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5 Things I Learned About Relationships When I Was Single

5 Things I Learned About Relationships When I Was Single

People assume that we can only learn about relationships while dating someone. However, some learn much more when they are single. And luckily for you, I’m one of them and I have some pretty cool pieces of advice for you.

Some people hate being single, others say they love it. Both sides of the coin are totally fine, as it really depends on the person. And both situations help you learn something new. But many ignore the knowledge we can gain while we’re not dating anyone.

And I want to prove to you that there’s so much more to being single than just feeling wild and free.

Being single is an amazing period in your life. Of course, happily dating someone is great too. But there’s just something special about single life that makes us like it even more.

And no, it’s not all about getting the chance to flirt, meet tons of new guys, or style your clothes however the hell you want. One thing that’s even more valuable than that freedom is knowledge. When you’re single, you learn about relationships from another perspective.

Trust me, you can figure out certain things that never came to mind while you were in a relationship. So, I’m here to tell you something I learned when I was single. I hope you’re ready to hear some life-changing advice. Let’s go!

1) You need to love yourself

DONE! Things I Learned About Relationships As A Single Person

If you want to find the right partner, you need to learn how to love yourself. And there’s no better time to start doing that than when you’re single. That’s when you have all the time in the world to focus on yourself and realize your worth.

Learn how to be happy without receiving that “good morning” message. Get up, make yourself a healthy drink, and look in the mirror to see one beautiful person standing there. Identify aspects you love about yourself and use them as your motivation to move forward in life.

And when you start feeling truly happy in your skin, someone special will approach you.

2) Personal space is very important

Often when we’re dating someone, we don’t even realize how important our personal space is. We try to focus on our partner so much that we forget about the things we enjoy. The same goes even for doing things we don’t like at all for the sake of our beloved one.

We all need some time on our own, but when we’re in a relationship, we feel it’s wrong to ask for some privacy or a day for ourselves. When we’re single, we learn how important it actually is and how much better we feel after regaining our personal space.

3) It’s better to be single than to be with the wrong person

DONE! Things I Learned About Relationships As A Single Person

Sometimes we really want to be with someone so much, that we settle for the wrong person. That can only bring negative things to our lives – heartbreak, loss of self-respect, unhappiness, and more feelings we never needed to encounter.

When you’re single, you realize that it’s better for you to wait for as long as it takes to find the right partner, than to rush things and end up with someone who won’t appreciate and love you the way you deserve.

A wrong person will never make us truly happy, and we all deserve to experience true love. So stay single until your prince charming arrives.

4) Family and friends are very important

Have your family or friends ever complained that they don’t see and hear from you as much as they did before? Most people who have been dating someone for some time will answer yes. That’s because when we start a relationship, we somehow switch our focus to that person.

It’s okay to have your relationship your priority. But what’s not okay is putting your friends and family on the sidelines. Most people aren’t even aware they’re doing that, but it can destroy your relationship with other people who love you a lot.

Only when you’re single again do you realize how happy those people make you feel and how much you’ve missed them. So being single really taught me to keep them close to me, no matter what happens in life.

5) We need to let go of the past

DONE! Things I Learned About Relationships As A Single Person

And finally, the last big lesson I learned about relationships when I was single is that we need to let go of the past if we want to enjoy our future. If you want to be happy in your new relationship, you can’t cry yourself to sleep thinking about the past relationships that failed.

You don’t need to compare your past to the present. You don’t need to compare your old and new partner. And you definitely don’t need to compare the life you had with the one you’re having now. Times change, people change, and you also change over time.

So the recipe for true happiness is definitely letting go of the past and living in the now!

I hope you realized that single life can teach you lots of things about life that you’ve never paid much attention to. Whether you’re the type of person who prefers to have a partner or likes to be on their own, you need to know that there are pros and cons to both of them.

Most people assume that being single means you’re either heartbroken and you don’t believe in love, or you’re not open to meeting anyone new. But that’s not true, some people stay single because they want to use the opportunity to learn more about the things they started noticing only after starting their single life.

I sincerely hope you take to heart the pieces of advice that this happy single person chose for you.

5 Things I Learned About Relationships When I Was Single

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