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This Is How An Affair Happens

This Is How An Affair Happens

All of us know that affairs happen from time to time. But not many people know why they happen. Sometimes we think it’s only because the person wanted it that way, but there is always a deeper reason behind it.

It’s the main reason for breaking up and divorcing, so it’s not a bad thing to know what drives people to do that. That’s why I prepared 7 answers for you. Some of them will really come as a surprise to you. So let’s not wait anymore.

1) He doesn’t have an idea of what loyalty should look like

DONE! This Is How An Affair Happens

One of the most common things that lead to an affair is not understanding the term “loyalty”. Sometimes people don’t really pay attention to everything that’s hidden behind that word. It’s not simply staying with your partner no matter what happens.

Loyalty means that you will try everything to make your partner happy and that you won’t behave like not cheating is a gift you have for them. Being faithful is one of the most important things in a healthy relationship, and without it, your relationship doesn’t stand much chance.

People who don’t understand this term usually don’t even understand that their behavior is dangerous for their future with you.

2) There’s no respect in your relationship

Sometimes people feel like they aren’t respected enough in their relationship. That’s something that can’t leave your mind easily. And you end up thinking about it for days, which can even make you do the same thing to your partner.

If your boyfriend thinks you don’t respect him, he might start being disrespectful towards you too. It’s a common thing that partners who feel that way try to make themselves feel better in some other person’s company.

And that’s definitely something that might lead to crossing the boundaries of a healthy friendship and growing into an affair.

3) Your partner is bored

DONE! This Is How An Affair Happens

One of the top three reasons that lead to an affair is boredom. If your partner feels like nothing new is happening in your relationship he might try to find something fun elsewhere. Maybe he is a kind of a person who always needs some adventures, but you’re not really interested in that.

Don’t blame yourself and think that you’re not interesting enough. You definitely are, but it’s just that your partner always wants something more.

Of course, if you’re constantly doing the same things and never try anything new, you should try changing something. But it should always be something that is fun for both of you.

4) He is insecure

This is why we say that confidence is the key. It brings so many positive things into your relationship. While someone’s insecurity might really put it in a dangerous position. Why? Because a partner who is feeling that way might want to seek confirmation somewhere else.

Let’s say that he’s constantly going on about how skinny he is. And no matter how often you tell him that you find him handsome, he still doesn’t see himself that way. After some time, some people who feel the way he feels decide to look for other people who will tell them the same things you did.

They don’t find one person enough, and in that self-esteem journey, they risk meeting someone new and going into an affair.

5) You don’t talk about your problems in the right manner

DONE! This Is How An Affair Happens

Problems happen in every relationship. However, trying to deal with them in the wrong way or ignoring them is one of the main causes of starting an affair with someone.

There have been many reported cases in which a husband found a coworker or a friend that he could share his relationship problems with. And after they realize they feel comfortable around each other, they might start a secret relationship.

Having a shoulder to cry on is very important in life. And if he thinks you’re not there to listen to him, he might go and search for someone who is.

6) Holding grudges

Every couple fights from time to time, but it’s mostly something that gets resolved the same day. However, some people are dating a person who stays mad about something for a long time and always holds grudges.

After some time, it might really start being annoying to the other partner, and they might end up looking for happiness somewhere else. At first, they might only meet some new friends, but if things at home don’t change, they might go on and search for something more than a friendship.

7) The two of you live apart for some time

DONE! This Is How An Affair Happens

Even though the distance can’t harm the couples whose love is true, living apart for a long time is one of the main reasons people start an affair.

Many couples need to switch to long-distance relationships because of their work. And when one partner is gone for a long time, the other one tries many new things in order to keep themself busy. However, that’s how they get the chance to meet some new people and possibly someone who’ll catch their eye.

It’s common for LDR couples to drift apart after they don’t see each other for a long time. And it’s likely that they no longer feel as connected or attached as they did before. That sometimes leads to falling in love with someone else and becoming unfaithful.

I hope you’ve learned something new. Dealing with a partner who’s having an affair is unfortunately something lots of people have to go through. So the best way to try and prevent it is to know what leads to it. Here, we’ve seen 7 possible reasons. And I hope you’ll never have to use that knowledge in your life.

This Is How An Affair Happens

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