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Strong Women Don’t Put Other Women Down, They Empower Each Other

Strong Women Don’t Put Other Women Down, They Empower Each Other

Women are the most beautiful creatures this world has ever created and we still find a way to put each other down rather than empower each other.

Of course, our society has made this possible, as we’ve been taught that we are each other’s biggest competition. We always fight other women for a position at work or for a man.

We don’t think that there’s enough space for all of us, so we tend to put other women down in order to lift ourselves up.

However, a strong woman knows that empowering other women is the most natural thing for her to do. We are so much stronger as a group than as individuals who hate on each other.

There are too many stereotypes and expectations of women, so it’s much easier to fight them together than to fight on our own. A group of angry women is so much more effective against this patriarchal society.

So why don’t we lend each other a hand in this situation? Why aren’t we each other’s biggest fans and supporters?

Do you know how many times the success of one woman has inspired millions of others? Don’t you have that one female idol in your life who inspires you to become even better and work even harder?

Why aren’t you one of those strong women for every other person in this world?

You’ve found yourself too many times in the position of someone who was bullied by others and it would have been so much easier if you had other women beside you to help you.

DONE! Strong Women Don't Put Other Women Down, They Empower Each Other

You wanted to have someone who’d help you. Men are fine, men can be sweet, but there is nothing more powerful than women helping each other.

We are so quick to say something mean and throw judgments around, we’re so quick to put each other down, and for what? Because we’re fighting for a spot in a man’s world?

You’ve probably had to deal with many nasty comments based on your appearance but deep down, you knew that all of them were based on other’s insecurities.

The worst reason for two women to fight will always be when they decide to fight over a man. You decide to show all of your jealousy and make each other miserable with these stupid little brawls.

You should always remember that sisters go before misters. At least remember it for long enough to know that a man simply doesn’t deserve to have two women argue over him.

I don’t believe that there’s a man in this world worthy of this. He doesn’t deserve to see you lose each other because of him.

It’s enough that we have to deal with our own internalized misogyny and believe that we’re better than another woman. Just because you’re able to fit male standards better, it doesn’t make you superior.

We can’t face this world by ourselves. We have to work together.

Don’t you think that men would be so extremely threatened by an army of women who love each other? They can’t control women who aren’t prepared to fight each other.

DONE! Strong Women Don't Put Other Women Down, They Empower Each Other

We need to empower each other and not bring each other down.

Just remember every single time you said or thought something nasty about someone, especially another woman. Didn’t it make you feel absolutely awful?

Why would you expose yourself to that type of pain?

You know how much happiness it brings you to compliment another woman! She smiles and that brightens your own mood for that day.

Raise your voice to speak up for other women when they need it. Sometimes we can’t speak for ourselves, so one voice is enough to help us out.

Do it to inspire other women and not to silence them.

We need to empower each other! We need to be the hand that reaches out to other women.

A strong woman would never put down another woman just to help herself look prettier or better. She won’t walk the path to success by herself but she’ll also lead other women through hardships as well.

DONE! Strong Women Don't Put Other Women Down, They Empower Each Other

We all have our own dreams and there are many ways you can inspire and empower other women. The best one is to cheer them on their own path.

We’ve been silenced too many times and shamed for the careers we want to pursue. We need each other to have some sort of support system.

There are many things that we can do on our own but it’s better to work for something together. When you have other strong women beside you, the entire world seems to bow down to you.

When you put down another woman who’s trying, just like you are, to get through this male-dominated society, you’re just telling the world how insecure you are.

Your insecurities bring you down, as well as another woman. You may think that she’s arrogant for believing that she’s gorgeous but what’s so wrong about that?

What’s so wrong is you believing that the power of one woman is able to diminish your own. But that’s so untrue.

You can only raise your own worth by raising other women up. You can show the world that no matter how much they try to tear us apart, we’re so much stronger together.

Women nowadays work so hard to break this toxic cycle of comparing ourselves to others and instead be grateful for the many different shapes and sizes of women. We’re finally trying to understand that there isn’t anything wrong with any of us.

We are here to show everyone that with our raised voices and raised fists, we can succeed in a male-dominated society. We can show men that they will never again have a say about our own bodies.

But we need each other for that. So let’s all be the depiction of a strong woman and let’s empower each other!

Strong Women Don't Put Other Women Down, They Empower Each Other

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