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The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

Do you consider yourself to be the type to always be there when someone needs her? Can you say that you’re a reliable person others can always count on?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then this article is for you.

People are naturally drawn to you probably because your comfort feels so good to them. They want you to be their friend because they know you’d never judge them.

You’re always there whenever they need a piece of advice or help with something since you feel obligated to do so. But there’s also the other side of prioritizing everyone else over yourself that not too many people talk about.

You forgive easily and don’t hold any grudge since you always try to understand where others come from.

DONE! The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

You can’t stay angry at someone for too long because you know that does more harm than good to you and to others.

And no matter how much someone has hurt you, and no matter how long you feel that hurt in yourself, your soft heart forgives fairly easily and you simply move on with your life as if nothing bad ever happened.

Whenever you argue with someone, you tend to put yourself in their shoes and try to see things from their perspective because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t. That’s why you end up forgiving them.

But in the process, you often forget about yourself because of others.

The thing is, we all need some time for ourselves to recharge our emotional and spiritual batteries in order to keep moving forward. And who knows, maybe you decided to do that and only focus on yourself, but it lasted only until someone came up to you and asked you for help.

When that happens, you immediately forget all that you have going on, and prioritize their needs over yours. That’s why you never have time for yourself.

You’re also the type of person who forgives way too much.

DONE! The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

Even if someone has shown you through their actions that no matter what they do, you shouldn’t trust them, you still keep trusting them, hoping that this time you won’t get burned.

You truly believe that everyone can be good, even when their actions prove otherwise.

You know that others may use that to their advantage, but you really couldn’t care less because your need to help others is bigger than the pain they can inflict on you.

Also, you never get to treat people the way they treat you.

Yes, you have your own set of rules and you respect yourself enough, but you can’t bring yourself to dish out the same treatment as what you get just to teach them a lesson. You’re just not that kind of person.

Your intentions are always pure. You don’t have a mean bone in your body.

Truthfully, some people are cruel and they’ll misuse your kindness whenever they can, but you don’t retaliate the same way. You restrain yourself from repaying meanness with meanness.

Unfortunately, people are used to your compassion and generosity.

DONE! The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

Whenever someone needs you, you’re there for them. After a while, people get used to that – to your affection and attention – as they’ve never felt your absence.

And it’s never a big surprise when you do them a favor because that’s usually what they’re expecting from you anyway. Your good deeds go unnoticed because people have grown accustomed to being able to count on you.

The sad part is that others are unable to sympathize with you and know how you truly feel.

The other side of prioritizing everyone else over yourself is that there often isn’t anyone who can take care of you.

Yes, you have a kind heart and you’ll always be there whenever someone needs you, but you’re a human being too. You also have moments when you don’t feel good about yourself. But that’s something that no one notices.

So, you don’t let others know how you feel. You build walls around yourself and don’t let anyone break through them.

And you just decide to take care of yourself alone because that’s what you’re used to doing whenever you go through a rough patch.

You find it difficult to refuse others and tell them “no.”

DONE! The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

Since others are used to receive help from you, they’re rather surprised and shocked to see that you’re trying to refuse them when you have too much on your plate.

Inevitably, though, even if your wish is to put your needs above theirs, you fail in your mission because your guilty conscience bullies you. You know that you wouldn’t be able to sleep with that thought in your mind and you’d feel awful about yourself.

So, instead of putting yourself first, you end up doing things for other people who don’t deserve your attention or time at all.

Because of that, you’re never treated the way you deserve to be treated.

The other side of prioritizing everyone else over yourself is that you never experience how it feels to rely on someone besides yourself. Others never behave toward you the way they should since they take your kindness for granted.

Let me tell you something: You deserve much more than that. You deserve the world.

Don’t lose your faith in people. Because there’s someone out there who is just as kind and warm as you are.

You just have to be patient and wait for him to come into your life.

The Other Side Of Prioritizing Everyone Else Over Yourself

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