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Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change

Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change

What’s going on in your heart? I don’t want to have to guess.

Do I really need to study your behavior?

It’s exhausting having to look for hidden meanings and secret hints in your messages.

I want to know that you love me, not have to assume it. Are we on the same page? That is all I want to know.

Just say what you feel, and it will be okay with me.

Of course, you could give me bad news and the answer I don’t hope for…

You could say that you simply don’t love me as much as I love you…

However, I promise you that I’ll make my peace with whatever you say.

I just can’t stand the mind games anymore, and the truth will set me free no matter how painful it is.

Don’t just pretend that you care about me if you really don’t love me. Stop playing hot and cold, because it’s driving me crazy!

In one moment, we connect and share everything, but the next, we act like strangers. I can’t take that anymore.

Don’t put your lips on mine if you have no intention of staying with me. I refuse to be someone you call only when you need someone to love you.

I’ll refuse to be there only when it is convenient for you, so don’t call me only when you have nothing better to do.

Why would I get my hopes up if you’re only going to crush them? You need to chase me back if you want me to chase you.

Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change

Enough with the mind games!

I was living in uncertainty, and it turned me into an insomniac.

Enough tears went down my cheeks because of men who weren’t honest or genuine so don’t tell me that you’re one of them. 

You need to be my love, not my almost love.

It doesn’t mean that we should figure out everything right away but just tell me, are you really willing to give us a try?

A relationship should flow slowly. It consists of two individuals who invest equally and make efforts

A couple who’s engaged in each other’s everyday lives.

They send messages to each other every single day and want to be together as much as they can.

Labels do matter so don’t try to convince me that we shouldn’t put a label on what we have.

The truth is, when two people are in a relationship, everyone around them should be aware of it.

I am too sincere of a person to be a player in your games. Do I really need to be great at tactics to be with you? 

I really don’t care who’ll be the first to call, and I can’t even keep track of it.

Why would I play cold when I really care about you? To me, it just seems like a complete waste of my energy and time.

I know what it’s like when someone plays mind games with you, so I don’t want to do that to anyone.

It hurts to be played with, and I know very well how much.

When I invest that much into someone who made me an important part of their life, I don’t want to get just bits and pieces… because I give my entire self into the relationship.

Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change 2

With my past relationship, I kept hoping that things would change and that he would recognize my worth and feel my love because he would always give just enough of his love and attention to keep me holding on… but he never called me his.

I can’t go through all that all over again, nor do I want to do that to someone else.

Playing games with a person’s heart is simply cruel. Don’t mess with my emotions because my heart isn’t some toy.

No one will ever again be allowed to string me along. When I see that it’s not a real relationship, I’ll walk away.

After all, I need to protect my heart from being broken. I need to protect myself and my soul from hurting over nothing.

For that reason, I don’t want anything that’s half-assed, especially not love so I beg of you to be real with me for once.

There are a lot of fake men out there, so please tell me that you’re not one of them. Be frank with me now, like you should have from the beginning.

Tell me what you think about me, and don’t try to fool me into thinking you love me if you don’t actually care.

I don’t want to wait for days to get a text from you.

You can’t just drop by only when you have nothing better to do, because I refuse to be your second choice.

Be sincere with me about your intentions and make some effort.

All I ask of you is to decide if you are with me or not. There’s nothing in-between those two options.

Isn’t this life too short for being stuck in-between?

Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change 4

I like you a lot, but I respect myself even more, enough to walk away when I’m not appreciated. Lay your cards on the table and show me everything. 

I don’t care whether it’s good or bad, I just want to know it all and for things to finally be transparent between us.

I need to know if what we have can be real so stop with the games and tell me what’s going on inside your head.

I’m tired of guessing, and I can’t do it anymore. I refuse to be someone’s toy, and you aren’t allowed to play with my heart.

I’ll give it to you, but I won’t let you break it so carelessly. Haven’t we played enough? After all, don’t you know that love isn’t a game?

A person gets hurt when they love someone who thinks love is just a game where you can play with someone’s heart.

That heart is made to be given, not to be toyed with… not to be broken.

Let’s be real for once, so that I know the truth.

Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change
Stop Playing Mind Games And Be Real With Me For A Change 5

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