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Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

When you meet a woman you’re interested in, it’s like a game to you. You know how to win this game, as you’ve played it before.

First, you win her heart by pretending you’re the man she’s been dreaming of. You always say the right thing and everything she would like to hear.

She starts thinking that you would do anything just to be with her. You text her and call her all the time, and you’re the one who mostly initiates contact.

I know what happens then. After showering her with love and attention, one day, you simply back out.

You become scared and run away as soon as you’re close to committing to her.

If not that, you just get bored with that girl and prepare to find another one you’ll do the same to. Either way, you refuse to be honest with her.

You don’t let her know that you would like to enjoy the benefits of a single lifestyle again. Instead of doing that, you turn her into your backup plan.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

You string her along in case you don’t find a better option or in case you need her attention and love again.

Most often, you get away with it, and you win your game.

Before that poor girl realizes what’s going on, she has already fallen in love with you.

She then does everything she can to get you to be the way you were before, when the two of you first met.

The poor girl chases you, unknowingly falling into your trap. She plays along, unwittingly letting you manipulate her even more.

You thought that your plan was flawless and that you could commit the perfect crime with her too.

You were sure that she was no different from any other and that you would be able to put a spell on her.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

But you were wrong. What you didn’t realize is that she isn’t like all the other girls. She is a different type, a type that isn’t so common.

You didn’t realize that she is one of the strong women who never let anyone manipulate them, even the men they love.

They know how to win the game you play, and they know how they deserve to be treated.

A woman like that will never allow you to treat her badly. She will not want you more when she realizes that you want to walk away.

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You won’t amaze her with the tough guy act by pretending that you’re emotionless.

She will never start chasing you just because you’re running away. Instead, she will see through you from the beginning.

She will know if your intentions aren’t what they should be, and she will know that right from the start.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

You’re not going to fool her into thinking that you’re the right man for her. Not until you prove that you love her, and she sees your worth.

A strong woman doesn’t cry for the man who left her, and she doesn’t waste her time waiting for him to come back.

She won’t start spending all of her time wondering what went wrong.

A strong woman won’t wonder whether she has done something that caused you to leave.

She doesn’t obsess over figuring out the moment when things went wrong.

She won’t come up with excuses for the bad way you behaved, and she won’t make herself believe that you’re a good man.

A strong woman doesn’t dedicate her life to decrypting the mixed signals some man is sending.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

She won’t start questioning her worth just because you wanted to diminish it.

A strong woman doesn’t wait for a man who doesn’t know what he wants to finally be honest about how he feels.

She is a strong woman, and strong women don’t beg for attention and love. They don’t ask people to make them a priority or beg men to choose them.

She knows that people need to do that by themselves.

A strong woman doesn’t hope that her love will be able to change a man who doesn’t want to change on his own.

She won’t put effort into saving or fixing those who refuse to be saved or fixed.

A strong woman doesn’t waste her time and energy on those who aren’t worth it.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

Do you know why strong women are like that? Because they don’t need any man to give their life meaning, nor to make them feel complete.

Strong women don’t need men to tell them that they are enough. They don’t need anyone to hold their hand during life challenges and problems.

She won’t ever need you or anyone else to push her forward, nor to be her rock when she is weak.

Strong women aren’t scared of going through life on their own.

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This is because they are aware that they can achieve any goals they set for themselves.

She won’t be afraid of being alone, instead, she will decide to stay alone until she meets the right man.

Strong women don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

DONE! Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

She knows that there is a man out there who would treat her better than you ever did, and she knows that she will find him.

Strong women only want to be with real men, not the ones who play games and get scared as soon as things get serious.

She isn’t going to let you break her heart because she knows about guys like you.

A strong woman recognizes a man who is only interested in toying with her heart.

She will walk away from you and wait for the right man who will give her the attention and love she needs.

Strong women don’t beg for what they need, especially not for attention and love.

They know that this is something some men would willingly give them and they will never have to ask for it.

You tried to win her heart only because you wanted to feed your weak ego and heal the insecurities that you have.

She knew that… And that’s why you need to think twice before trying to play with a woman who knows her worth.

Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention And Love

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