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These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

Remember those good old days when being a gentleman and knowing how to treat a lady meant something?

Nowadays, with the internet and dating apps, finding a partner who respects and loves you often seems like mission impossible.

Sure, those dating apps have certain positive aspects to them, but several old-school dating practices need to make a comeback, ASAP.

Don’t get me wrong here, the rigid ways of gender roles and women being submissive can stay in the past – I’m all for feminism and gender equality – but certain dating habits should be continued even in times like these.

I know that I’m not the only one who misses the good old days of exchanging letters and taking those vintage faded photographs.

Surely, there are many of us out there that feel like they were born in the wrong century.

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

I know that women are tired of this hookup culture and just want a man who is willing to make an effort to mesmerize a woman.

And I agree with that. Certain old fashion dating practices should definitely make a comeback, or at least they should be adapted to these modern times.

There are women out there who miss and want a man who is a true gentleman, who opens doors, buys you flowers, and just acts like a classy gentleman.

Am I right?

Romance is and always will be one of the pillars for a healthy relationship. It should be, because without romance, there’s no affection or attraction.

So that’s why I think that certain old-school dating practices need to make a comeback, ASAP, and those are:

1. Little things really matter

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

Nowadays, some guys might feel a bit awkward when holding a door for a girl, or buying her a bunch of flowers, or pulling out her chair, but they shouldn’t feel that way.

Yes, other people might look at the guy and think that he’s weak and less masculine, but who cares about what others think anyway!

The only important thing should be the girl’s opinion about the guy and that’s it.

Opening the door when entering a restaurant should still be a thing, and bringing flowers to the first date should be considered a well-mannered gesture, right?

It shows the girl that you’re thinking about the little things.

They certainly do matter because, in a sea of boys, you want to act like a proper gentleman.

Don’t walk a few steps ahead of her. Instead, if you are a true gentleman, you’ll walk beside her, holding her hand.

Those old-school dating practices could be polished and adapted to the modern times, you know.

2. Don’t just text, call her!

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

Back in the day, it was something special when you talked for hours on end until your parents told you to get off the phone.

Modern phones ruined that feeling. And when you text her, there’s always a chance that she might misinterpret your feelings and words.

That’s why calling should be still considered a sweet gesture.

Don’t just rely on those texts.

There are certainly some advantages – for example, when you don’t have time to talk so you send a sweet and thoughtful text message – but texting shouldn’t be a replacement for calling.

There is a certain beauty in hearing the other person’s voice. It can feel very powerful and attractive at the same time.

3. Be immersed in the present

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

There’s nothing worse than dating a guy or a girl who is constantly on their phone not paying attention to anything you have to say.

I’ve seen it countless times: a man or a woman picking up his/her phone and staring at it in the middle of a conversation or dinner.

Even though I wish I was born in a simpler time, I’m not against technology at all.

I love to use my laptop or phone when I’m alone and not on a date with a gorgeous lady.

That said, there is a time and place when you should and shouldn’t use your phone.

Just put away your devices and focus on enjoying the moment. Listen to what your partner or date has to say and be immersed in the conversation.

4. Don’t beat around the bush

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

When last have you been direct with a girl and made your intentions clear right from the start?

Well, if you can’t remember, then you ain’t doing it.

There are times when your emotions are in a swirl and you don’t know how you feel. But those are rare times.

If you know you are (or want to be) exclusive with someone, why don’t you tell her that without making too much of a fuss about it?

Even though there are some minor exceptions to this rule, a man should always state his intentions clearly to the woman.

Don’t beat around the bush and say “Hey, let’s hang out” in a friendly manner, even though you know you’re into the girl.

Be straightforward and ask her on a proper date just like in the good old days.

5. Look polished and well-groomed

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

Some guys (not all of us) “let themselves go” when they’re in a long-term relationship because they feel like their appearance doesn’t matter anymore.

They get this sense of security and think the woman won’t leave them.

I’m not saying you’ll get to that stage when appearance absolutely doesn’t matter, but if you’re still dating and getting to know each other, how you look can make a difference.

So, always dress nicely, use some decent grooming products (but don’t overdo it), and style your hair.

Take care of your physical looks and, trust me, the girl will love you for it.

6. Ask her on a proper date

DONE - These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

Don’t text the girl “Hey let’s meet up at the bar” and expect her to think highly of you.

In the good old days, a genuine date means picking up the girl, taking her to a nice dinner, and walking her to her front door.

And that’s exactly what you should do if you want her to like you. That’s the number one old-school dating practice that should make a comeback.

My advice is to never overthink it. Ask her to go out with you on a classic date: Go watch a movie and take her to dinner.

If you’re on a tight budget, ask her to take a walk with you and pick a romantic place.

Back in the day, if you wanted to have a healthy and successful relationship you had to work for it and make an effort.

Love was always worth fighting for and it still is.

That’s why marriages lasted and that’s why we admire those old couples who are still happy with each other after spending half a century together.

You can have that too. Just be a gentleman.

These 6 Old-School Dating Practices Need To Make A Comeback ASAP

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