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The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

A manipulative narcissist has many tricks up his sleeve which he uses to lower your self-esteem and destroy your dignity.

Being in a relationship with a man like that is very painful and exhausting. Even if you gather all your strength and manage to escape him, you’ll have a tough time moving on. His lies and deception will force you to question everyone’s words and you’ll definitely have trust issues.

Only once you realize that nothing was your fault and that he made you believe in things that weren’t true will you be able to turn over a new page in your life and start anew.

It can be addictive if you’re in a relationship with a manipulative narcissist. His bad attitude and mistreatment become a part of your life. You get so used to his mind games to the point where you can’t function properly if he behaves any differently than you’re accustomed to.

That’s the reason why you stay with him in the first place. You become obsessed with him. But a woman can only take so much emotional abuse before she eventually puts a stop to this behavior.

Leaving a man like that is just the beginning, as then comes the hard part. You’re faced with the challenge of finding your self-worth again and forgiving yourself for believing that a manipulative narcissist could ever love you.

The truth is, he’ll try to get you back. After all, he can’t live without his victim. He needs someone who’ll give him his fix and boost his ego when he feels vulnerable and scared.

So, here’s what you can expect when you finally reject a manipulative narcissist:

1. He’ll try to guilt-trip you to get you back

DONE! The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

Getting rid of a toxic person is a difficult task in itself since they’ll do anything to keep you by their side. And one way to achieve that is through guilt-tripping you.

He may remind you of how wonderful of a boyfriend he was to you and how he gave you his full attention but unfortunately, his every action had a hidden motive.

Every time he said something nice to you or bought you a present, he wanted something in return. It’s not that he didn’t mean to say those things to you or buy those gifts but he expected you to reciprocate.

And now that you’re no longer together, he’ll try to shove these things right in your face. He’ll want you to remember the good times you had so you’ll give him another chance to prove himself to you.

Sometimes it may seem to you that he can’t live without you but you shouldn’t believe in his lies. If you fall into his trap and accept him back again, he’ll take you for granted and manipulate you the same way he did the first time.

2. He’ll blame you for everything

DONE! The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

There’s a possibility that he tricked you into believing that he’s a good guy and that you’re truly blessed to have him in your life.

Maybe he said that he was happy to score someone as good as you but all those words were lies coming out of his mouth. As soon as he saw that he had you in the palm of his hand, he showed you his real face and your relationship started to deteriorate.

One thing you need to remember about a manipulative narcissist is that he’ll actually believe that he’s perfect and you’re not. That’s why your ex may try to weasel his way out of saying that he’s sorry by putting all the blame on you.

He’ll even create scenarios that never actually happened and play the victim card whenever he gets the chance. He’ll make up stupid excuses as to why your relationship didn’t work out and he’ll say that it’s all your fault.

This will hurt you a lot because your feelings for him were genuine. However, you need to realize that everything he does or says is part of his act to lure you back into his trap. He wants to make sure you believe that he did nothing wrong.

3. He’ll make you look bad

DONE! The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

It’s really difficult to escape a manipulative narcissist, as they’ll try to make you look bad. Since you two broke up and you’re no longer in a relationship anymore, he wants to make sure everyone knows that. He’ll force people to pick sides even if they’re your friends and not his.

He’ll say awful things about you on social media and will gossip about you whenever he gets an opportunity. He may try to turn the tables so it seems like you did all the things he actually did to you. He wants others to see that he’s the victim here, to gain as much sympathy as possible and make you look bad.

His goal is to make you feel as if everyone abandoned you and then he’ll use that chance to swoop in and pretend like he’s some sort of hero who saved you from being completely alone.

4. He’ll stalk you

DONE! The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

It’s difficult for a manipulative narcissist to accept the fact that someone doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him. While a normal person would understand this and eventually move on, a manipulative narcissist interprets that as you defeating him, which is outrageous by his standards.

In his own eyes, he’s the perfect package. He simply doesn’t understand why you were afraid for your safety in the first place and it’s also unacceptable for him to be left by someone.

He sees your relationship as a competition and now he thinks that you’ve won. Since he can’t allow that to happen, he may stalk you for months or maybe even years after you leave him.

There’s a possibility that he’ll even go to your home or use someone close to you to try to manipulate you into going back to him. Also, he’ll flood your phone with text messages and calls, and every time you post something new on social media, he’ll be the first one to comment on it unless you block him.

As you’ll see, he’s capable of going to extreme lengths just to prove his point.

The Consequences Of Rejecting A Manipulative Narcissist

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