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This Is How You Know He’s A Narcissist In Disguise

This Is How You Know He’s A Narcissist In Disguise

Taking the mask off a narcissist’s face has become a modern-world challenge. Whoever succeeds gets a chance to save themselves from the toxic claws of a man who could ruin your life.

The main problem is that narcissists know how to put on a perfect disguise. They know how to make themselves look better than they are because they’ve perfected the game.

But sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if you’re seeing the actual red flags. You want to be sure that you aren’t a part of a well-planned play that could rock your world from the foundation to the top.

If you want to know the truth and be completely sure who you’re dealing with, then this article is for you. It’ll show you if your guy is an actual narcissist in disguise and if you should run away from him as fast as your legs can take you.

Eyes wide open and look for these red flags. Trust me, they could save you a lot of pain.

1. He never apologizes

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

Have you ever found yourself trying to prove to a guy that he’s wrong, expecting him to apologize to you, while he played dumb at your words?

He ignored you and made you see that he never did anything wrong. He feels that his words or actions haven’t hurt you and he doesn’t see the issue.

As time goes on, you’ll realize how the pattern repeats. Whenever he makes a mistake, he fails to see it as such and always ignores an apology.

Watch out. This is one of the first red flags that he’s an actual narcissist in disguise. You should be careful around ones like this.

2. He tries to make you perfect by his standards

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

A narcissist thinks of himself as a perfect creature. As a result, he’ll try to make the world around him as perfect as he possibly can.

And because you, as his victim, are part of his world, he’ll make sure to shape you so you fit his standards.

This means that a lot of time you’ll feel pressured to change something about yourself. It can be anything – from your looks to your beliefs.

Because a narcissist believes that his way is the right way, he’ll make sure to steer you into taking the same path as he is.

At one point, you’ll feel like you’re losing yourself, and you won’t have any idea how you got there.

It’s all because a narcissist knows how to lure you in and convince you that you should be following his lead. And that’s where things get dangerous.

3. He puts himself at the center of attention

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

You could be talking about anything and somehow, he’ll become the main topic.

You won’t even have any idea how he made that happen because he’s so experienced, he can literally make anything about himself.

A narcissist seeks attention. It gives him power and makes him feel like he’s the one who’s holding all of the strings in his hands.

The moment he sees that he’s not been praised enough, he looks for a way to get those compliments out of your mouth.

He’s a self-absorbed idea of perfection who needs attention 24/7. If you forget to shower him with some, he’ll find a way to get you to do so.

4. He’s the best manipulator you’ve ever met

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

You’ve probably already had some experience with manipulators in the past. Maybe you think you’ve got his mind figured out and how intense he n play games with you.

But trust me, a narcissist will be way above that. He’s in a league of his own

There’s no way you can convince him that he did the wrong thing. It’s always you who is part of the problem.

If you ask him to explain himself to you, he’ll make sure to prove that you’re wrong and he has nothing to do with anything you try to attribute to him.

No matter how hard you try to show him that he’s wrong, in the end, his words will eventually convince you and you’ll keep quiet about everything.

His manipulation game is strong and could make you get down on your knees if you don’t see through his actions.

5. He lacks empathy

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

Have you ever met a narcissist who knows the meaning of the word empathy? Chances are that you haven’t, and you never will.

If you notice that your guy lacks this emotion as well, it’s highly likely you’re in the company of a narcissist in disguise.

You could be hurting in front of his eyes, crying a sea of tears, and he would still have no idea how to respond to you. Your pain doesn’t bother him because his feelings are twisted the same way his mind games are.

6. He’s overly charismatic

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

An overly charismatic guy who uses his charm to attract you usually does so because he wants to get you on his side of the field. The moment he has you in his hands, he knows that he can start playing with you.

His charm is only a tactic to getting your attention and winning you over.

It’s part of a narcissist’s plan to get you to do everything he wants from you. Because how could you reject a charismatic guy who wears his smile everywhere he goes? You can’t be that heartless.

That’s exactly what he’s playing on.

7. He can’t stand being criticized

DONE! This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

If he’s a narcissist in disguise, don’t even try criticizing him and his behavior. He’ll give you a look that could burn holes through your heart.

Narcissists hate being criticized and they hate being commented on.

No matter what you say, he doesn’t see the point of your words, and he doesn’t understand them at all.

Don’t even bother talking against him because he doesn’t care about what you have to say.

Be careful with narcissists. If you have the slightest suspicion you’re involved with one, make sure to open your eyes widely.

Look for the red flags mentioned above and the moment you realize what you’re dealing with, you better look for ways to walk away from him before he ruins you.

This Is How You Know He's A Narcissist In Disguise

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