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This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

Those who never really knew this girl thought from the very beginning that her life was perfect. Like every moment of her life was this ideal tale of never-ending happiness.

However, many people didn’t know the real story behind her tears and fake smile.

She always wondered why people thought her life was picture-perfect because it wasn’t. They didn’t know what was really going on, they just assumed they did.

The thing is that she imagined her relationship to be faultless. And to everyone else, she seemed as though she had everything figured out.

A perfect job, an awesome partner, and a happy life. But only a handful of people knew that it was all just a facade, as it was never that great.

Maybe it was during the honeymoon stage, when everything was going well, but definitely not after a couple of months.

The truth is that even in those darkest times, she decided to stay. She couldn’t leave him because she loved him with all of her heart.

DONE! This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

Still, people assumed nothing was wrong in their relationship. They didn’t know what happened behind closed doors, how that perfect man suddenly changed his behavior toward her.

He quickly turned his positivity into toxic behavior and he overpowered her positivity that she exuded into their world.

She was always there for him when he needed her. She gave him the much-needed push to follow his dreams and goals and never doubted that he would achieve them.

He always told himself how he couldn’t be the person she saw him to be. All the anger that he had bottled up inside himself, he took out on her.

But people mostly saw her gorgeous smile and they thought that she was happy. After all, she told herself that she was happy all those times.

Even though her happiness grew into misery, she still stood by his side. She convinced herself that he would eventually change back into the man she used to know.

Late at night, when she lay all alone in her cold bed, she cried. But everyone else only saw her smiling, right?

After a while, she noticed the little inconsistencies and lies that he told her. She questioned him and he told her that her anxiety decided to be the boss of her, that everything was just her imagination, and that she needed to calm down.

DONE! This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

He promised her he wasn’t lying but he gaslighted her into thinking that she imagined everything because of her own insecurities. And her heart slowly began to ache.

Truth be told, this is something that narcissists do when they feel like the other person is slowly slipping away from them.

He used his charm and sweet-talked her into thinking that she needed him. He told her that no one would love her the same way that he did.

However, he stopped called her pretty. He told her that she wasn’t worthy of being loved by another man, which is why he made her feel like she needed him.

When they were out there in the world in front of other people, he treated her like a queen. And because of those moments, she hoped that he would finally change for the better.

She believed that he constantly defended her and she did the same thing for him. When her friends told her that she needed to get away from him, she fiercely defended him and told them that everything was fine.

But that’s the thing about emotional abuse. You fail to recognize it because you can’t see it; you can only later feel it on the inside.

DONE! This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

She needed to know that any type of abuse is unacceptable. And the thing is, people who were close to her could see the reality of the situation.

They saw that something wasn’t right there, that she wasn’t happy at all, but they tried to believe in her words when she said that everything was okay.

When he finally left her, because he found another victim, that’s when reality hit her. Everything came crashing down and the pain that was deeply buried in her heart finally came to the surface.

She had to find her strength again and she had to learn to trust herself more. And she did.

She learned that she was worthy of so much more than she previously thought she was and she finally realized that no one has the right to humiliate her in any way.

When she decided to take matters into her own hands, she chose her own path. She stopped feeling guilty and she promised herself that she was never again going to explain her actions to anyone.

If she had decided to stay with him, she would have always been devastated and heartbroken.

On top of that, she let go of the other toxic people in her life. She finally learned to say no and to make it clear when enough is enough.

DONE! This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

Going through emotional abuse isn’t an easy thing to do and she knows that. That’s why she established her own boundaries and she’ll never let a man cross them ever again.

She now ignores those people who radiate toxicity and quickly walks away from them. She gave herself time to heal, to recover from that toxic behavior and those toxic words.

Even though those wounds on her heart will never completely go away, she knows that she will experience true love. She just has to be patient.

It doesn’t matter which shape or form it comes in, abuse is abuse.

It took her a long time to admit that she was victimized by a man she loved more than herself. But slowly, she gathered the strength to move on and started to recover from what he had tried to destroy.

This Is How She Picked Herself Up After Going Through Emotional Abuse

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