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The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

We spend a lot of our time trying to analyze every little thing guys say and do. The truth is, it’s not actually that hard to figure them out.

We tend to read into their body language, all minor conversations, and every single text… All this to get ourselves to believe in misinterpretations instead of actions.

We’ve gone too far and overanalyze little things, forgetting that actions can tell us everything.

Once you realize how loud actions actually speak, you’ll stop searching for hidden meanings in whispers.

DONE! The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

The truth is, it’s quite simple to read men. I’m not saying that I don’t do the same things you do; I’m saying that we shouldn’t.

I know I made some really dumb excuses whenever I didn’t want to accept that a guy simply did a bad thing.

Maybe he was just in an awful mood because of something completely unrelated to how he feels about me, right?

Whenever a guy would use his words to hurt me, I’d just tell myself that he probably had a tough day at work.

Maybe he was just venting and I was simply the only one there at the time, right?

Wrong. Having a bad day or being in a bad mood is not an excuse to say bad things and do bad things to someone who loves you.

We all experience bad days and bad moods, but we don’t hurt the people we love because of them.

Did you ever get home from a really tough day at work just to see a messy house, nothing to eat, and him lying on the couch and watching TV?

Couldn’t you have just gotten mad at him and lashed out, with every right to do so?

Instead, you just took a deep breath, kissed him, and started cooking dinner.

You actually make excuses for that guy afterward. How messed up is that?

DONE! The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

We do so much for men every single day and they don’t even appreciate it… So, how exactly do they deserve that we give them some slack?

The next time a guy treats you badly, don’t make excuses and confront him instead.

Let him know that some things aren’t acceptable and that you’re not going to tolerate them anymore.

If you start dating a man who seems to appreciate nothing other than your body, don’t think that it’s not true!

Men always actually show us the truth, we just don’t want to believe it and they rely on that!

We need to stop ignoring the truth and believe men when they clearly show their feelings through actions.

I know you want to believe that he’s better than that or that he’ll become better, but people rarely change.

They can change, but only when they want to, and you can’t change a man by loving him harder.

The way he treats you tells you everything about his feelings for you and it really is that simple.

You can’t let him put you through hell for days and feel loved when he decides to give you one nice day.

Stop thinking that you’re the luckiest girl in the world just because for a short while, he gave you a glimpse of how he should treat you the entire time.

DONE! The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

The luckiest girl in the world would never accept that.

She’d be with someone who treats her with respect and is consistent in his efforts to do that.

She wouldn’t even get into a situation to make excuses because she wouldn’t get involved with the wrong guy.

That’s why she would be the luckiest girl in the world in the first place.

Men tend to treat us poorly because we ourselves don’t believe that we deserve better. The way you treat yourself is the way a guy will treat you.

When he sees that you’ll tolerate his bad behavior, that’s all he’ll ever give you.

If he sees that you’ll tolerate mistreatment, he won’t even make an effort to stop mistreating you.

You’re the one who has to demand love and respect and accept nothing less. Have clear boundaries and raise your standards!

If raising your standards means that he’ll just stay down, just leave him there!

You can’t let him think that he gets to decide which days he shows you love and which days he makes you miserable, based on his mood.

Either he’ll make an effort to be good enough for you or you’ll find someone else who won’t even need to put effort into it!

DONE! The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

Men who respect their women and have their best interests at heart show it through actions.

This guy will say hello, good morning, bye and goodnight with a kiss every time.

He’ll try to make your life easier by running errands and handling some of the housework.

Instead of being mad at you for not cooking dinner, he’ll know how busy you were and cook something himself.

That’s the type of man you deserve to be with and the only one worthy of you and he does really exist!

It’s not some sort of a privilege to be with a man like that, it’s your right!

You need to realize that so that you can stop wasting your time and energy on immature jerks.

They’ll just make your life harder and break your heart eventually.

There are kind-hearted guys who you could give your attention to! They’ll do anything to make you happy and make life better and easier for you.

It’s not just wishful thinking or a fairy tale, it’s real love. Guys who are capable of it aren’t on every corner but they are out there!

DONE! The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

Once you find a man like that, you’ll see that life can be easy and that love doesn’t hurt… as long as you’re with the right man who truly loves you.

Stop thinking that you don’t deserve that and stop making excuses for those who want you to think that! You are worthy of real love and you will find it!

It won’t just instantly fall into your lap, but as long as you don’t settle for less, you’ll find it.

Love should make you feel happier and better, not miserable or even worse! It’s not supposed to be hard.

You’re going to realize that once you find it, so don’t stop looking!

The Way He Treats You Tells You All About His Feelings For You

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