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The Right Relationship Won’t Be Fragile

The Right Relationship Won’t Be Fragile

It’s been a year since we broke up and during that year, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that the right relationship won’t be fragile.

At first, I felt devastated. Why do the things I want the most always end up badly?

And I wanted you more than anything. I saw everything in you – my best friend, my partner, and my happiness.

Later on, you would prove to me that you were none of those, but that’s a story in itself.

After our relationship ended, I started to think about the reasons why things went wrong.

I started to disassemble it into the pieces that made it that fragile.

DONE! The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

Yes, our relationship was fragile that whole time, but it only took us the first bump in the road to prove it.

We were over after the first fight. Maybe that’s what shocked me so much.

I never expected it to fall apart, as we never fought.

We were one of those couples who showered others with the words, “Oh, we never fight. We’re that happy.”

Now, I realize that ‘no fighting’ doesn’t mean happiness. It means avoiding the issues and sweeping things under the rug.

At some point, you trip on that same rug, and all those problems spread around you.

Instead of dealing with them one at a time, we had many to solve and we had no idea how.

The right relationship won’t be fragile but ours was.

DONE! The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

Our relationship was fragile and our communication proved that. Actually, the lack of communication did.

I guess that we had no idea how to express ourselves, so most of the time we kept quiet. You dealt with your problems and I dealt with mine.

We never knew how to ask for help. It’s like we fought to show each other that we were strong and that we could each deal with things on our own.

I now realize that this doesn’t mean that you’re strong. It means that you’re weak and afraid of what the other person will say.

It means that you never knew how to express yourself in front of me and I never knew how to do it in front of you.

Do you see it now? It’s like our relationship was a package on which was stamped ‘fragile’.

Everyone saw that except us, as we were stuck inside that box.

We confused love with other feelings.

DONE! The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

You wanted a companion so that you wouldn’t be alone and I wanted to have someone who would be there for me.

We found each other and we called it love. If we had called it any other name, maybe it would have worked better.

But love and us – those things could never work. It was destined to fail from the very beginning.

It’s like I’ve just opened my eyes and I’ve started to see things clearly.

Before that, I was pretending that I knew what was going on, when in reality, I had no idea.

I was pretending that we weren’t fragile and that we could work, but both of us knew that the chance of that was slim.

Now that I know all of this, I want to point out that the right relationship won’t be fragile.

When you find the right one, you shouldn’t go through any of the things I went through in my fragile relationship.

Instead, you’ll focus on the two of you and you’ll fight for your relationship.

All of the obstacles will seem irrelevant as your communication will be at a high level.

You’ll be free to express all of the issues and concerns, as you know that together, you can solve everything.

DONE! The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

There will be no hiding from each other, as your partner will be your biggest support. Together, you could conquer the world.

The right relationship won’t be fragile, as the two of you will appreciate what you have.

You’ll know how hard it is to find someone worth the fight in today’s modern world.

Relationships have just become a way of saving us from loneliness.

But when you find yourself in the right relationship, you’ll have everything you ever wanted.

You’ll have it all and you’ll be thankful for it. You’ll wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with one thought on your mind – God, thank you for everything you have given me. I deeply appreciate it.

And you’ll truly mean that. What you’ll have will be special and it’ll make you feel ecstatic.

The right relationship won’t be fragile, as you won’t be afraid of everything it can bring.

DONE! The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

Today, we’re afraid of commitment. We’re afraid of love, as we know that it can hurt us. We’re afraid of a broken heart, as it seems impossible to heal one.

But when you find yourself in the right relationship, all those fears will be gone.

You’ll feel safe and secure and you’ll knock down all those walls you’ve been building for years.

You’ll set yourself free and enjoy everything the right relationship has to offer you.

It’ll feel like you had trouble seeing things clearly and then you put on your glasses and everything looked perfectly clear.

The right relationship won’t be fragile, as you’ll be prepared for everything it can bring.

You’ll be ready to love unconditionally and to compromise for the sake of your partner’s happiness.

You’ll let things take their natural course and you won’t push anything. Everything will be easy and it’ll just feel right.

You’ll feel all those emotions you’ve never felt and these feelings will be alien.

DONE! The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

No matter what it takes, you’ll always work on the relationship for each other and you’ll never stop showing love.

Even when you are gray and wrinkled.

Real love isn’t measured by years, it doesn’t fade with time. Instead, it can only grow stronger and make you feel inseparable from each other.

It’ll create amazing memories on which you’ll reflect and you won’t feel regret even for a second.

The right relationship won’t ever be fragile. It can only be strong and full of love.

It can feel the same way it feels when the sun is warming up your whole body while you’re sitting in your garden and enjoying a warm spring day.

The right relationship is always worth the time and energy, as it brings you everything you’ve ever wanted.

It brings you peace, freedom, and happiness – and it’s never fragile or temporary!

The Right Relationship Won't Be Fragile

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