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There’s A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

There’s A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

Sometimes, you meet that special someone and from that point on, you’re convinced that he’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

As you get to know each other better, you realize that this man is made out of everything you want in a guy. He has manners, a charm that impresses everyone, and treats you with the utmost respect.

You look at him and say to yourself “I’m home.”

Then one morning you wake up and come to the devastating realization that you’ve lost your dream man. You’ve lost your guy you’ve been so grateful for.

You keep asking God why He took away from you the only man who was ever right for you.

You begged Him for years to send you someone like this and now that He made your wish come true, He also broke your happiness by taking him away.

Who could imagine that you’d feel so hurt after his departure? All in all, it’s just one more guy who wasn’t right for you.

DONE! There's A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

It’s no big deal because you went through the same situation more than once.

But the thing is that you finally felt as if you had found your missing piece of the puzzle.

You truly thought that this was the man who would wait for you at the end of the aisle and who you’d say “I do” to.

And now, all of a sudden, God decided that he wasn’t a good fit for you and that would have to take him away from you.

I know that you got upset at God more than once. And why wouldn’t you? He robbed you of the only man who meant the world to you.

The two of you became best friends. He knew you better than anyone else and was that one man that women dream about their whole lives.

He was your support and truly made you a better person.

But now, he’s gone from your life and no matter how hard you keep praying to God to send him back to you, your prayers don’t seem to be accepted.

DONE! There's A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

It hurts to know that you’ll bump into him in a year from now, with him walking down the street with another girl.

He’ll be happy, you’ll see that by a quick glance at his eyes.

He’ll be holding her hand the same way he held yours and she’ll play the role you used to play when he was with you – the role of the happiest girl in the world.

At that moment, your anger will rise, and once again, you’ll ask God why He decided to take the man of your dreams away from you.

Was it because of something you did? Haven’t you earned enough to have him by your side?

But then, God will give you a reply. He’ll give you an answer to your prayers and it will be in the shape of a human being.

Someone who’s a better fit for you and who’ll make you feel happier than ever.

DONE! There's A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

Even though a year ago you thought that you couldn’t be happier, God once again proved you His power and showed you the reason for His actions.

Because God knows the lessons that He serves us. He knows how capable we are and how much we can go through.

The moment He sees that someone isn’t good enough for us, He takes that person away.

At that point, you feel like you got dealt the biggest punishment, when in reality it was your biggest gift in disguise.

It was a lesson that was supposed to take you to your final destination.

Everyone you meet in your life is a lesson that serves as a guide toward your next stop.

Every person will shape you and give you a piece of themselves, the same way you’ll give them something of yours.

They will make you learn valuable lessons. Some of them will be easy and some of them simply need to be learned the hard way.

DONE! There's A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

The point is that after all those lessons, you’ll be a better person for it. You’ll be an improved version of yourself.

Sooner or later, you’ll be grateful for everything you went through. You’ll know that it brought you exactly to where you’re supposed to be.

You’ll be grateful for every person you met throughout your life. Both the ones who stayed in it and the ones who were there temporarily.

All of them had impact on you and made you the person you are today. They made sure you were prepared for finally meeting your forever man.

So, every time you asked yourself why you had to lose the one you thought was meant to be yours, God smiled from above. He knew very well what He had in store for you.

He was well aware of all the lessons you had to go through in order to get to the place of your ultimate happiness.

And that’s exactly what all those men before Mr. Right were – lessons.

Some of them were more obvious and some even seemed like everything you thought you were looking for.

DONE! There's A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

But God knew that you deserve even more than that.

So, instead of giving you to the first one who comes into your life and sweeps you off your feet, He saved you for someone better.

Yes, you lost some people on your way here, but you finally know what it means to be truly happy – to wake up next to the person who was made just for you.

So, every time you meet someone who seems like a perfect fit and then God takes him away, don’t be upset.

Believe it or not, he’s just a lesson that will lead to someone better.

Maybe you don’t understand that now. Maybe you feel upset and angry. That’s okay.

As long as you have trust in God, you won’t end up stranded on a one-man island, doomed to stay single for the rest of your life.

At one point, you’ll be grateful for everything God put you through.

You’ll understand why you had to go through so many lessons to end up where you are now.

And guess what? It’ll all make sense.

There's A Good Reason Why God Made Him Just A Lesson

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