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The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Give You Anything In Return

We can all agree that nothing hurts more than the pain of loving someone who doesn’t give you anything in return.

You invest your time, love, and energy in them and you’re left with nothing.

Not even a single try to give you a crumb of love. Something that could temporarily make you happy.

You get nothing, and you feel like your whole world is falling apart.

Instead of the safe feeling of love, you end up with emptiness in your heart. You try to fill it in by loving this person even harder, but you see no change.

You’re aware that they don’t feel love for you the same way you feel it for them. And that realization hurts.

You try not to think of them, you try to get them out of your head, but it seems pointless.

DONE! The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return

The image of the man you love but who gives you nothing in return is stuck in your head.

You have all of these scenarios of what could’ve happened between the two of you, but it’s all in vain.

Deep down, you know that none of that will ever happen, but you simply can’t let go of him.

How can you let go of someone who never even gave you a chance? You love this person and they don’t want to have anything to do with you.

You keep doing things for him because you think that you can make him change his mind. But deep down, you know that it’s useless.

He knows what he wants, and it simply isn’t you.

And when that thought finds its way to your mind, you literally feel pain in your heart and your chest.

It hurts you to see that someone for whom you would move mountains pays no attention to you.

He doesn’t notice you when you walk into the room. He doesn’t see the way you smile when you see his face.

DONE! The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return

Instead, he simply walks by, crushing your heart harder every time it happens.

You would do anything for him but you would still get nothing in return.

It feels like going to the edge of a cliff and throwing over everything valuable that you possess.

You know that it makes no sense, but you keep doing it.

That’s how your love feels. You keep giving away parts of yourself to someone who sees no worth in them. It’s useless, but you can’t stop.

Loving someone who doesn’t give you anything in return destroys you into pieces. It makes you weak and unable to get out of bed.

You curse your feelings for bringing you here – to a place out of which there’s no way out.

You blame yourself for falling hard for a man who would never fall for you.

DONE! The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return

Even if you bent over backward for him your whole life, it would make no difference to him.

He has no feelings for you while your emotions are raging. They become stronger every day and you have no idea how to let go of them.

The worst part is that you know that he would never be able to give you love.

You know that there won’t come a day when he’ll wake up with the realization that you’re a woman he should give a chance to.

You know that he could never fall in love with you.

He won’t be the one who will put a ring on your finger and he won’t be the one whose last name you will take.

Those are only dreams, and they exist only in your head.

While you spend hours thinking about your fantasies before going to bed, he falls asleep immediately.

He doesn’t wonder whether one person in particular could change her mind about him the way you wonder whether he could ever do that for you.
DONE! The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return
He has no pain when falling asleep because someone he loves doesn’t love him back.

Those worries belong to you and they will keep haunting you until you decide it’s time to stop.

I know that you love him, even though he gives you nothing in return, but is it the way you want to live your life forever?

Do you want to wake up in pain just because some man has no feelings for you?

Do you know how many of them are out there in the world, looking for someone like you?

Someone who would love them the way you love this one – someone who gives you nothing in return?

They’re looking for someone who would appreciate them the way only you know.

And still, you decided that it was the right thing to fight for someone who would never care for you the way you do for him.

DONE! The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return

Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t make yourself feel constant pain when you can easily escape it.

You’re wasting your time with a guy who doesn’t give you anything in return, instead of spending that time loving yourself.

Maybe you already met the one who’s meant to be yours, but you can’t notice him because you’re preoccupied chasing someone who’s not good for you.

And I’m sure that you don’t want to waste your life fighting for a hopeless love, a half-love, a love that would never make you feel happy.

Why? Because in a relationship like that, you’ll always be the only one who loves.

Even if you convince him to give you a chance, his feelings will be nothing compared to yours.

And guess what? You’ll be in pain again.

DONE! The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return

The pain of loving someone who doesn’t care about you and who keeps you as an option. Trust me, you don’t want that.

So, let’s replace the pain of sleepless nights with sweet dreams after falling asleep immediately when you go to bed.

Let’s replace the agony of chasing after someone who gives you nothing in return with the taste of victory after letting go of the one who could never love you.

You deserve so much more than a life spent in pain. Let yourself get there.

Replace the man who makes you cry out of pain with a man who makes you cry with laughter.

Trust me, it’s possible. You just need to let yourself escape this pain and this almost relationship.

Until you do that, you’ll never know what true happiness feels like!

The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn't Give You Anything In Return

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