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100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond “Hey”

100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond “Hey”

So, you met this awesome man in the bar and you exchanged numbers. But the problem is when you’re faced with a blinking notification light, it can be difficult to know what to say to him. That’s why when you’re texting, knowing a couple of amazing text conversation starters with a guy can really improve your chances of landing him.

Let’s be honest, texting has become part of our daily lives. We send and receive dozens of messages throughout the day and in most cases, we don’t even take the time to think our replies through before we hit send.

But it’s hard knowing what to text if you don’t really know the person all that well. Your mind goes wild thinking about what to talk about and how to continue the conversation without looking clingy or needy.

Saying just “Hey” isn’t the right move because you won’t go anywhere with it. The guy will think of you as being basic and uninteresting, and he’ll quickly move on.

And the answer to your problem when texting with a guy is to use a couple of great text conversation starters.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a confident or socially awkward person, you’re sure to benefit from having something in your pocket already because it takes some of the pressure off you.

Text conversation starters can help you avoid sitting there and taking forever to come up with something that won’t scare him off. And when he finally replies to you, you’ll be much calmer as a result.

Why is texting so hard for some people?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

While some have problems initiating a face-to-face conversation, others have difficulties when it comes to texting. You’d think that talkative personas can easily carry text conversations, but that’s not always the case.

The reason for that is because their ability to talk to someone comes from the attitude and energy of the other person. When you’re sending a message, though, you never know what you’re going to receive in return. Basically, you’re going in blind and hoping that the other person will receive your message as it’s intended.

You don’t have any body language to read or facial expressions to work with. The chances that your messages could be misinterpreted are high, so that’s why some people find it hard to text.

On the other hand, some are simply shy and don’t know what to talk about. They usually stress themselves out and eventually don’t text the other person at all.

The good news is that when you have a few text conversations starters on hand already, messaging with a guy becomes ten times easier.

20 text conversations starters with a guy

Thankfully, the internet is full of great text conversation starters to choose from. While some of these you can copy and paste, others are just guidelines you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

Either way, they will increase your chances of landing the guy you’ve met recently and it will take some of the pressure off when you see your phone light blinking.

1. What’s your favorite place to get takeout or delivery from?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

Perhaps your guy is new in town and could use some help from you to know where the best takeout joint is. And if you know a place and you like it, then you can talk about how good it actually is.

And if you don’t know such a place, then don’t worry about it. Just give it a shot and you’ll definitely have something to talk about next time you text him.

2. What’s the silliest picture that you have on your phone?

This is a great way to start a conversation with a guy over text and to find out more about his funny side. You can also take a leap of faith and send him one of yours too, just for fun.

You never know, he might even be courageous enough and send it to you even though you only met each other a couple of days ago.

3. What would you buy right now if you had all the money in the world?

This is another great conversation starter, especially if his birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get him. Perhaps he sends you a link to the product so you can check it out. And now you’ve got something to talk about that he’s really into.

4. What’s your best selfie?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

This is his time to show off a bit to you. The truth is, each of us has some pictures we’ve taken that we know we look good in. Don’t forget to compliment him now that you’ve given him an opportunity to show how handsome he actually is.

5. I can’t think of anything to have for dinner. Any suggestions?

A message few men expect to get from a woman, but it’s a genius idea when it comes to text conversations starters because it might lead to one of you asking the other to join for dinner. You can grab dinner at a local restaurant, or let him come over to your place with takeout or for a home-cooked meal.

You never know what might happen. It may be the start of something beautiful.

6. Talk about something major going around you

You can decide to talk about something big going on in world news or something more specific to where you live. It doesn’t matter, as long as you can find a common ground on the topic. Your conversation will go smoothly and you’ll be able to talk for hours with him. Everyone has an opinion about what’s going on, so let him share his.

7. Have you ever thought about skydiving?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

This is an excellent conversation starter because he doesn’t know the context of it. It could be that you’re thinking about doing it and you want to invite him. Or perhaps you saw someone else do it. Whatever the case may be, you can talk about how it went if he did and if he wants to if he’s never been.

