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The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

I had so many bad experiences with all the wrong relationships and all the wrong guys. It made me tired and drained all of my energy.

I dated the wrong men who hurt and betrayed me. After such painful heartbreaks, I don’t know how I survived and healed the wounds they left me with.

I felt like I was dead inside, and I had no more love to give. It was like I was totally empty inside, and I kept living only because I had to.

Before all that, I honestly believed that there was a special someone for everyone.

I believed in soulmates, but after so many heartbreaks, I felt like I’d never find mine.

It even made me think that I did not have a soulmate and that I was doomed to spend my life alone.

I thought I made the right decision when I gave up on love.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

Finding the right man seemed impossible, and I stopped fighting for true love.

It was actually a big mistake, and now I know what I did wrong. I tried hard to find the right man, and I shouldn’t have.

Also, I tried forcing people to love me and fought to deserve their love, which was also something I shouldn’t have done.

You can’t really find love by searching for it. It finds you when the time is right, and when you’re ready to embrace it and let it into your life.

True love happens when you least expect it.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

Both your heart and mind let you know that you have found the one. You don’t need to beg for love and affection when someone truly loves you.

Constantly having to prove your worth to someone who clearly doesn’t love you the same is a waste of your time.

I wasted a lot of my time on those who didn’t deserve a second of it.

Should I feel sorry for wasting so much time and making so many mistakes? Maybe, but I don’t.

They are a part of my life, and therefore a part of me. I learned something from them, and, in the end, I became stronger.

It also made me wiser.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

I learned that I shouldn’t love anyone more than I love myself. I shouldn’t give everything to those who won’t give me anything in return.

It was a hard way to learn those lessons, but going through so much helped me change my life for the better.

Everything I’ve been through made me who I am now. I am wiser, stronger, and happier, and above all else, I am loved more than I’ve ever been.

When everything seemed hopeless, and I wanted to give up on finding true love, true love found me.

He walked into my life unexpectedly, and it felt like everything that happened before that moment was worth it.

Once I stopped searching for the one, he found me.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

I knew that he was never going to leave. At the time, I didn’t believe that it would ever happen, and I found ways to deal with that.

Then it happened. And it was like nothing I could have imagined.

He wasn’t the type of man I was used to, and I had never met someone so kind and full of understanding.

The truth is, he wasn’t who I expected to find, but he fulfilled all the expectations I had.

He saw all my flaws and still thought that I was perfect just the way I was.

That person was the first man I was able to be myself with. I showed him the best version of me, but he has seen the worst one as well.

Surprisingly, he loved both of those versions just the same.

He never made me prove anything to him, and he completely trusted me from the moment we fell in love.

It made me believe in destiny again.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

It made me believe that there’s the right person for everyone.

There’s also the right time when you are meant to meet them and realize that the love you have will last forever.

We can make all the plans we want, but in the end, the only plan that is sure to work out is the one the universe has for you.

What’s meant to be yours will always come to you, and I was grateful that the time had come for me to meet the right man.

The right person has to come at the right time, otherwise, it won’t last forever like it’s supposed to.

You can’t know when true love will happen to you.

Almost always, it comes when you least expect it. When you’ve already given up all hope of finding the one, the one will walk into your life.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

Everything I’d been through led me to the moment when I looked into his eyes and recognized his soul.

Somehow, I knew we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives. It was in the way he loved me as well as in the way I loved him.

This love wasn’t like the ones I had experienced before, and it was the only one that felt right.

I used to think that love had to hurt, but true love never causes pain.

True love doesn’t make you change and doesn’t make you cry. It accepts you for who you are and makes you smile.

The funny thing is, once you meet the right man, your whole life changes.

Everything suddenly falls into place, and it feels like you were born again to experience the beauty you were too blind to see before.

True love opens your eyes and brings your soul back from the dead.

When he walked into my life, I knew that he had come to stay.

DONE! The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

There were no games, no pretending, and no lies. Just genuine love and care.

That is what true love is all about, and it will come when you least expect it.

When it’s meant to last forever, it has to come when you are ready for a lifetime with the right person.

The Best Kind Of Love Is When You Unexpectedly Fall In Love

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