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The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

No one would believe me if I told them that a strong woman can easily get attached. They’d say that I’m out of my mind and that it’s not true.

A strong woman is known for being independent, she doesn’t need anyone, and she’ll never beg someone to stay. But that doesn’t mean the same thing as being emotionally unavailable.

She doesn’t have attachment issues just because she enjoys her own life just the way it is. If anything, she understands her emotions and she’s able to let those emotions show.

For some weird reason, we associate being strong with the masculine need to hide your emotions. Men are taught that to be strong, they need to detach themselves from their feelings.

Because women are usually more emotional, they’re seen as weak. However, their emotions are exactly what makes them so strong. Their feelings should be the exact reason why everyone has to look up to a woman and understand just how important it is to feel them.

So, when you look at how many people hide their emotions and detach from them, can we call those people strong? Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the truth about why strong women get attached so easily.

This woman is the type of person who understands that everyone’s going through a rough time. All of us have some kind of story to tell that explains all of the demons that are haunting us.

This strong woman you’re thinking of probably saw something in you. There was something special in the way you spoke to her and the way your eyes would search hers for answers.

DONE! The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

She’s the type of girl to think about everything you say and everything you do. She gets home and lies in her bed while thinking about all the things that could happen if you stay in her life.

She’s going to daydream about you for days. Her heart will flutter like crazy because of one text message that you sent her.

Just because you have a weird perception of strong women, it doesn’t mean that she’ll act like she doesn’t care when she does. That’s how you’ll know that she’s truly strong.

She’s the type of girl who isn’t afraid of her own emotions and she isn’t afraid that they may be obvious to others. If she likes a guy, she won’t play hard to get because she’s able to handle rejection.

DONE! The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

Would it hurt to be rejected? Well, it definitely would. But that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t shoot her shot if she had the chance.

She gets easily attached because she’s able to read your energy before you even open your mouth. She won’t attach her heart to you just because of the way you look. They’re a plus if you ask her but what’s inside is what makes the butterflies in her stomach go crazy.

I know that you must think that her trauma must not be that bad if she acts this way after such a short time. But you need to know that some people are strong enough to not let their trauma impact their entire life. And she’s that type of person.

She won’t let her past haunt her until she ruins her life completely. Just because she’s gone through a traumatic experience, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to hate everyone afterward. She knows that people deserve a chance and the hope she has keeps her going.

DONE! The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

I mean, I understand why you’re freaking out. You can’t believe that she’s so beautiful and so amazing at the same time. How can she be so gorgeous yet so in love with you? The only difference is that you’ve never met someone like her.

She fell in love so fast that it made you breathless, so you feel like it’s too good to be true. You’re so used to women who play hard to get until you’re exhausted from trying to catch their attention.

But a strong woman doesn’t want to waste her time for no reason. She doesn’t want to be someone you have to wait for because she doesn’t want to wait either.

Once she feels the spark at the beginning, she sees no reason to wait for anything. She wants a true form of intimacy and love. She doesn’t want fake interest or her heart to be broken.

A strong woman doesn’t want another heartbreak but if it were to happen, she’s ready for it. She knows that she can handle it because she’s been through so much worse.

So don’t make a fool out of her by making fun of her. You may want to laugh at the way she falls in love so easily because you don’t know how to act right now. You don’t know whether she’s playing games and you think you need to chase a woman for months before you get to go out on a date with her.

DONE! The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

At least give a strong woman who knows what she wants a chance. I know that you’re scared because she got attached to you so easily but I can promise you that she’s going to rock your world.

And once she starts to see that you’re reciprocating her love, she’ll only have eyes for you. She’ll never look at another man but you. She’ll be the girl who’ll only want you for the rest of her life.

All you need to do is give her a chance and show her that you’re ready to give her the same amount of love she gives you. She’ll be someone who’ll never leave and who’ll only be attached to you.

Why wouldn’t you want that type of love in your life right away? Why would you want to play around and lose her?

The Truth About Why Strong Women Get Attached Easily

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