8. What’s the worst text you accidentally sent to someone?

A great way to form a bond with someone you just met is to share embarrassing stories about each other. It’s sure to break the ice and bring you both a little closer. It’s a great way to show you’re empathetic and that you know how to have fun.

9. What’s your “go-to” joke?

You don’t want him to think of you as being serious all the time, right? You’re looking for someone who knows how to take a load off and so does he. The best way to show him your humorous side is to tell him your “go-to” joke, a joke you know by heart. Essentially, you can go for hours telling each other your favorite epic and cheesy jokes.

10. What’s your favorite song from a movie?

If you’re wondering what his music taste is, then you should use this text conversation starter to find out. It can help you see how well it matches up with your own. Also, most of us are passionate when it comes to the music we love and chances are, once he starts talking about it, he won’t stop for hours.

11. What do you think are some unwritten rules everyone should know?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

This is a question that requires you to be a bit more creative than usual. You don’t have to specifically talk about relationship rules, you can also talk about some unwritten rules between friends or with society at large.

It’s a great way to find out his views on a certain matter and it can help you figure out whether or not you see eye to eye on specific things.

12. What’s the best “hidden gem” you’ve found in your life?

Everyone likes to share some cool stuff they found – whether that be online or something they bought, it really doesn’t matter. When you’re trying to hit it off with a guy, you have to have a couple of these text conversation starters so he doesn’t think of you as boring.

13. What’s the silliest thing you’re passionate about?

Even though we don’t like to admit it, we all have certain passions that are less than productive, but they help us keep our sanity in check. This is a great way to get to know him better and to see what interests him. He may just open up to you and tell you something not everyone knows about him.

14. What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

This is a great conversation starter to find out whether or not your guy is the sentimental type. He may well be – that he keeps a childhood memento in his pocket wherever he goes. Or perhaps he’s more pragmatic and prefers having only his wallet and phone in his pocket.

Either way, this text conversation starter can give you a glimpse into what he considers really important.

15. What are your plans for the weekend?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

The fact that you’re asking him whether or not he’s got something to do for the weekend shows that you’re not only interested in him but going to suggest something you two could do together.

Don’t worry, it isn’t a closed question, which means that he has to give you an elaborate answer to it.

16. What do you do to de-stress?

This is a great text conversations starter when you’re messaging with a guy where there’s potential for it to grow into a long chat. Even though you’re somewhat fishing for sympathy here because you’re indirectly implying to him that he should ask you why you’re stressed, but you might also end up getting some great tips and a conversation out of it.

17. I saw your Insta post, tell me more!

If you want to use this one, you’ll obviously need to have seen something that they posted which was quite interesting or controversial to you. Instead of commenting on the post and letting everyone know you’re interested in what’s going on, texting about it means that you’ll get an in-depth conversation out of it.

18. What emoji would you choose for your day so far?

This one is fun to text because you’ll get to know how his day has been so far. If he texts you back a happy face, then you can ask him why his day is going well. This one has the potential to develop into an ongoing and meaningful conversation.

Oh, and don’t forget to send him your emoji as well!

19. Let’s play the story game. Here, I’ll start…

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

For those who are unfamiliar with the story game, basically, one person starts telling the beginning of a story and the other person takes over. Then they go back and forth until the story is finished.

This is a great way to get to know him better and spend a good amount of your day texting each other.

20. I’m craving ice cream! What’s your favorite?

It’s cute and quirky, and it suggests that the two of you go out and meet each other, so it covers all the basics. You get to have your favorite ice cream while talking to the person you’re into. What else could you ask for!

Fun conversation starters when texting with a guy

You don’t have to be a relationship expert to know that a great way to make a good impression and win him over is by being lighthearted and having a great sense of humor. And these fun text conversation starters will definitely make his day and initiate long chats between you two.

