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There’s A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

There’s A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

You know how people always tell you to stay away from players and go for real men. They keep repeating that players will break your heart and walk out on you because they can’t settle for one woman only.

And you know it’s all true. You know that players love to play games. It’s like a drug – once they get a taste of it, they keep craving more.

But what you haven’t been told is how to recognize a player. How to see through his actions that seem almost perfect. How to understand their real intentions hidden behind the masks they wear all the time.

Once the damage is done, it’s easy to blame someone for their mistakes. It’s easy to tell others that they should’ve acted differently and that they should’ve known better.

But there’s one thing for sure: Players are pros at camouflaging their dirty game with every tactic in the book.

They know how to hide their motives because they know that no one would ever fall for them if they kept things real.

DONE! There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

That’s why their game is so hurtful. Because once you find out a player’s initial plan, you wish that the earth would open up and swallow you.

You keep blaming yourself for being unable to see through his intentions.

But you have no idea how much effort a player puts into his little game just so he doesn’t give himself away.

You have no idea how hard he tries just to get you to fall into his trap.

A player makes sure to show off in front of you.

He lures you in with his manners and acts like the gentleman you’ve always been looking for.

He wins your heart with his charm, perfect smile, and eyes that make your knees feel like jelly.

And he does so because he wants to get you on his side of the terrain.

For a while, you’ll be a pawn in his game and once he’s had enough, he’ll leave you behind like you never meant anything to him.

A real man will put his heart on his sleeve.

DONE! There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

He’ll be serious with you from the very beginning and you’ll know his intentions from the very start.

No pretending – just the honest truth that he wants you exactly the way you are.

He wants to walk beside you, holding your hand, proud that you choose him out of all the other men in this world.

A player will lead you on and play his game, without taking a break.

His words will sound like the perfect story because he knows what he’s supposed to say to win your heart.

He’s aware of the things that will make you fall for him because he’s done this multiple times.

You’re not his first victim. Instead, you’re just one more digit in a long line of numbers and that’s the maximum of what he can give you.

A real man will be honest with you.

DONE! There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

With him, you’ll always know where you stand and never question his objectives. His heart is pure and he has no intention of hurting you.

A player will always keep secrets from you.

He’ll always hide other girls from you because he can’t commit to one only. To choose one out of many sounds like mission impossible.

This game he’s playing is feeding his ego and he can’t stop playing it.

It’s the only thing that makes him proud of himself, even though the reasons are utterly wrong.

But he doesn’t give a damn. As long as he’s happy, he doesn’t care if he’s hurting other people around him.

Players are selfish, and they don’t mind breaking a few hearts as long as theirs stay untouched.

A player has no intention of getting to know you better.

DONE! There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

He’s curious only about those things he needs to know in order to win you over. Once his work is done, he’s gone and you won’t see him anymore.

Why would he bother with getting to know your secrets, wishes, and dreams when he certainly has no intention of being with you in the long run?

It’s a waste of time. Time that he could use to win over another victim, to write one more number in his list of women whose feelings he played with.

Don’t bother trying to have a deep conversation with him.

His body might be with you but his mind is someplace else, thinking of ways to win a few more hearts.

A real man cares about everything you are.

DONE! There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

He truly wants to get to know you better.

Tell him your fears and he’ll make sure to protect you from them. Tell him your wishes and he’ll try to make them come true.

Share your dreams with him and he’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill them. He’ll be your safe harbor, the one who wants to know the real you.

A player’s only intention is to have as many girls as possible.

He’s the kind of guy who goes around bragging about how many hearts he broke.

He’ll treat you like a queen to win you over, then tell everyone how he succeeded in his dirty game.

To him, you’ll be just another one in the line. Even if he tells you that he’ll change, it’s just empty talk to serve as a way of getting what he wants.

A real man has one intention only – to take care of your heart.

DONE! There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

To love you and cherish you in the good and bad. To be there for you, no matter how hard things get.

He won’t lie to you to win you over. He won’t play games and break your heart.

Instead, he’ll want to protect you and be there for you. To be your hand in need and your shoulder to cry on.

To be that one man you’ll wake up next to for the rest of your life.

And if he achieves that, he’ll be the happiest man alive because he has no other wish than to be your one and only, your forever and always.

A real man knows how to love you. A player knows how to hurt you!

So, be careful who you fall for.

The sweet talk of a player may sound inviting, but once he gets what he wants, he’ll be out of the door.

And you’ll be left broken and angry at yourself for making the wrong decision.

There's A Difference Between A Player And A Real Man

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