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The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you feel like you’re not improving in any way in your life, you might need to raise your standards. The ways we behave and the expectations we set for ourselves may not be fit for us.

This is where your zodiac sign comes into the picture. Every sign is unique and needs a precise way to deal with this problem.

If you’re ready to take on the task of raising your standards, your life quality will likely improve. Check out how you can do so based on your zodiac sign!


DONE! The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to raising standards for Aries, you might want to take a closer look into your love life. It’s usually romantic relationships for you that need an upgrade.

This fire sign is known for its bluntness and you’re usually the one to make the first move. However, if you meet the wrong person, this can only be to their advantage.

You’re energetic and you know what you want. When you meet someone, you’ll try to fit in all of their needs. It’s possible you won’t get the same in return because you’re putting too much effort in.

The other person will let the weight of the relationship fall on your shoulders. This is the troublesome part that requires you to raise some standards. Don’t fall for someone who’s not ready to give you the same amount of love!


This earth sign is notorious for its bullheadedness, right? Sometimes, you can get ahead of yourself because you’re forecasting a lot of things that don’t end up the way you wanted.

Still, you’re not keen on giving up and you do your best to make things work. The thing is, you’re expecting a lot from someone who’s giving you the least.

In terms of raising your standards, you need to find a person who can live up to your expectations. It’s not the other people’s fault they can’t compete with you.

You often find yourself dispirited with what you’ve got because of yourself. Remember you’re the one pulling the strings, so make sure you make the right choice next time.


DONE! The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Speaking of Air signs, we know how carefree they can be. That is unless it has to do with yourself. This is the part where you feel the most insecure and unlike yourself.

Gemini is a joy to have around because they’re so easy-going and relaxed. However, they have their own moments of weakness.

Even though others view you as an intelligent and fun person, you may struggle to see the same picture. You’re high and low all the time, so you don’t get much time to focus on yourself.

Stop belittling yourself and try to see what others see in you. The mirror won’t be enough because you need to raise your standards.


Needless to say, you’re always the one to get hurt. Whether it be a romantic relationship or just a friendship that went wrong, you’re always pulling the short stick.

Have you ever wondered why this always happens to you? I’m afraid it has to do with your sensitivity and unyielding love for others.

You tend to give your all to others but in the journey, you often end up losing yourself. Try to redirect some of that love towards yourself and see how it goes from there.


DONE! The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This sign doesn’t lack self-love but it can find itself stuck in a similar situation to Cancer. The adoration you have for everyone else and closeness with people can undermine your worth.

How is this even possible? Well, people are accustomed to receiving affection from a Leo, so they expect more every time.

You feel like you’re not allowed to object to this because they will stop liking you. It’s one of your worst fears, so you’ll grant them the power to talk all over you, for instance.

They think of you as a habit and an inexhaustible source of devotion. Once this proves to be wrong, they start walking all over you. Raise your standards and stop this behavior once and for all!


Your perfectionism will get the best of you, eventually. You’ll constantly try to seek new approaches to doing things in a better way.

This can wear a person out and you’ll definitely feel the consequences. Sooner or later, attempting to become a better version of yourself can seriously affect your quality of life.

It doesn’t only impact you, but the people surrounding you as well. As time progresses, you’ll understand what a bad influence your persistent self-questioning has on those around you.


DONE! The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your passiveness can cost you in life. This will create room for others to do as they please, which can basically make you a prisoner.

Libras don’t like having bad blood with anyone, so it’s unlikely you’ll take immediate action. However, it might be too late once you realize you have the wrong people pulling the strings in your life.

Do what’s best for yourself and for once, put yourself first.


You’re never ready to receive love from someone, but you need companionship. This can often trap you in toxic relationships.

You might not seem phased by it in the beginning because you don’t trust someone easily. But once you finally open up, you’ll see that it’s not what it seemed to be.

These situations often deteriorate your view on relationships and foreigners. All of this calls for immediate action – building up your walls all over again.

Stop living your life with prejudices and loosen up. Your energy will attract particular people in your life, so make sure it’s positive.


DONE! The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You feel like there’s something dragging you down and you’re not living to your full potential. All of the obstacles seem to constantly get in your way and you’re trying not to let that bother you.

If you’re a Sagittarius and find yourself in this situation, admit to yourself that you have a problem and start from there. You might feel like giving up, but we know it’s not the right thing to do.

If you want to make things work, you have to try harder. Never stop believing in yourself and your final goal.


It goes without saying that this zodiac sign is a workaholic. Your primary focus is on your accomplishments and that easily ends up occupying your every thought.

Everyone else sees you as a hard-working and successful person but you. Cut yourself some slack because you’re doing the best you can.

Make way for the progress that starts from the inside, and try to stifle the outside world for a bit. Your self-discipline might be your worst enemy.


DONE! The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This sign usually reaches for the sky and doesn’t let anything stand between them and their goals. However, the only thing that can burst your bubble is your insecurities.

It seems unnatural that everything’s going according to plan without any disturbances, so you start to question it. Even though other people don’t see it, you’re secretly doubting yourself and your accomplishments.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re allowed to enjoy your achievements without all of the what-ifs. A lot of people would kill to be like you!


Your selfless nature is continually putting your own self at risk. You tend to put others first and forget about your top priority – you!

There are many ways that you can improve on this point of view, but you need to start from the root problem.

You can easily avoid being stuck in bad situations where you don’t get the love you deserve. Make space for loving yourself. You’ll be thankful you did.

The Standards You Need To Raise, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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