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This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

You must be patient with this person, know how to calm them down, and avoid causing them to panic even more but most importantly, you need to understand them. This is how to love someone who overthinks everything.

There’s always a question mark dangling over the head of this person, as they overthink things. And after they’re done, they overthink something else.

You need to show them that you’ll be there no matter what and not just say it. Words mean little to a person who analyzes everything you say.

Did you truly mean the words you said? What if you’re only saying them because they want to hear them or to get what you want?

More importantly, are you lying? Will you stick to your words once things get serious or are you just saying them?

An overthinker will drown you in a sea of questions and doubt when faced with a difficult situation. You need to be able to save them and help them breathe again.

Most of all, you need to understand them and show them that every problem has a solution. You need to make them see that you can fix things together and be aware that they think it’s the end of the world most of the time.

DONE! This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

This is how to love someone who overthinks everything.

You need to be prepared for a flood of questions for no apparent reason and without warning. This is a person who has constant mood swings but they can’t help it.

An overthinker’s fear is genuine and true and since it’s real to them, you need to take it seriously.

This person can’t just turn off their thoughts whenever they like. Even though they want to, they can’t work on autopilot and just enjoy the ride.

Don’t tell them to simply relax because they can’t control it. Their mind is full of unwelcome thoughts that keep them awake all night.

Although they want to, they can’t put their brain on standby, so you need to understand that. When they lose themselves in the chaos of their mind and even start hating themselves, you must show them all of your love.

This is how to love someone who overthinks everything; patiently, persistently, and constantly.

They will fear losing you so make them realize that you’re here to stay and show them compassion. Show your vulnerable side too because they need to know that you also get scared sometimes.

DONE! This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

They need to know that they’re not alone and that you’ll be there when things get tough. Let them know that they can always tell you what scares and worries them.

You must repeatedly reassure them of your love, even if you have to say it several times a day. Those special three words can calm them down and make them more relaxed.

Maybe saying, “I love you,” doesn’t mean much to you but to them, it means the world. You have to mean it, though, and always be honest with this person.

Let them know how you truly feel because they’ll constantly wonder about it and it’ll drive them crazy. They’ll start thinking that you don’t care and their whole world will begin to fall apart.

Don’t ever hide your feelings from them and let them feel loved and cared for. Lay your cards on your table because if you don’t, they’ll constantly think that you’re just bluffing.

If you’re hiding something, they’ll sense it and obsess about it until they can’t take it anymore and snap at you. They’ll think of a trillion reasons why you may be hiding things from them and in their head, they always come up with different scenarios.

The truth is that they constantly have sleepless nights because of the different imaginary scenarios in their mind. Some of them are not that bad, while others are terrible, but ultimately, all possible scenarios make them scared and anxious.

DONE! This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

You need to be able to help them deal with that anxiety and calm them down. Show them that they’re a beautiful, amazing, and unique individual with a heart of gold.

They need you to remind them of their good sides and their qualities because they’re so focused on their flaws. An overthinker has an anxious, messy mind and they need your help to get out of the disorderly world it creates.

This is how to love someone who overthinks everything, by being prepared for everything and knowing that they’ll question everything. They’ll question you too and you need to understand that and help them let go of their doubts.

You may find yourself in a situation where you’re having a calm, nice, and relaxing evening with them… but then things suddenly change. Out of nowhere, they start asking questions that have been torturing them for a while and they can’t hold them in any longer.

You need to help them find the answers, even if the questions make no sense. This is how to love someone who overthinks everything and no one said it would be easy.

DONE! This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

They will drive you crazy sometimes but you need to remember that it’s because they care. After all, relationships aren’t easy either and love can get complicated.

Overthinkers complicate things on their own and most of the time, they do so for no reason. You need to understand that and make their life easier by keeping things simple.

It’ll be hard sometimes but this is what it’s like to date an overthinker.

Know that they would never leave you, though. They’re loyal and they have many great traits that you’ll grow to love.

You may not realize it but they know how much you try to make them happy and what you do for them. They know that it’s not easy to keep them grounded and get them out of the topsy-turvy worlds they create in their mind.

Even though they ask a lot of questions, they know that they shouldn’t. As long as you’re there to answer them or at least tolerate them, though, they’ll love you forever.

They will love you the same way you love them – with all your flaws, quirks, and ghosts of the past.

An overthinking girl needs an understanding guy because not everyone can love that way. She can.

This Is How To Love Someone Who Overthinks Everything

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