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This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

Jealousy is one of the worst enemies for a couple, especially if you’re still new to the partnership world. There’s nothing sadder than not being able to trust your lover and vice versa.

Jealousy creates a lot of problems, not just between partners. It can affect your relationship with other people as well as make you slowly lose faith in everyone.

It can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Besides, you even risk losing your loved one over it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways you can stop it.

Perhaps you never thought of yourself as jealous until recently. Or you never thought your partner could be the one blaming you for things.

Whatever the case might be, it will slowly rip you apart. Moreover, it’s going to be a painful process with all of the fights and finger-pointing going on.

There are some zodiac signs that are keener on developing this type of behavior. Others, not so much. Let’s see how different zodiac signs handle jealousy in a relationship.

Perhaps you never thought of it before, but a horoscope has a lot to do with things. You can’t tell me that these are simply unbelievable coincidences?

Well, suit yourself. But tell me what you really think about it once you go through this article. Perhaps you’ll find out something you’ve known subconsciously which will make you think otherwise.

Each zodiac sign has a mind of its own. It implies that they’ll have different opinions, views, and reactions to certain situations.

Just like that, each zodiac sign will handle jealousy in a relationship in a unique way. You might not be overjoyed to hear some of the truths regarding your or your partner’s sign.

However, this can help you out a ton if you’re unsure about some new guy. It can also help you determine whether he’s worthy of putting up with his jealousy.


DONE! This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

This fire sign is short-tempered which can call for a disaster. Speaking of jealousy in a relationship, they don’t handle it very well.

Their explosive personality can do more damage once they erupt. An Aries stands high on the jealousy scale, which may not be such an attractive trait.


If you’ve ever encountered a Taurus, you’ll know of their possessiveness over their partner. This can cause a lot of issues in the relationship.

A healthy relationship doesn’t include partners who don’t trust each other. Jealousy might make this problem even more prominent and they can start smothering their partner.


DONE! This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

As for romantic relationships, you won’t have to worry too much about Gemini. They’re not the type to easily become jealous.

If you’re in constant touch with your colleague from work, it’s likely he won’t even notice. A Gemini doesn’t bother too much to snoop around or check on you all the time.


This water sign is entirely ruled by their emotions. This can cause some severe jealousy outbursts from time to time.

Although they try to keep their cool, it’s almost an impossible task. Their emotions eventually get the best of them and before you know it, they explode like a ticking bomb.


DONE! This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

When you think about it, everything points to this sign being extremely jealous. They won’t handle it well in any type of relationship.

Leos are self-absorbed, so they think they should be at the center of attention all the time. What happens when you deny him that attention and shift it towards someone else?

Let’s just say this zodiac sign doesn’t handle jealousy in a relationship that easily.


This earth sign may be jealous, but they’ll decide to rather keep quiet on it. They’re known to be calm and collected, so it’s not worth bursting their bubble.

You can say they handle it pretty well, although they can react at times. They tend to recollect themselves fast, but this doesn’t mean they’re okay with being made jealous on purpose.


DONE! This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

As for Libras, they’re hopeless romantics and they care deeply for their partners. It’s almost impossible to make them jealous because they just know how much they make you happy.

However, they’re also people-pleasers at the same time. This can cause confusion and they’re not really sure how they feel about jealousy.


One of the most jealous signs out there. This mysterious zodiac sign might deter people because Scorpios don’t handle jealousy in a relationship very well.

It usually gets the best of them and they can sometimes go overboard. A Scorpio will feel threatened by another person speaking to you and they’ll usually turn their anger towards you.


DONE! This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

We can safely say that this sign is pretty chill. It may not look like it, but it’s not an easy task making a Sag jealous.

They always try to keep their cool, so you won’t see this sign acting out for anything. They have some strong nerves and you have to try really hard to evoke that feeling in them.


This earth sign seems calm and collected even if they’re burning on the inside. The thing is, a Capricorn won’t let you know that something’s bothering them.

This might make you think he handles jealousy in a relationship pretty well. However, you can never be entirely sure of his thoughts. Is he jealous and hiding it?


DONE! This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

Aquarius is highly intelligent and beautiful. These people know their worth and don’t let anyone question it. However, their high levels of self-confidence might be perceived as egotistic.

Their strong personality traits won’t make jealousy take place that easily. In a relationship, they’ll handle it well because they know they’re required goods.


This water sign is known for its extreme compassion and nurturing skills. Therefore, jealousy isn’t at the front of their mind.

However, once they experience it, they won’t handle it in the best way possible. They’re too emotional to confront you about it, so it’s likely they’ll just keep silent and try to forget all about it.

This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Jealousy In A Relationship

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