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Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

Do you deserve a second chance? What do you honestly intend to do with it?

I know what kind of girls you’re used to. They’d always open their doors to you and welcome you with their arms wide open too, no matter how much you played with them. Isn’t that so?

These girls would always forgive you for anything you did. No matter how poorly you treated them, they were always ready and willing to take you back.

Maybe you even think that you’re some kind of a big shot for being able to play with women’s hearts, don’t you? Are you an irresistible womanizer whose macho act gets every girl to fall head over heels?

You know what? Maybe you are a player, but you’re not going to win this game.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

You messed with the wrong woman this time and she is not going to lose. She’s unlike anyone you ever met before and you’re in for a surprise.

Strong women aren’t the ones that give a thousand second chances.

No, they only give you one chance, and when you blow it, they’re done with you.

Ever played a game where you can’t start over once you fail to do what’s expected of you? Game over, tough guy.

You’re out of this game for good, and she’s not going to give you a chance to hurt her again.

Have you ever met a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve as she does? She was ready to give you all of her love and meet all your needs.

Didn’t she try to? She even respected you like no other, even though you have to admit that you didn’t really deserve it.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

You didn’t expect her to stop, but she was ready to do these things under only one condition – that you reciprocate this girl’s love and put as much effort into the relationship as she did.

Was that really too much to ask? She turned her back on you the moment you tried to make a fool out of her.

A strong woman is a lot of things, but not a fool, and you can’t fool her into thinking you care when you don’t show it.

This is not the kind of girl you’re used to. No ultimatums, no begging, no warnings, no praying for you to at least try to change.

She’s done with all that, and she knows that there’s no use.

Loving you harder wouldn’t make you love her the way she does you, and she’s realized that.

So, she’s ready to pack up her things and leave all the relationship baggage in the past where it belongs. You’ll be just a ghost of her past life.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

Before you even think about getting involved with a girl like her again, remember who she is.

She’s not any ordinary woman who’ll beg for your love and attention.

Most importantly, she isn’t one who will settle for mind games and play along with you. It’s simply a waste of her energy and time – even though she knows how to play them better than you ever could.

She’s a mature, grown woman though, and she needs an adult man – not an immature boy.

You were never able to choose her and figure out what you really wanted.

That’s how boys act and she’s looking for a man, not a child. Only a childish boy would be afraid to “put a label” on what he has with a woman.

You had something special, and you were too scared to name it.

Was it a loving relationship? It could have been, but you chose to keep your options open.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

Well, you’re out of options now, mister.

She’s not going to be an option to anyone, she will be someone’s top priority.

Don’t you understand that she never needed you?

She simply chose to be in a relationship with you, and then she chose to live without you because you didn’t choose her.

Strong women want a man, but they don’t need him. They choose the right one, and you clearly weren’t the man for her.

She’s not a dependent woman, neither emotionally nor financially. This is a woman who has her own life and will never depend on anyone.

She’s not afraid of being single until she meets the right man. Strong women don’t think that they’ll stay alone forever after a breakup.

They know there are men who’d do anything to have a woman like her by their side.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

She’s not going to put up with your bad behavior anymore, and she has no reason to.

Do you even get that, now that it’s so obvious who you’re dealing with?

You’re not involved with a weak girl who can easily be emotionally blackmailed and manipulated.

You won’t make her feel sorry for you and take you back.

She may love you with all of her heart, but it doesn’t mean that she idealizes you. It doesn’t mean that she can’t see your intentions.

On the contrary, she can read you like an open book, and it’s not the genre she’s into.

She’s not going to justify your mistakes or romanticize them.

Strong women don’t lie to themselves that they are loved despite clearly not being treated right.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

Despite everything, somewhere deep down, he might actually care, right? No, strong women hold the door wide open for those who want to walk out of their lives.

They love themselves more than they love the man they’re with.

No one gets the chance to break their hearts or hurt them twice. They’re smart enough to realize when someone doesn’t deserve a second chance.

She still wins, even if he’s the one who leaves. A strong woman knows that.

She’s not high maintenance, she just wants to be loved.

And do you know what happens when you don’t love her enough?

Even when she’s tired of being strong, she keeps going, and she never looks back.

You stay behind and eventually beg for a second chance that you’re not going to get.

She wants a man who’ll do things right the first time around and won’t even need a second chance. Otherwise, it’s game over, player.

Strong Women Don’t Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again

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