1. What mythical creature do you wish exists and which one do you relate to the most?

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

2. What do you think the color purple would smell like?

3. Of all the planets in our solar system, which planet should humans populate?

4. If you could choose to turn into an animal at night, which one would you be?

5. What do you think is the funniest word in the English language?

6. What’s the cringiest joke you’ve heard?

7. What celeb should play you in a movie about your life?

8. What odd talent do you have and can you show me?

9. Which wild animal do you think you could outrun?

10. What weird conspiracy theory do you believe in?

11. Do you like pineapple on pizza?

12. What is the weirdest thing you did as a kid?

13. What’s the worst trend you’ve taken part in?

14. What’s the worst clothing item you’ve ever worn in public?

15. Have you ever jumped into a fountain?

16. What is the most ridiculous Halloween costume you ever wore?

17. What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while you were in school?

18. What trashy TV show do you like to watch?

19. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

20. What genetic modification would you most like to have?

“Getting to know him better” text conversation starters

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

1. What would be your dream job?

2. What’s your favorite restaurant?

3. How many siblings do you have?

4. Who is your favorite actor/singer/author?

5. What was the last show you binge-watched?

6. Say money wasn’t a problem, where would you want to go?

7. What are some of the accomplishments that you’re really proud of?

8. What does your perfect morning look like?

9. Are you an early bird or night owl?

10. What app do you use the most on your phone?

11. What is the strangest place you’ve ever visited?

12. If you could choose a nickname for yourself, which one would you want people to call you?

13. What’s the most recent thing you’ve done for yourself?

14. How and when did you meet your best friend?

15. If you could live to be hundred years old, would you rather keep your body or your mind?

16. Where would you go if you could move to anywhere in the world and still find a job there?

17. If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you change about your life?

18. If you could go back anywhere in time, to when would you want to go back and why?

19. What places have you visited in your life that exceeded your expectations?

20. Tell me your most controversial opinion?

21. How would you describe yourself in only four words?

22. Who is the most influential person in your life?

23. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

24. Tell me more about the last book you read…

25. Tell me your biggest pet peeve.

Deep conversation starters when texting with a guy

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

1. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What does it mean to you to be spiritual?

2. What was the toughest part of your life and how did you manage to get through it?

3. Do you believe that a positive mindset can make any situation better?

4. If you could go back in time and change one thing about your childhood, what would it be and why?

5. How would your friends and family describe you?

6. If you had to die tomorrow, how would you be remembered?

7. If you could choose to relive one day of your life again, which day would you choose?

8. What do you think happiness means?

9. What is the most significant thing you learned from your parents?

10. Who comes to mind first when you think of successful people?

11. If you could change two things about your life right now, what would they be?

12. What’s the one thing you would like to change about our society?

13. Do you believe in karma and have you ever experienced it?

14. Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?

15. Do you believe in the afterlife?

16. What are the things you can’t live without?

17. Do you believe in love at first sight?

18. What do you think are the secret ingredients to a happy life?

19. What are you most afraid of losing?

20. Do you love planning for the future or are you a live-in-the-moment type of person?

Tinder conversation starters when texting with a guy

DONE! 100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond Hey

1. You just won a million dollars! What’s the first thing you buy for yourself and your family?

2. If you could sit and have a drink with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

3. What’s something popular now that really gets on your nerves?

4. The food pics you posted a couple of days ago look amazing. What else is your guilty pleasure?

5. What is something you get every time you go grocery shopping?

6. What’s the biggest realization that you had about yourself?

7. What would the perfect night out look like in your opinion?

8. What are you overly competitive about?

9. What are your top three bucket list items?

10. Love your hiking outfit. What’s your next hiking destination?

11. Great photography skills. Are you a professional photographer?

12. Would you rather be a scientist on Mars or a professional player who earns millions a year?

13. What three things would you say you’re scared of most right now?

14. If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be?

15. On a scale of 1 to what-the-hell, how would you rate your teenage “awkward phase”?

16. What makes you feel most alive?

17. What’s the last movie you’ve seen and would you give it a thumbs up or down?

18. If you had a dollar every time someone got something wrong about you, what would be responsible for making you rich?

19. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

20. What do you think would be the most annoying animal if they could talk?

100+ Text Conversation Starters With A Guy That Go Beyond "Hey"

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