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Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

You probably heard that taller guys are more attractive to women than the ones that are a bit shorter. But is it a myth or a fact? Does it depend on a person or is it the same for every single girl out there? If it’s true, what’s the reason behind it?

If you’re interested in finding out the answers to these questions, I suggest you stay here and continue reading this article. You will find many interesting and surprising facts about women’s minds. And there is also a special part dedicated to empowering shorter men.

Are you ready to learn something new? If you are, scroll down.

Is it true that women prefer taller guys?

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

The answer to this is both, yes and no. How is that possible? It’s because all of us have different tastes and different opinions. We are unique which means that we aren’t attracted to the same things.

Sometimes girls who are shorter prefer the guys who aren’t that tall either, so there’s no huge difference between them. However, sometimes they want the taller ones because they’ll feel protected.

On the other hand, girls who are above the average height of women, usually tend to look for guys who won’t be shorter than them.

Even though there are many girls who don’t care about height at all, most of them actually prefer taller guys. For some of them, it’s a necessity, while for the rest it’s just a bonus they’d like to have.

All of the reasons why women prefer taller guys

Now that I’ve told you that most girls actually prefer taller guys, it’s only fair of me to present some of the reasons why. I hope that they will help you understand the way women look at it. Here they are:

1) They make her feel safe

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Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth? 12

Taller guys usually make women feel safe around them. Women perceive them as their protectors who are there to keep all the dangers of the world away from them. There is no scientific proof to back this up, but many women stated this as the main reason behind preferring taller guys.

They believe that they have the ability to fight off everyone who will try to do them wrong. And whatever happens in life, they will feel well protected and loved by their tall partner. A woman will feel at peace when in his arms and the scariest things in the world wouldn’t even matter to her anymore.

This happens to be one of the best feelings ever. So it should come as no surprise that women seek a guy who’ll make them feel that way.

2) She feels more feminine

When a woman is dating a taller guy, being with him makes her feel more feminine. How is that possible?

It’s because she looks much more sensitive and cute when she’s next to him. It’s not that people don’t consider her as a smart and strong woman too, but this feminine side will be easily noticed.

Cute hugs from behind and little kisses on the head will melt the heart of every girl. And who can do these things better than a guy who’s taller than her? This guy makes all of the girl’s childhood wishes come true; being a beautiful princess who’ll find a prince on a white horse.

When she feels feminine, she also looks at herself as the princess she always dreamt about. And her tall guy gets the chance of being her prince.

3) Taller guys seem more confident and stronger

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

Have you ever heard people saying things like “Confidence is the key.” or “People with high levels of self-esteem are more attractive than those with low ones”? I guess you did because I believe most of us heard it at least once during our lifetime.

But is it true? It seems like it is. Taller guys are usually the ones who are more confident. It’s because they’ve been complimented on their height many times in their lives. And compliments like those make them feel good in their own skin.

This high level of confidence attracts women who love to see that a guy takes good care of himself. It’s as simple as that.

4) Nature plays a big role

Did you know that men are more attracted to women with bigger hips and younger looks? It’s because it could mean that the woman will be able to carry on pregnancy without any difficulties. And when it comes to looks, it means that their daughters will also be beautiful.

We don’t do these things intentionally, it’s just how our brains perceive things.

Evolution has a big role when it comes to this topic. Have you already heard that women in ancient times, typically chose men who seemed stronger, more powerful, capable, and independent?

That’s because they believed it will give them an advantage in terms of survival. And they also believed it would be good for their future kids to inherit those traits too.

What do you think about this? Try to recall whether you’ve ever thought anything like this before, maybe you’ll be surprised to find that you actually did.

5) Women love hearing a guy’s heartbeat

DONE Why Do Women Like Taller Guys Is It True And Why Is It Common 4

This is one of the cutest reasons why women prefer taller guys. Almost every woman loves hugging, but there is one thing that can make that hug even more special. Do you know what that special ingredient is?

It’s a guy’s heartbeat. When he’s taller than her, her ear usually falls just at the right place where she’ll be able to hear his heartbeats. It’s an amazing feeling, especially when she notices how it speeds up when he hears something sweet coming from his girlfriend’s mouth.

This is an intimate moment that helps two people connect on a whole another level. Women love it, and it makes them feel honored to have a chance to be the reason for someone’s rushed heartbeats.

6) Media plays a big role

Let’s be real for a minute. Women adore rom coms and those are some of their favorite movies. And they always remember the main hot male characters. What do they usually look like? Tall guy, strong arms, well dressed, and with beautiful hair, right?

Ever since we were kids, we had the opportunity to ‘learn’ that men who are attractive are mostly the ones who are tall. How? Because the media tried to teach us that.

Most of the famous models we see on billboards and on TV are pretty tall. And don’t let me start on the top 10 lists of hottest men on Earth.

Therefore, it’s not a big surprise that women will fall under the media’s spell to think that being a tall and beautiful guy equals being a suitable partner.

7) Tall guys stand out

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

In a crowd full of people, it’s easier to notice someone tall. Those are the people who will stand out and you’ll just have to take a look at them. It doesn’t even have to be in a large group of people. When someone’s visibly taller than most of the other guys, he will definitely be quickly noticed.

Let me tell you how a girl’s brain works when it comes to this “standing out” part. She’ll imagine that she’s in a relationship with a tall guy and they’re going to a concert or a festival with lots of people. The tall guy (in this case her boyfriend) decides to go grab a drink for them and she stays alone.

