

You should never push away a girl who is prepared to give you everything she has.

The thing is, a girl who wants to give you her all never asks you for anything except a reason to stay.

She wants confirmation that you want her and that you are planning a future for the both of you.

Maybe she asks too much of you. She doesn’t care about material stuff or anything, she just wants to be your one and only.

We all know that we all have flaws, but what makes her special is that she accepts yours. She knows that because she knows she isn’t flawless either.

All the time you two spend together, every time she sees you, she falls for you again and you are too blind to realize the fact that she chooses you.

She chooses you, despite having so many guys waiting for you to make a mistake and lose her.

Her one wish is that you return her love, which she gives you unconditionally.

The only thing that you have to do is treat her right.

DONE! This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

She doesn’t ask for too much, and she doesn’t want to be spoiled.

Her only wish is to be loved and respected, just like a simple girl with a big heart would expect.

Don’t push her away by making the mistake of not putting enough effort into your relationship or not cherishing the fact that she chooses you every day.

Your only mission is to give her the same love that she gives you. To look at her the same way she looks at you.

Don’t throw it all away. Don’t reach the point where you are too comfortable and safe, because she might leave you if you change your behavior.

Your biggest mistake is not letting her in because your walls are so high that no one could climb them. She tries and she fails.

All she ever asks from you is to let her in but you decided to push her away.

It is unnecessary for you to take down the stars from the sky for her. She deserves that, but she doesn’t ask for it.

The only thing that she asks for is that you show her that you care about her and you tell how much she means to you.

Is it really too much to ask for? Maybe you are just not ready to give her the things that she deserves and that’s why you are pushing her away.

You don’t care as much as you should but that is how you will lose her.

If you say that you love her, you must show her that. Your words should be backed up by your actions.

You will lose her if you don’t show her that you love her.

DONE! This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

Maybe you don’t answer her calls and she is left there, waiting for you to pick up your phone.

Maybe then you should give someone else a chance to treat her the way you should.

You are all that she wants. You hold a special place in her heart. She doesn’t care about your flaws or the past.

She only looks for the good in you. Your past failures and actions don’t bother her.

If you don’t support her dreams, you will definitely lose her.

I’m not saying you should agree with every little desire that she has, but you should always support your partner.

Sometimes you will not agree with her dreams and maybe you should be the voice of reason, but you should support your partner at least to some extent because that is what it means to be in a relationship.

You denied her.

DONE! This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

All she ever wanted from you was to be yours and yet you choose to keep your options open. Was that really a good move by you?

Don’t be afraid to commit to a girl. Believe me, it will pay off.

You should never only occasionally be in someone’s life just because you have free time and don’t know what to do with yourself.

The thing is, when she only wants you, you should not keep your options open.

You must commit to her and make her a priority or you will lose her. Give her all your attention and dedication or else she is gone.

She is prepared to give her love to you unselfishly and she tries to tell you that everything that she does is for both of you. She finds hope in the little things.

In tough periods of time, when most people would abandon you, she is there, supporting and loving you. She is by your side through thick and thin.

Don’t ever let your ego dominate your actions. If she stays by your side, cherish and appreciate that. You must fight for her just like she fights for you.

Eventually, if you don’t care about her in the manner she deserves, she will become tired. Don’t be indifferent.

You should never say to yourself that you don’t have feelings for a girl who gives you everything. You should not try to find a better girl.

DONE! This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

She should be sufficient for you so don’t try boosting your ego by doing so.

Don’t ever make her question herself: “Did I do something wrong?” “Did you lose interest in me?”

Never push her to the point where she starts to question her own logic and mind.

You should never leave her wondering whether she has made the right decision.

Those kind and romantic acts that you have done for her? They should never be an act, as they need to come from your heart and be genuine.

If you don’t do that, you will lose her.

A girl who chooses you will ask nothing more from you than to love her and appreciate her.

If you lose her, none of your future girls will even come close to her.

Treat her with respect and admiration, and she will know how to reciprocate.

She will sacrifice everything she needs to for you because she has made her choice.

Her choice is you.

This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

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