She gets a bit anxious when he’s gone for a while. But then she takes a look at the crowd and notices him somewhere in the distance. She feels at ease knowing he’s safe and she won’t be alone much longer.

8) They can be very helpful

Taller guys can be very helpful around the house, and generally in life. Women will even see them as their personal helpers. Not in a way that she’ll only use him when she needs something, but in a cute way that she’ll feel powerful when he’s around.

She’ll appreciate small gestures like changing the light bulb, or picking up the things from the shelves she can’t reach. Usually, they are also very strong so they can help with the tasks women can’t do around the house.

Women know that they will experience these things if they choose taller guys, so that’s one of the reasons they prefer them.

9) Other guys won’t dare to bother her

DONE Why Do Women Like Taller Guys Is It True And Why Is It Common 6

There’s nothing that women hate more than when they’re out and they just can’t get rid of that one persistent guy. Even if she tells him she isn’t interested, he still refuses to leave her alone. It’s not only annoying and disrespectful, but it can also be very creepy and scary for girls.

Men have some kind of respect when they see a guy who’s taller than them. It’s mostly because they think they are more powerful and stronger than them. So if a woman is out with her tall boyfriend and he leaves for a second, she probably won’t have to deal with other guys bothering her.

That is because most of them probably won’t dare to approach her if they’ve seen her man.

10) She can still wear high heels

Okay, it’s a fact that most women love wearing high heels. They just feel so pretty and powerful when they wear them on a night out. They immediately become 10 times more confident in their own skin and they get the power to take on the world.

But if they’re dating a guy who’s approximately the same height as they are, wearing high heels could be a problem. That’s because she’ll probably be taller than him and neither of them will feel good about it. But if she’s dating a taller guy, she will never have to face a problem like this.

11) She can wear his shirts as dresses

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

And we’ve come to the last thing on this list. It’s one more thing women adore doing and it’s stealing their man’s clothes.

No matter what it is, they will always find a way to style things that are in their boyfriend’s wardrobe. It just makes them feel cute and they love being able to smell his scent on the clothes he usually wears.

The things they usually steal are hoodies and shirts. Hoodies make them feel all cozy and warm. But shirts have one additional point other than the smell. It’s the fact that they can use them as dresses. They love the way it looks on them and they enjoy wearing them.

If a guy is the same height as a woman, the clothes he wears will probably be almost the same size as hers and she won’t be able to use them the way I’ve described above. That’s why she’ll prefer to have a tall boyfriend just so she can steal his shirt for the day.

Empowering tips for shorter men

I’m aware that the reasons I listed above might have made you feel like women won’t like your height. But that’s not true.

We tend to focus on the things that negatively affect us, and we fail to notice the ones that are good for us. Do you remember that I wrote that there are still many girls who adore shorter men?

You do now, right? Then you should stop worrying because there’s a girl out there who can’t stop looking at you. And here are some tips that will help you gain the confidence you need to find the right girl. Are you ready to change your love life for the better? I’m sure you are.

1) Control the way you think

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Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth? 13

The first thing that you’ll need to take care of is your confidence. I get it, it can be difficult when the world gets so persistent in pushing certain beauty standards. But it happens to everyone and no one can be perfect.

However, you have to be aware that you’re amazing just the way you are and physical things like height can’t change that fact.

If you see a taller guy and his looks make you feel insecure, remember that every person is unique. Did you know that many tall men complained that it actually makes them uncomfortable because they feel like they always stand out?

Everything has good and bad sides. You just have to try and focus on the benefits your height carries with itself.

2) Be aware of your physical advantages

It’s proven that shorter men can get fit more quickly and more easily than taller ones. So whenever you feel insecure or sad remember this fact and use it to feel more powerful in your own skin.

What I mentioned is that you’re very likely to build and retain muscles more easily than those guys that make you feel insecure. But that’s not the only physical advantage. You’re also probably quicker than them and you have the agility that comes from a lower center of gravity.

3) Keep in mind that the way you dress plays a big role

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?
Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth? 14

The way you dress also plays a huge role in how women will perceive you. If you’re one of the shorter guys, there is some advice that I would like to give you.

Wear pants at your waist. Even though many people wear them on their hips, it will make your legs appear shorter. However, wearing them at your waist will make you seem taller.

Wear darker pants and lighter shirts. If you wear it the opposite way you’ll risk appearing shorter than you actually are.

Choose vertical pattern T-shirts. Those lines will make you look taller and they have a slimming effect.

Avoid wearing shorts. Shorts make your legs look shorter. If it’s too hot you can always try pants made out of different materials like linen.

4) Don’t focus on the negative comments

People will always have to say a lot about others. And you shouldn’t let their words affect your mood and especially the way you see yourself.

If you hear something that bothers you, take a deep breath and remember that they are acting immaturely. Remember that comments from rude people like that should never be your worry. However, if they continue being disrespectful, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

People like that don’t expect others to react to their comments, so your response will definitely surprise them.

5) Remember that many girls are attracted to shorter guys

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Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth? 15

And lastly, don’t forget the sentence I mentioned at the beginning. Just because most girls seem to be more interested in taller guys, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of beautiful girls waiting for a guy like you.

Keep in mind that you’re attractive and beautiful just the way you are, and the right person will definitely notice that. Believe in yourself, because if I were you, I would definitely find many reasons to feel good in my own skin.

We’ve reached the end of our journey across women’s minds. I hope you got the answers you were looking for and you now understand some things better than you did before. And if you’ve found yourself in the last part of the article – remember, you’re better than you think you are!

Why Do Women Like Taller Guys: Is It A Fact Or A Myth?

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